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   Chapter 153 You Must Get Well

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Whenever it was Monday, all people would attend lots of meetings and be busy with the work. Poppi came to the company early. She reviewed the meeting process and checked the time. When she was about to wait for the high-level meeting in the office and put away her notebook, she heard the chattering at the door.

"Mr. Ji and his fianc é e come together!"

"Yes! I just saw them in the parking lot! "

"Is her name Emily Pei? The daughter of the Pei family is really beautiful! Do you think she is a queen? "

"Since when are they two in such good relationship?"

Hearing the sound of "Ding", the door of the elevator seemed to open slowly. Poppi turned around, and Benson and Emily stepped out of the elevator together. With Emily's hand on Benson's arm, Emily and Benson talked in a low voice. Although they were not very intimate, they were in harmony with each other.

Poppi suddenly remembered what Benson said to her in the elevator that day. When Benson told her that he was going to be with Emily, it seemed that he had already put it into action.

Well, that's good.

Emily took two steps forward and suddenly found the Poppi standing in the hall when she raised her head. Poppi stood there quietly with many people around her but she still felt like a crane standing out among heads and people couldn't take their eyes off her. No wonder Benson had remembered her for such a long time Emily tightened Benson's grip. Without thinking too much, Emily walked to Poppi and stood beside her. "Miss. Poppi, nice to meet you again."

Benson didn't say anything and just let Emily go.

Although the people in the hall were busy with their own things, they always looked over here from time to time, wanting to see if Poppi and Emily would fight. After all, the news that Poppi was slapped by Emily when Poppi got out of the elevator trapped with Benson has been spread all over the company. They were looking forward to see if the show would go on again. Especially for those who hadn't seen the scene last time.

"Hello, Miss Pei." However, Poppi just greeted her lightly and took a look at Benson, "good morning, Mr. Ji."

"Yes." With only a glimpse on the face of Poppi, Benson responded indifferently. Then he turned his head and asked Emily slightly, "shall we go?"

"I haven't apologized to Miss. Poppi yet." Emily smiled apologetically. With heavy makeup, no one could tell whether Emily was true or not. She sighed. "Last time Miss. Poppi and Benson were trapped in the elevator. After coming out, I slapped you recklessly and impolitely. I misunderstood Miss. Poppi. I thought about it for a long time and didn't know how to apologize. Otherwise, Miss Poppi, you can give me a slap to vent your anger. "

Hearing Emily's words, Poppi was stunned for a moment and then she smiled, "since it's a misunderstanding, just let it go. Besides, I'm afraid that Mr. Ji won't allow me to slap Miss Pei again. After all, it has been such a long time and I

you don't have anything else to do, just leave." Anyway, Emily came here today just to have a look at Poppi.

Seeing that Benson didn't make a detailed inquiry, Emily breathed a sigh of relief. But she still felt nervous, with palms sweating. She opened her bag and took a delicate little box out for Benson. "I'll leave when you take this."

Looking back at the box, Benson asked, "what?"

"Cupped cake." Emily walked two steps forward and handed the cake to Benson. He frowned and handed it out again. "I don't like sweet food. You can eat it yourself."

"Halfway through dinner." Emily didn't get it.

"I can't eat half."

"Then eat three bites," With her eyes narrowed, Emily said arrogantly before Benson, "if you don't eat, I'll make a scene in your meeting room."

"Hey! You haven't eaten anything yet, Benson! The noodles I made are the best in the world. Go and eat! "

"How about half? It's my genuine gift! "

"How about eating a few chopsticks?"

"Don't be insatiable! I warn you, if you bargain again, I will go to make a scene in your class! Your professor won't pass for your thesis. "

Looking at the small cake box in his hand and then at Emily, Benson felt that time and space seemed to be crossing, as if he had returned to several years ago, when he was forced by Poppi to have breakfast, lunch or dinner. He suddenly felt that Emily and Poppi looked alike? If Emily was not spoiled by her parents, would she be so domineering? In fact, they were both kind and nice, weren't they? Perhaps, they could really become friends

"Thank you." Benson took the cake back and thanked her.

Emily felt "Pang" in her heart, like a stone thrown into a pond, rippling, making her heart beat faster. It turned out that love was so passive. Even if he gave her a little smile inadvertently, she had an impulse to give him the whole world.

Benson, Now that you've decided to forget what Poppi had done to you, I won't let you go either. You must get well!

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