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   Chapter 148 Let Poppi Die

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Malcolm dragged Poppi who looked back repeatedly. Before she left, she called Wendy to go with her. Wendy also looked at them and thought for a while. Then she turned around and walked out.

"Where are you going?" Wendy turned around and was about to leave, but Barry stopped her.

"Go home." With her back to Barry, Wendy slightly turned her head and stared at the ground behind her left with her eyes wandering. "I'm leaving now."

"Do you also think I'm going too far?" Wendy was rooted to the spot by Barry's words as she heard Wendy calling her. Wendy still didn't turn back. She just said lightly, "I don't know what you think. I just know that Poppi is a good person. I hope you don't have hostility to her."

Barry narrowed his eyes and remained silent for a long time. "You go back first. I'll leave later."

"You don't have to tell me." After saying that, Wendy rushed out of the ward with a red face. What the hell was that? Who did Barry think he was? Why did he talk to her like that? Was he very familiar with her? Whether he came back or not, it had nothing to do with her! After all, they were not from the same family.

"Hey, Malcolm, slow down!" Poppi was dragged by Malcolm all the way out, so she had to trot to keep up with him. When she arrived at the gate of the hospital, she was already exhausted, so she deliberately said in a coquettish tone, "Mr. Mo, I'm so tired. Could you slow down?"

Malcolm snorted with contempt, but slowed down his pace, "don't think about going back to the ward."

"Okay, okay. I won't go back. Celine is also asleep now. There is no use for me to go back!" Seeing this, Poppi knew exactly what Malcolm was thinking. She ran her fingers through his hair and said, "but Mr. Mo is really angry today! How about I cook a table of sullen dishes for you at home? "

Malcolm's face darkened, "No."

"What's wrong with it? Do not want to eat? Aren't you hungry? " Poppi asked immediately.

"I just want to eat you." When Malcolm spoke, he looked straight ahead, bit his lips tightly and looked resolute. He looked so serious as if those words were not said by him at all which made Poppi think that she had auditory hallucination. She couldn't help but twitch her mouth and asked, "what did you say?"

"Guess what I said." Finally, Malcolm turned around to look at Poppi. There was grievance in his eyes, and he complained, "you haven't slept with me for a week. I miss you so much."

"What Shame on you! " All of a sudden, Poppi's face turned red and her ears turned red. "You, you didn't have sex for three years. But now, it's only a week 'how shameless you are! You are lying to me, aren't you? How many women have you recruited? "

Malcolm put his hand into Poppi's fingers and held her tightly. He couldn't help smiling. "Don't you know that I was also nervous for the first time? No other women? " After a pause, he continued, "like drugs, when you don't touch it, you don't pay attention to it at all. Once you touch it, the one with great composure will be addicte

ingful smile. "What are you thinking about? Huh? "

"I... I I'm also talking about eating! "

"Then why are you blushing?"

"I feel hot!"

When Cora went upstairs, she saw Barry and felt surprised. Hearing the noise, Barry looked out of the door and nodded to let Cora in.

"Mr. Barry." Cora shouted.

"Yeah." Glancing at Cora, Barry casually asked, "has Malcolm left with Poppi?"


"Then I should go now." Barry shook his head again, and after one more deep look at the sleeping Celine, he turned around and left. On his way to Cora, he paused and said with a mischievous smile, "you can't just watch Malcolm and Poppi leave, what did you think? But Malcolm was also silly. When he asked you to work for him, he only took you as a bodyguard You are so beautiful. Why don't you come back to Hongmen Sect and live with me? "

Cora took a step back in fear and said, " Mr. Barry, please don't be kidding."

"What a surprise..." Barry shook his head and said, "I remember why I sent you away at that time. You're just as irritable as Malcolm." Then he walked out and said, "let's go. Wendy, follow me... " Before finishing his words, Barry suddenly laughed at himself. He had been used to calling Wendy She has long gone, hasn't she?

The cold wind was piercing at night, but inside the room it was as warm as spring. There was only a dim light on the bed. Celine was uneasy in her sleep. Her eyebrows knitted more tightly, her forehead oozing sweat, and she kept mumbling something, as if she was very afraid.

"Daddy, help! !"

Celine let out a scream and sat up from the bed all of a sudden. She gasped as if she just experienced her life and death. Cora broke in from outside and turned on the light. "What's wrong?"

Hearing the voice, Celine turned around. She looked at the woman with dull eyes, but her heart ached as if it had been cracked.

She remembered the car accident four years ago and the words her father said to Poppi that day.

His father said, "let Poppi die! Let's go! "

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