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   Chapter 140 I Lost You

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"We don't need to do that, do we?" Malcolm smiled faintly, "Mr. Quan is in poor health. If we go to visit him and make him die of anger, it will become our responsibility."

Sitting aside and biting her lips, Poppi tried hard to hold back her laughter and nodded slightly in agreement.

But before he could say anything, George put on a fake smile and snorted, "Mr. Mo, you are a real expert on jokes. Then I won't disturb you anymore. Go back to my own seat, and we can talk again! "

"Yes." Malcolm nodded, in an emotionless manner.

"You are so poisonous!" Seeing George off, Poppi whispered in his ear with a tight smile on her face, "look at you, you are seemingly serious, but in fact you are quite bad inside."

Malcolm laughed, "I'm telling the truth."

Poppi smiled and suddenly thought of something. She looked at Malcolm hesitantly and asked, "are you really not going to the hospital to have a check?"

"Who are we looking at? Carl? " Malcolm said with a cold light in his eyes, "maybe when he's dying, I'll tell him that the Quan Group he created with his hard work all his life has been taken away by me."

Poppi swallowed her saliva and gave Malcolm a thumbs up.

"Except for a little bit of blood, he didn't give me anything. Don't you think we are a bit foolish to treat a person who treated me bad with kindness as revenge?" Malcolm guided her slowly.

"I won't forgive him if anyone dares to do this to me," Poppi added

"Good girl." Malcolm kissed on the Poppi's hand and ignored the sound of gasping around. Then he shifted the topic and asked, "what do you think a thirty thousand square meter can build a few buildings even though it's large or small? What do you want? "

"Are you testing me?" "Tell me first, what do you want to buy it for?" Poppi blinked her eyes and asked

"Me?" Malcolm raised his eyebrows, "I didn't think about it! I just come here to have a look. "

"Come and see?" Poppi rolled her eyes at him and said, "Why are you so free? You didn't plan to buy this land, did you? "

Malcolm shook his head. "I have asked someone to evaluate this place. It's really embarrassed. Building a factory is too small, and it's not an appropriate location. Near the sea, it's surrounded by business circles, construction shops, residential buildings, and residential areas are too small. It's not much of a use for me. I just want to see who will buy this land. "

Poppi looked at Malcolm in surprise, "I see! How idle you are! "

Malcolm's face darkened. He was speechless and amused. "You are quite annoying."


Malcolm's phone rang immediately.

Malcolm took out his mobile phone, and saw the phone number again. Before Poppi could have a good look at it, Malcolm hung up the phone.

"Who is it?" Poppi asked subconsciously, feeling that Malcolm was hiding something from her.

Malcolm put his phone back into his pocket, "I'll tell you when the bidding is over."

Poppi frowned deeper but said nothing mor

ut pinch Malcolm's waist, "What's wrong? You want to keep me by the baby? "

"Yes. So what?"

Standing on the stage, Benson could see everything clearly under the stage. The features of Poppi was enlarged a hundred times in his eyes, and nothing could be ignored. Her shyness, her anger, and her smile were all for others.

This recognition depressed Benson, together with the joy of getting the bid, and disappeared

When they walked out of the hall, many reporters were still waiting. They stepped forward one by one to interview Malcolm and Poppi. But Sean had already stopped the journalists with. Under the flashlight, Poppi was led forward by Malcolm, hand in hand.

"Mr. Mo! Mr. Mo! "

"Miss. Poppi, please say something!"

The noisy sound around suddenly made Poppi a little irritable, and the powerful reporter who she didn't know took a step forward and just got close to her. Poppi's feet lost balance, and her body froze, unable to keep up with Malcolm. The hands that were supposed to be held by Malcolm were pulled off abruptly

He loosened her grip, and loosened her grip

Poppi didn't know what's wrong with her? Looking at her lonely hand, the bad feeling in her heart became stronger and stronger.

What if she and Malcolm

"I'm sorry." A voice coming from the top of her head comforted her before she expect the worst part. Malcolm apologized to Poppi and grabbed her hand. He sighed, "are you scared? I seem to have lost you. "

Poppi came back to earth, shook her head and gave a comforting smile. Then she held back Malcolm's hand and said, "we can't lose each other just for a while. I'm still here! Let's go. "

"Okay." Malcolm nodded his head. He held Poppi with one hand and protected her with the other hand. Lowering his head, he walked slowly towards his car with the bodyguards behind him. "I'll come back for you after I lose you. Don't run around."

"Okay, I won't go."

They got on the car. But a sudden phone call interrupted them.

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