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   Chapter 146 You Are Finally Here

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Unlike the usual, weekend nights brought a much colder wind. Poppi was in the hospital accompanying Celine.

"Celine, do you want some orange?" Sitting on the edge of the bed, Poppi peeled an orange. Then, she handed out two segments of it to her sister. "Have a try, they're sweet."

Celine was quivering. She quickly took the orange, put it in her mouth, and nodded while chewing, "Yes, it's good."

Gratefully, Poppi smiled with relief. She handed the rest of the fruit to Celine, which her sister took without hesitation. After a week of getting along, Celine's hostility towards Poppi had faded away. Now, they could spend more time with each other calmly. They were more accepting of each other. It seemed to Poppi that everything was flowing in the right direction.

"Where is Malcolm? He hasn't visited me here for a long time. I miss him so much!" staring at the door while eating, Celine said. She was lying on the bed with her bare feet.

Poppi’s heart ached upon hearing this. Whenever Celine asked about Malcolm, she always couldn’t calm herself down. After staring blankly at her palm, Poppi pursed her lips. "He's quite busy these days. He said he would come here later and let me keep you company, okay?" she assured her.

Celine shook her head, "No. You’re not my sister…"

"All right. If you say so, then I’m not." Poppi let out a deep sigh. For so long, Celine had refused to admit that they were sisters. She was getting emotionally unstable when someone mentioned this, the doctor didn't even know why. The doctor suggested that it could only prove that the patient was very resistant to Poppi's identity and role in her life.

Resistant? Was Celine still blaming her unconsciously? Undeniably, it was all her fault. On that rainy night, her father didn't push Celine away. Was it because, as an older sister, Poppi failed to protect Celine that night?

Suddenly, a light knock on the door interrupted Poppi's thoughts.

She and Celine looked at the door.

A little bit late, when she turned around, she found that Celine had already jumped off the bed excitedly. Celine threw the orange aside and rushed to the door, shouting in haste, "Malcolm!"

Poppi turned around and stood up. She noticed that Malcolm was still wearing his suit. His eyes met hers. Before he could say a word, Celine blocked him.

She held Malcolm. "You're finally here. You haven't been here for a long time. They’re all bad guys. Don’t leave me alone again."

Malcolm's first sentence was the one he had said many times before.

"There are no bad guys." He tried his best to speak calmly. Then, he reached out his hand and pulled Celine away from him. "Are you tired?" he asked Poppi while looking at her.

Poppi shook her head and smiled, "No, not at all."

"I am not tired! Malcolm, I don’t want to stay here anymore. Can I have fun outside?" Celine replied with a sweet smile, dimples visible on her cheeks.

"I’ll take you out soon." Malcolm said firmly, "But settle down on the bed first. I’ll ask the doctor later if we can al

ear-old child, Celine knew nothing. And it seemed that the people around her kept everything from her.

"Yes." Malcolm nodded, "We’ll take her to her father today, hoping it will be good for her health."

"Since you’re in the hospital, you should be careful." Barry looked coldly at Malcolm, who was holding Poppi in his arms. "You two are so intimate. Wouldn’t you make her uncomfortable?"

Standing aside, Wendy felt that Barry was a little strange that day.

"Everyone can say something cool, and anyone can blame others." Malcolm snapped back indifferently, "But don't poke your nose into others' business. It doesn't concern you whether we irritate her or not."

What made Poppi more confused was, why would Malcolm detest Barry so much that day?

"Does your hand hurt?" Malcolm turned to Poppi. His heart ached for her because of what had happened. "Let me take you to the doctor."

"No need." Poppi shook her head dismissively.

"I said you need." Malcolm disagreed. Then, he started to drag Poppi out. "Let's go and check. Also, maybe Barry has something to talk with Celine alone!"

Hearing that, Poppi and Wendy were disoriented.

Poppi was dragged out by Malcolm. Wendy stood still with her mouth open. Before she could say anything, Barry also asked her to leave. "You shall go out too."

A sense of grievance overwhelmed Wendy. 'You followed me here, not the other way around. Now you're pushing me away?' she thought to herself.

Barry didn’t even look at her. He slowly touched Celine’s head and brushed her hair, as delicate as he could.

He treated her like she was his lover. It was inconceivable for Wendy to come to this conclusion. Her mind suddenly became clear. She calmly retreated and slowly walked out of the room with her eyes wide open. She recalled that sometimes, Barry would look at her and murmur, "You look like her a lot." A chill ran all over Wendy's body. Was she overthinking?

"Now, what should I do with you?" As he looked at Celine, Barry's hands were slightly trembling.

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