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   Chapter 157 Hugh Had A Fever

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On this day, the car exhibition at Ye city International Exhibition was in full swing. People were coming and going outside the exhibition venue.

At the top-level booth on the fifth floor, Shirley was waiting for a car, which was also the most expensive one. There were also several supermodels with her. Only they knew how fierce the competition between them on the surface and behind the scenes was. Up to now, only a few people had arrived at the fifth floor. The show would begin in forty minutes, so Shirley could still be relaxed.

When another supermodel came out of the backstage, Shirley automatically changed shift with her. Later, Shirley got into the changing room that had been set up just now.

"Thanks for your hard work." Seeing that Shirley was coming, Dan hastily gave her a glass of water. It was neither too hot nor too warm.

"Thank you." Shirley gave him a grateful smile, "You're now both my agent and assistant. I will give you two red envelopes at the end of the year."

"Good idea." Dan smiled indifferently

"I will go change my clothes first." After drinking several mouthfuls of water, Shirley ran into the dressing room. Dan looked at Shirley with a smile. There was tenderness and love in his eyes.

The locker room was filled with female assistants, make-up artists, and clothing artists. As soon as Shirley got in, the clothing artists hurried forward. "Shirley! Why are your high heels broken! How is the show going on later? "

"What?! Broken? " All of a sudden, Shirley raised her voice. Her facial expressions changed greatly. She rushed forward a few steps and grabbed the shoes on the table. She found that the heel of the shoes was strangely broken. The fire burning in Shirley's stomach burst up all of a sudden. She shouted at the people in the dressing room, "who did that?! How could the shoes break for no reason! "

They all shook their heads at loss and held their breath.

Hearing the voice, Dan knocked on the door, "may I come in?"

After Shirley coldly glanced at everyone, she turned around and immediately opened the door for Dan. Although she was very angry, her words sounded a little aggrieved. "Dan, my shoes were broken. What should I do?"

"Is your shoes broken?" Dan frowned and became angry. After a moment's reflection, he said, "I'll go back to my office! If we have done it earlier, we should have made it. "

Shirley took the phone and looked at the time. She shook her head, "well, time is a little bit late. If you still work so hard, just ask the stuff in the studio to bring it!" Shirley felt discouraged and hummed, then she continued to write her address book, "I don't know who is playing tricks behind my back. All of them are boring! Did they have to compete in an open way, why did they broke the high heels? It's all money! "

At last, Dan couldn't help laughing. What he most preferred was her character. It was okay if she behaved well, but Shirley never harmed others. She was nice to others and her mind was also very sensitive. In this mire like circle, she was even more valuable than being covered with mud. That was why he didn't want to leave Shirley.

At this moment, her phon

re of, Mr. Su? Do you have a rest room? "

Hugh licked his lips and stared at Poppi. He pointed to the right direction and said, "the lounge is over there. I didn't let them in."

"Go to the rest room! "How can I leave the patient alone?" Poppi pushed Hugh and walked into the rest room. Seeing there was everything in the lounge, she said, "have a rest on the bed. I'll get you some water and take the medicine."

Hugh was about to refuse, but when he heard what Poppi said, she was so determined and looked at him with so much care that he could not help but immerse himself in her. Enjoying the moment of gentleness that belonged to him from Poppi, he said nothing, lay on the bed and looked at her busy with work with affection in his eyes.

Poppi poured a glass of warm water and handed Hugh the medicine according to the doctor's instruction. "Come on, take the medicine. I'll call someone to take care of you later. "

Saying nothing, Hugh took the pill from Poppi's hand and swallowed it. Poppi lifted up the glass in front of Hugh, who lowered his head slightly and drank a lot. His Adam's apple rolled and he looked very sexy.

"Thank you." After taking the medicine, Hugh said thanks to her.

"You're welcome. It's just a small case. You should thank me," Smiling, Poppi shook her head. She helped Hugh lie down, turned around and put down the glass. Then she said with a little guilty: "eh, but Malcolm is still waiting for me downstairs. How about I go out first and then call someone else to take care of you? "

Without any response, Hugh just gawked at Poppi whose eyes turned red.

Seeing that Hugh didn't say anything, Poppi walked up to him and tucked him in, and said, "Mr. Su, you have a high fever. You'd better call a doctor. If you don't want people from your company to come in, let me call the doctor for you, okay? "

Hearing what Poppi said, Hugh's lips moved a little. Poppi thought he was going to say something so she hurried to get close to him. But to her surprise, when she leaned forward, Hugh suddenly held her hands and begged, "don't go! Stay with me for a while, okay?"

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