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   Chapter 144 I Take Care Of My Wife

Remedy For Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 10198

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"I can explain!" Abner immediately straightened his body. "I I didn't expect It's your underwear! "

"You! Say it again! I'll throw you out of the car! " When she met with Abner's eyes, Shirley felt as if she had been seen through by him. She hastily covered her chest and said, "you! Get out of the car! I won't throw you away. Get out of the car yourself! "

Dan dragged Shirley over to his side, looked at Abner up and down.. "Mr. Shen, what happened? This morning, Shirley rushed to a activity and there wasn't time to clean it up. As a result, her car was in a mess. However He wouldn't... "

"It was an accident!" Hugh spoke hurriedly for Abner. "It's really an accident! Shirley, think about it. Even if he wants to, he won't show it in public! "

"I don't want to see that." It was a rare case for Abner to be ashamed into anger.

"No problem. So it was an accident." After saying that, Hugh hastily comforted Abner. Then he said to Shirley, "Shirley, it's getting late. Both of us are going to the hospital. It's not good for us to stay here for too long. Let's go to the hospital first. We'll talk about this later. What do you think of it?"

No matter how angry Shirley was, she could not refute the boss's words. So she nodded slightly, turned around and sat on the front passenger seat angrily. She closed the door with a bang. Without looking back, she roared, "Abner! We are mortal enemies? "

Abner's eloquence developed in the court was broken into pieces at this moment. He kept the posture he had just sat, dared not move, and his face was faintly dark red.

The car went forward silently.

As soon as Shirley arrived at the hospital, she got off in a hurry. They bought some fruits and flowers and went upstairs.

Poppi was still wearing the clothes for the bidding event in the morning. There were exquisite high heels and an exquisite skirt, and a little dizzy and delicate makeup. Leaning against the cold wall of the corridor, she was like a dancing dancer who came down, gorgeous but lonely.

"Poppi, are you okay?" When Shirley went upstairs, she saw the frowned Poppi. Seeing this, she could not help feeling sorry for her. She quickly walked up to her and asked, "where is Malcolm?"

Poppi glanced at Shirley indifferently and stood up, "he's in the ward."

"What? !" Hearing this, Shirley was immediately in a rage. She put the lunch into the hand of Poppi, rolled up her sleeves and was about to rush into the ward. "The little bastard, I'll go to get even with him! Did he fall in love with another woman the moment Celine woke up? I'll give him a lesson. "

"Teach who a lesson?"

Before Shirley finished her words, Malcolm opened the door and asked coldly. He glanced at her and stopped at Poppi.

Poppi quickly turned around and forced a smile. But when she saw the icy look on Malcolm's face, she withdrew it and sighed, "Shirley, it's not what you said."

"Well Really? " Seeing Malcolm come out, Shirley felt a little nervous. After hearing what Poppi said, she quickly changed her

me first."

"But..." Poppi opened her mouth and felt a little embarrassed as Malcolm said no.

"Then go to have dinner with Mr. Mo first." Then Shirley added, " Poppi, why don't you let Mr. Mo know about your grievance? He is your closest person. Listen to me. "

When Shirley went downstairs, Dan was leaning against the car door, with one hand in his pocket and the other hand holding a cigarette. He smoked from time to time, with his eyes narrowed slightly, giving a sense of safety.

Although he was two years younger than Shirley, he was full of mature energy that could not be ignored. So she was very confident to let him take care of her business.

At the sight of Shirley, Dan stood up straight and stubbed out his cigarette. "Why do you come downstairs so soon?"

"I put on some sauce." Shirley shrugged and smiled. "They'd better deal with their own business. I'm more casual. I'm sure that I am on the side of Poppi. I won't give her any advice. Just stay out of it. I don't want to be judged by that lawyer again... " Speaking of this, Shirley suddenly asked, "where is Mr. Su and that lawyer?"

"They had gone for lunch."

"Wow! That would be great! " Shirley's eyes lit up. "Let's go to lunch, shall we! My treat! "

Dan smiled and nodded. "Okay."

In the lounge of the hospital, there were only Poppi and Malcolm sitting side by side on the chair. When Poppi was about to open the lunch box, Malcolm shook his head and said lightly, "no hurry."

"What's wrong?" Poppi asked with puzzlement.

"Does your foot hurt?" But Poppi didn't answer him, instead, Malcolm bowed down, held her foot and slowly lifted it up. He helped her take off her high heels and whispered, "The heels are red."

Poppi was shocked and hurried to shrink back. "What are you doing!"

"Don't move. I'll massage for you." Malcolm grabbed Poppi's ankle and put it on his thigh. He rubbed the swollen part with his warm big palm and whispered, "Does Hugh think only he saw you hurt? My wife, just let me take care of you. "

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