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   Chapter 134 I Still Love You

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Emily turned livid with rage and said to the security guards, "turn down the camera."

"Okay." The security guard took action at once for fear of being scolded by her.

In the dark, the camera squeaked twice. With a pale face, Poppi looked at the beam of the infrared burglar camera and was stunned for a moment. She thought, 'who is monitoring them?


However, right at this moment, Benson breathed in cold air. Since she couldn't reach out his hands, her hearing seemed to be more sensitive. Sensing his pain, Poppi immediately held him back and worried, "Mr. Ji, what's wrong with you?"

Before he could say anything else, Benson focused on the point. "I have medicine in my pocket. Please take it out for me," he said weakly

"Okay, okay!" Poppi didn't know how many pockets Benson had. Finally she found a bottle of pills and handed it to him. "How much did you take?"

Cold sweat broke out on Benson's face, and his stomach ached. He grabbed the medicine bottle with trembling hand and poured it into his mouth.

Seeing what happened in the elevator, Emily frowned and felt heartbroken. "What medicine he eat, Benson? Why is he eating so fast? "

Aunt Ji glanced at the screen and felt a lump in her throat. Then she turned her face to the other side and said, "Benson has been having a stomachache. I guess he didn't eat breakfast and had another stomachache. Why don't you know about Benson? "

"How could I know that?" Hearing that, Emily smiled with self-mockery.

In the elevator, Poppi only heard the medicine bottles clatter and it was abnormally harsh. By feeling, she grabbed the bottle back and asked, "how much do you want to eat?! Stop eating! Enough! "

Benson swallowed the pill in his mouth and leaned against the elevator weakly. Feeling his movement, Poppi reached out her hand and tried to hold him by his sleeve. She said in a soft voice, "how are you? Are you okay? "


However, Benson suddenly held the arm of Poppi and pulled her into his arms.

Unaware of what Benson was doing, Poppi stepped forward and fell into his arms. After being stunned for a second, Poppi suddenly opened her eyes wide and struggled in Benson's arms immediately. She pushed his chest and shouted, "what are you doing! Let go of me! "

Seeing everything happening in the elevator clearly, Emily's eyes suddenly turned scarlet red. Emily opened her mouth in surprise, with her body surrounded by the malicious aura. And when she saw that Benson held Poppi tightly and didn't want to let go of her, she was muddleheaded and asked, "Mom, what is Benson doing?"

Aunt Ji gnashed her teeth and clenched her hands. She looked fiercely at Poppi and did not respond Emily any more. She just thought that since his son liked the woman called Poppi so much, he still remembered her after four years. How about How about letting her give birth to a baby for her son and then let her and Emily raise the chil

d fell in a series of sulks. "What? Do you feel hurt?! I beat the bitch! I saw what you did in the elevator! "

Aunt Ji blushed when she found everyone was looking at her curiously. "Stop talking! Let's talk about it when we get back!"

Benson squinted his eyes and ignored his mother. "Is that the reason why you slapped her?! It's probably because you didn't see it clearly. It's me! I asked to hug her! It's me who didn't let her go! "

They all gasped with astonishment.

"What Fine! Benson, I have underestimated your true feelings! " Hearing that, Emily was so angry because of Benson that her eyes turned red. Emily waved his hand and strode away. Emily still raised her head, ignoring other people's gaze. That was her last pride.

"Emily! Emily! " Aunt Ji chased after him for two steps and stopped in place. She shouted angrily, "Benson! Why are you still standing there! Go and get her! "


As soon as she finished speaking, Benson fell straight backwards.

"Mr. Ji!"


Seeing this, the people passing by in the hall began to panic.

On the other side of the earth was the silent night. Standing outside the ward, Malcolm held the phone in his hand. After the call was cut off, Poppi's phone never rang again. Was his phone broken? No way!

"Mr. Mo! Mr. Mo! "

As he was thinking, there came the doctor Johnson's anxious voice from behind him. "Miss Celine is so excited that she wants to see you immediately. You'd better go back to your ward."

Malcolm frowned, nodded and turned to the ward. Before they arrived at the door of Celine's ward, there was Celine's voice, "I want to see Malcolm! I want to see him! You are all bad guys! "

Malcolm looked helpless. Two days had passed. When he arrived at the hospital, Celine kept staying with him. She had been ill, but a few minutes after he left, she was yelling vigorously, which disturbed her life. Besides, his plan of going back to the villa was brewing

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