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   Chapter 150 Call Me Husband

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When Poppi opened her eyes again, it was already more than half of the morning. Looking at the leg of the watch moving to half past ten, even when she was half asleep and half awake, she jumped up angrily from the bed, even though her body was sore and aching. It could be seen that Malcolm was getting up and getting dressed. She threw herself over to him without thinking and pinched his neck from behind. "Damn it! What time is it now! Why didn't you wake me up? "

"Ahem!" Malcolm held Poppi's arm, pretending to be miserable, and laughed, "I'm innocent! I just got up. I overslept! "

Poppi frowned and released Malcolm. She mumbled, "it's all your fault! I woke up a long time ago! You... You Humph! I have to go to the hospital. Damn it Celine is waiting for us anxiously! "

"Aren't you tired?" Hearing this, Malcolm leaned over and kissed Poppi gently.

"It's all your fault." Poppi clenched her teeth out of hatred and pouted as she began to put on her clothes, "come with me to the hospital later."

"Me too?" Malcolm took the clothes for Poppi.

"Of course you should go!" Poppi put on her clothes and put her head out of it. "Celine is crying because she can't see you. Are you okay today? Go to the hospital if you have nothing else to do. "

"You are such a push outside." Malcolm sneered, "what did you say to me the other day?"

Hearing this, Poppi stopped what she was doing for a moment, then she snuggled up to Malcolm and said, "I didn't push you away. I like you so much! But you promised me that you would try your best to comfort her and treat her well until she could remember all the things, didn't you? "

This agreement was made before they went to sleep, and Poppi's beauty trap was very useful.

"I wouldn't have been in that hospital if I hadn't promised you this." Malcolm frowned and sighed, "things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme. I've waited for a long time, but when I finally saw Celine wake up, the previous excitement was gone. And she suddenly clung to me like this. Instead of I wanted to get away from her. In fact, I also want her to get better as soon as possible. Although I want to protect her, I haven't changed my mind. I just change my identity. "

Hearing what Malcolm said to her, Poppi was moved. She held his arm and was worried about him. "Well, will you suddenly be annoyed with me one day? Do you want to leave me? "

"Well..." Malcolm prolonged his voice, as if thinking about something. Seeing that Poppi was angry and turned to him, he laughed, "till now, I have become more and more fond of you. I just want to get close to you."

"Humph!" Poppi sneered, "What do you mean till now? Does it mean that when you see other girls in the future, you will change your mind? Just like what you did to Celine. You... " What Poppi said out of the blue and her face darken hearing what she said. Realizing that she might have said some

he direction of Poppi, the car directly hit their father and herself Who on earth made a profit from it? Is that Poppi?


In the quiet room, Celine suddenly called out of uncertainty. The low voice was enough to shock Poppi.

Poppi came to the bed with tears in her eyes, "what did you say?! Celine, what did you just call me? "

"Sister?" Celine tried to ask her again.

"Celine!" Poppi sobbed and could not help calling out her name. She held Celine in her arms and said, "my sister You finally remember me? My dear Celine, I'm so sorry Sorry, I'm so sorry... "

"Ahahah Sister! " Hearing this, Celine burst into tears too. She hugged back Poppi and said, "I'm so scared! Sister! Wow

The two sisters hugged each other and cried bitterly, moved and sad. Standing at the door, Malcolm quietly gave a hint to Cora to leave. He put his band in his pocket and slowly relaxed. It seemed that his stimulation worked. Now that Celine really remembered everything, he was relieved.

Poppi couldn't describe her current mood in words. She cried out of breath, but her heart was filled with unprecedented happiness. Celine was holding her in her arms and calling her "sister" again and again. What a beautiful scene! Like the beautiful dreams she had dreamed for four years!

After a long time of calming down, both of them finally calmed down.

When Celine raised her head, she saw Malcolm standing at the door. She blinked her eyes and suddenly blushed. She said gently, "Malcolm, have you been standing here just now?"

Malcolm took his hand out of his pocket and nodded, "yes."

"You saw me crying, embarrassed." "Have you met Malcolm already, sister ?" Celine asked Poppi in a low voice, a little shy and sticking her tongue out of her mouth? He is my Boyfriend. "

Malcolm's pupils suddenly shrank, and the body of Poppi instantly stiffened. However, it could only be seen from her face that Celine was immersed in happiness.

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