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   Chapter 155 Get Out Of The Car

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Seeing this, Poppi was about to save Wendy but was stopped by Malcolm. Looking at Barry, Malcolm said lightly, "I heard you say that before you got off the car. What? You need to be responsible for Wendy? Can you take the responsibility? "

Hearing that, Barry froze and turned his head to glare at Malcolm, "it's none of your business."

"Wendy called Poppi sister after all. I won't sit by and do nothing when I see her." Malcolm replied.

"Celine is Poppi's sister. It's none of your business. What do you want to do with Wendy?" Barry's words surprised everyone. For whom did Barry speak on his own selfish motive? Should he blame Malcolm for not taking good care of Celine or warn him not to meddle with Wendy' business?

"I want to talk to you about Celine," Malcolm said in a sharp voice.

"Talk? Good! I'd like to, but not today. " Barry snorted and dragged Wendy away.

Soon Poppi came to herself and shouted, "Hey! Where are you going? "

With her head in a mess, Wendy didn't retort or struggle as Barry dragged her away.

"Wendy!" Poppi called out with concern.

"It's okay, Poppi. You can go now!" Wendy felt sorry when she heard the voice, so she waved to Poppi. Poppi was already too busy to handle her own affairs. It would be unreasonable to bother her again. What's more, if Poppi intervened between she and Barry, the conflict between them would be more intense

Seeing this, Malcolm sighed, "forget it. Let them be! What do you think? "

"…… Yes. " Poppi nodded her head slowly and said, "actually, I don't want to stop her. When Wendy asked me to help her, I would help her. I could only give her some advice. But now, it seems that there is no need. Do you know what happened between them? Barry has come to her room, "

"Just a little. But I don't know Barry now has such a thick skin. What's going on between them? " Malcolm asked.

"One just wants to escape while the other doesn't. Wendy still doesn't know what Barry is going to do. Maybe they are not lovers Barry has never be agreed to live in Wendy's house, just for a couple of nights. " After she finished the explanation, Poppi found it a little funny.

"Just wait and see. We don't know what else to say. Today, shall we go home? " "I just called the doctor. He said that Celine took some pills, injected a painkiller and fell asleep," Malcolm continued, ignoring the curious gazes from the crowd

"I see!" Poppi pressed her lips."Well, then let's go back now! I have to work overtime to finish a report when I go back. "

Malcolm laughed and got into the car with Poppi. "You've really changed a lot since you became the section chief!" he joked

"Really?" Poppi blinked her eyes and felt warm all over her body, "what's the difference?"

"Be more busy." Malcolm said concisely and smiled: "I feel you are always busy recently. There seem

et you get off the car." Barry repeated.

"Get off here?" Wendy couldn't help but asked in reply. "But this is the intersection..."

"So what?" Taking a cold glance at Wendy, Barry unlocked the car door and said, "you can go now."

Wendy blushed with shame and embarrassment. Barry let her go off the car? She felt like she was cling to his car? She didn't care about it at all!

"Please give me a ride, sir!" Wendy bit her lips, turned around and rushed out of the car.

"What happened?"

"Get off here? Are you crazy?" As soon as Wendy got off the car, several drivers waiting for the traffic light craned their heads and scolded.

As Wendy apologized, she kept a distance from the passers-by. On the busy street, she looked pitiful, small and humble.

Having started the car again, Barry couldn't help but glance at Wendy through the rear-view mirror. Her every move was witnessed by him, but his irritability didn't reduce but increased instead. With one fist hanging on the steering wheel, Barry saw in the rearview mirror that Wendy's figure was fading away.

In the hospital, after Celine hung up the phone, she was racking her brains to recall. She had remembered everything, but she had to choose between them. Otherwise, she would lose everything by accident.

She had already had nothing. She would at least seize one between Malcolm and Barry. She wouldn't give up either of them if she could seize two.

"Mr. Barry." Cora's voice sounded outside the door, which brought her back to her senses. Celine turned around, only to see that Barry opened the door and walked in. With a sweet smile on her face, she said, "here you are!"

"Yes." "The doctor said that you fell asleep after you had a shot of pain killer. Why did you wake up so soon?" Barry continued

"I didn't dare fall asleep because I wanted to see you." Said Celine with shyness, just like four years ago.

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