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   Chapter 143 Become Enemies

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Poppi was speechless with Shirley's words. She didn't know whether she should laugh or cry. "No, it's not like that. Celine woke up." Just finished her words, Poppi added, "Sorry, I didn't mean it. I'm glad that Celine is awake! That's not what I'm upset about Oh, I can't tell you. Please come quickly! "

"What? Celine You mean, the sister have been lying in the hospital bed as a vegetable for four years, and finally she have woken up? " Shirley's face was a little twisted. "Four years. she can wake up. It's so tough!"

"Shirley!" Poppi was a little annoyed and said, "how could you talk like that! Celine is my sister. "

"I only heard that some families have a sister con, but I didn't expect that one of you has a sister con too." Taking a few deep breaths, Shirley said seriously, "honey, I didn't mean anything else by what I said. You know, I am just I just couldn't believe my ears, so I said some stupid words. Please don't mind. "

"I know. I also think You sound like dreaming. " Poppi pinched eyebrows "So are you free now? Come over here. There was nothing I could do. I'm in the hospital. "

"Okay. I have nothing to do at noon. By the way, can I bring you some lunch?" In the studio, Shirley had already begun to put on her coat. She tilted her head, with the phone between her head and shoulder, and asked, "what do you want to eat?"

"Take two please. And Malcolm is here too."

"Okay. Give me the address. I'll be there soon." After she quickly put on her clothes, Shirley put down her phone and rushed downstairs. She ran into her agent, grace Dan who was coming towards her.

"Where are we going?" Dan asked.

"Well, go and look for Poppi. She seemed to have suffered some setbacks." Said Shirley, shrugging.

"Let me take you there." "The driver has gone for dinner."

"Okay," Without any hesitation, Shirley shouted at Dan. After following her for three years, Dan was more like a family member now and didn't care about those gifts at all.

Dan smiled and went downstairs with Shirley.

"You should really consider to debut. I was almost obsessed with your smile just now." Shirley continued, "to be my manager is really wasting your talent."

"It's the same to be a golden agent. I'm not suitable to be in public." Dan said with a smile, as he held the car key more tightly, his hair quivering with his steps After saying that, he took a look at Shirley with a soft and tender look in his eyes. When he was about to say something, he turned around the stairs. As soon as he saw Hugh, what she was about to say turned into a greeting, "Mr. Su."

"Yes." Hugh looked at them and asked casually, "where are you going?"

Before Shirley could say anything, Dan said, "Oh, Shirley said that her friend, Poppi, seems to be in a bad mood. Let's go to have a look."

"What's wrong with Poppi?" Hugh asked as he looked at Shirley from head to toe.

Shirley replied,

ip. He should have driven himself. The longer you sit here, the more serious you will become!

When driving the car, Dan observed Abner from the rear-view mirror several times, and out of the corner of his eye kept looking at Shirley. The two seemed to have dealt with each other a lot, but he had never heard of it from Shirley? She was always nice to him!

On their way to the hospital, Shirley got off the car and went to buy some food for Poppi.

Taking the opportunity, Hugh asked, "what's going on, Abner? You have always been sedate and calm. Why are you so easily influenced by a single word of Shirley? Don't set yourself against our industry, "

"She is just too annoying." Abner frowned. All kinds of looks of Shirley appeared in his mind. "I have never seen such a disgusting woman."

After saying that, he leaned back on the seat to have a rest. But when he just leaned back, he felt something on his waist. He felt uncomfortable and straightened his body.

"What's wrong?" Hugh glanced at him.

Abner pulled out a small black bag and wondered what was in it. He frowned and said, "what's that! It was hit on my waist just now. I'm not feeling well. " While speaking, he opened the package. It was a piece of cloth. Abner pulled the thing heavily and then he asked in disgust, "Are all the artists under your corporation so inconsiderate about the hygiene? I... "

Abner was suddenly stunned before finished his words..

That was exactly what Shirley saw when she and Dan came back. When Abner was pulling her underwear out of the bag and pinching it, Hugh looked at Abner in astonishment

"Ah! You Are Abnormal Man! "

Silence. One second later, Shirley suddenly realized what had happened. She yelled, opened the door, and grabbed her bra and hid it behind. Her face turned red with anger, and she yelled, "you! "Abner!"! You hypocrite! Hypocrite! You are full of righteous virtue! I become your enemy! Ah! "

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