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   Chapter 152 Go On With The Secret Marriage

Remedy For Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 10151

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Poppi looked at Celine sleeping for a long time.

She thought, 'isn't Celine waking up a good thing? Isn't it a good thing to be healthy? There must be something wrong with Dr. Li. She was not a vegetable? If she was not in a vegetative state, how could she stay in bed for so long?

As the sun set, Poppi gently released Celine's hand and tucked her in. She wore a faint and affectionate smile on her face, but the faint tear stains could still be seen on her face. She didn't care whether Celine was healthy or not. All she knew was that Celine had woken up and that she couldn't let her get hurt again. She had to save her life

Malcolm standing at the door, Malcolm kept thinking about and looked at Poppi. Was she dead? Although he had seldom been to the hospital in the past four years, the doctor Johnson had reported to him regularly about the condition of Celine. There were also bodyguards in the hospital, including Barry

Barry?! Malcolm's pupils suddenly shrank, and something came out in his mind. Barry! Could it be him?

"Hey, what are you thinking about?" Not knowing when, Poppi came over to Malcolm. Seeing his ferocious face, she could not help asking.

"Nothing!" Hearing this, Malcolm came back to earth at once and gave a spoiled smile to Poppi, "it's getting late. Are you going home now?"

"I want to stay here tonight." Poppi was a little embarrassed. She straightened the clothes on Malcolm's chest for him and said, "you'd better go home quickly. You have to go to work tomorrow and have a good rest. I won't go back with you. "

"I'll go to work. What about you?" Then Malcolm put Poppi's hand in his mouth and kissed it. "Let's go back together. Don't worry about that there is Cora here."


"I can't sleep without you." Malcolm sighed and acted like a spoiled child. "The doctor said that Celine's brain burden is excessive now and she needs rest most. She will remember what happened in the past when she sees you, which is probably more conducive to her recovery. Besides, I'm a little angry that you have been cold to me for so many days. "

Poppi's face turned red but she still kept a straight face and mumbled, "what are you talking about! I thought we were together every day! I can sleep in the hospital. "

"No, I won't give in on this matter. Let's go home." Then Malcolm took Poppi's hand and walked out.

"Wait!" "Don't worry. There's another thing we need to discuss," Poppi grabbed Malcolm's hand and said

"What is it?" Turning around, Malcolm hummed, "I hope it won't be a bad thing."

"No, it's not a bad thing!" Poppi looked evasive to Malcolm's eyes, "there are still news that speculates on our relationship! Let's just ignore them, okay? 'is that so?' Why didn't we keep our marriage as a secret? How about being the woman behind you secretly? "

"Not really." Malcolm snapped, "my woman should stay with me in the open. It's not shady. Why should she hide behind me? We have kept our marriage as a secret for three years. I think it's time to ma

ree months ago, it was raining. In the bushes, you saved me, and there was a puppy dog. I came here for you today. "

"Saved you?"

"Yes, can't you remember what happened that night? I got hurt. I hid in the grass and you found me. You said your name is Celine. I was rescued by my friend when you went to buy me the medicine. "

"I don't need any bodyguards!"

"No bodyguard. I just want to thank you in person. And I hope to be with you. "

"What do you mean by being with me?"

"I hope you can be my woman, I will protect you, love you and only be good to you."

"But I am not..."

"I will give you the best life. I'm Malcolm. "

"Malcolm? Malcolm of the SG group? "


"…… I remember that after we came back that day, my sister I have a fever. My memory is a little vague. The person I saved is actually you? "

"It's me."


The clock in the ward suddenly rang, waking Celine up from her memories. Then she subconsciously let out a whisper. Terrified, Poppi quickly moved away from Malcolm as if she was doing something bad.

Malcolm looked at Celine up and down carefully, with a trace of inquiry and suspicion in his eyes. But after she fainted, he withdrew his gaze and said, "Celine is okay. Let's go! Come again tomorrow. There are doctors and Cora here. Everything will be fine. "

"…… Okay. " Poppi looked back at Celine and sighed, "let's go!"


They walked out of the ward side by side. Under the light of the setting sun, Celine stared at nothing with her eyes wide open, her face twisted.

She couldn't believe that Poppi hooked up with Malcolm? No! No way! She had planned to pretend that she didn't remember what Malcolm had said about their break-up, and that she would have a chance to get back to him by taking advantage of his pity on her. But things weren't going on as she expected Who knows that she has discovered such a big secret! What on earth happened over the four years!

She had to figure it out, but who else could she turn to for help?

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