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   Chapter 141 Don't Reject Me

Remedy For Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 10017

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When the phone call came in, Malcolm hesitated for a while, but answered it in front of Poppi, "what's the matter?"

"Mr. Mo, Miss Celine accidentally fell down the stairs and hit her head. Now she is in a coma!"

The doctor said anxiously with a proper strength, which was heard by the people in the car at the other end of the phone.

Hearing the word "Celine", Poppi stiffened when she was rubbing her ankle. Her heart ached as if it had fallen from the sky. She straightened up and grabbed Malcolm's arm. Her eyes were wide open and she asked excitedly, "what? What did they say on the phone?! What happened to Celine? "

Knowing that it was no use to hide it, but Malcolm didn't think about keeping it either. He quickly said on the phone, "I'll go to the hospital right away." After he finished his words, he looked painfully at Poppi and said seriously, "Poppi, Celine is awake."

Celine was awake.

She was so weak that it seemed that all the burden on her shoulders disappeared. Her sister woke up Was it because God pitied her, or because God heard her wishes? Her sister had waken up. She had waited for four years and the result finally came!

Poppi's nose suddenly twitched and her eyes were covered with mist. Her lips were trembling, "yes, where is it? Take me to Malcolm, take me there... "

"I'll take you there." Malcolm said gently, fearing that it would shock Poppi.

The car rushed all the way to the hospital, passed by quickly trees and passers-by. At that time, neither of them knew that going to the hospital was a wrong choice.

There were people coming and going in the hospital. Like a lost child, Poppi let Malcolm lead her forward.

Her ears were a little buzzing, and the things around her were like dim colored paintings, which was hard to see clearly. She walked along the passageway, step by step, to find the person she had been missing day and night

"Here we are. The one lying on the bed is Celine."

When she got the signal, the tears in Poppi's eyes rushed out all of a sudden. She stumbled to the bedside, only to find that her head was wrapped by gauze. Seeing that, she couldn't help but cry, "Celine, what's wrong with you? I came to see you She cried

Standing not far away from Poppi, Malcolm knew that his persuasion was useless, and that Poppi needed to cry to release her anger. So he gave her time and asked the doctor, "how did Celine fall from the stairs when everything was all right?"

The doctor lowered his head with a guilty look on his face. "Because Miss. Celine hasn't seen Mr. Mo for several days, and her mood has been unstable. She ran downstairs when the nurse was not around today She hit the vehicle and fell down the stairs. Fortunately, she is not seriously injured and woke up in a while. "

After a long silence, Malcolm kneaded his eyebrows, nodded silently and waved his hand to let the doctor out.

On the bed, Poppi cried so hard that some water was left on the white sheets. She was trembl

her at that time, so Celine had been trying to ask him to stay.

"Sean!" Malcolm shouted to the outside of the ward, and Sean pushed the door open and went in. Malcolm frowned and said, "you pull away Celine. I'm going out for a few minutes."

"Okay, Mr. Mo." Sean nodded. He didn't know how to be kind to her. He pulled Celine away from Malcolm like he was lifting a chicken. She was still pleading for Malcolm's mercy.

"No way! Don't touch me! Bad guy! " Celine waved her arms and legs in the air.


"Come with me." Then Malcolm walked quickly to Poppi, grabbed her arm and dragged her out.

After a few steps, Poppi seemed to come to her senses and struggled to free herself, "Malcolm, Malcolm, what do you want to do! Let me go! Where are you taking me? Celine is still in the ward. "

Angry and distressed, Malcolm pulled Poppi out of the ward, came to the corridor, separated Celine's voice, took a few deep breaths and said, "don't mind what you saw in the ward just now. She is just She is just forget everything for the time being. "

"But she hasn't forgotten you." Poppi replied subconsciously and then she realized how painful she was in her heart after she finished her words. The two people who should have been together were not her and Malcolm, but Celine and Malcolm.

"That's her choice. My choice is you." Then, Malcolm lowered his head and was about to kiss Poppi.

However, Poppi looked away and shook her head quickly and said, "no No way. "

"Don't Reject Me!" Malcolm said, stressing each word. He reached out his hand to hold Poppi's face, making it impossible for her to avoid. He kissed her exactly and passionately. He wanted to give her all his heart.

Feeling the enthusiasm of Malcolm, Poppi's eyes turned slightly red. She lifted her arms and put them around Malcolm's waist but failed to touch his clothes. She was afraid that she would sink deeper and deeper while Celine would be in pain

Things had finally come to this.

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