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   Chapter 131 Bind Up His Wound

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The moon was as cold as water. Poppi lay on the bed and fell asleep. She was covered with the quilt with her arm hanging outside. Her curly hair fell down gently on her face. She took a deep breath. The moon shone on her body under the sunroof, making her look like a goddess in the moonlight. She was like a goddess goddess, whom she could not get hold of at any time

Malcolm felt a little sad. He walked to the side of Poppi and didn't want to disturb her rest, let alone leave without saying goodbye. He gently pushed her away and said in a soft voice, "can you hear me, Poppi? I have to go abroad for a while. I'll leave right now after I tell you. "

Poppi was in a daze. When she heard the words "go abroad" and "leave now", she sat up promptly and suddenly opened her eyes. Her eyes were wide open but she did not focus at all. She only said by instinct, "Why are you in such a hurry? Where are we going? By plane again? "

"Yes." Then Malcolm rubbed his fingers against Poppi's face and asked, "if I don't take a plane, should I take a ship?"

Poppi rubbed her eyes, grabbed Malcolm's sleeve and said aggrievedly, "but 'it's so late now. What's the matter? Can't you leave early tomorrow morning? "

Malcolm pursed his lips and sighed. He kissed the Poppi forcefully and said, "I have to go now so that I can come back soon! It's very urgent. But don't worry. It will be solved soon. "

Poppi pouted and said unhappily.

"Be a good girl." Malcolm was as serious and gentle as coaxing a child.

"But I I just didn't want you to leave. Why did you have to leave now? I know I'm being childish, but... " Poppi glanced at Malcolm, "I'm scared."

"What are you afraid of?" Malcolm laughed.

"I don't know." Poppi shook her head. Just now, she suddenly felt a little scared and didn't want to let Malcolm leave. She choked up, "maybe I don't want you to take a plane, do I? "

"That was an accident. Besides, I am fine." Then, Malcolm continued to comfort her by saying a lot of words. At last, he said: "you just stay at Ye city and wait for me. I will be back in two days. I have something important to do after I come back. "

"What is it?" Poppi blinked her eyes and tried to calm herself down.

"We can announce your identity to everyone after I come back!" Malcolm said. "I can't wait any more. I don't like such kind of furtive behavior. It's unfair to you."

Poppi twitched her mouth and rubbed her face against Malcolm's chest, murmuring, "you must come back early."


"Then I'll send you there."

"Send me to downstairs ."

"…… Okay. "

It was so cold downstairs that Poppi was shivering with cold. Seeing this, Malcolm felt sorry for her and stood beside the car of Sean, "go back home now and have a good meal. Wait for me to come back."

"Yes." Poppi stood in front of the sign of the 'The Cottage of Malcolm and Poppi', nodded her head and said, "get i

ng on the sofa.

Wendy was confused. She didn't think it had anything to do with him? He doesn't live here. Does it bother him to feel comfortable?

"Hey, hey, what are you thinking about? Did you bring alcohol gauze here? " Raising his injured arm, Barry continued, "do you know I'm injured? Do you want me to bleed to death? "

Wendy was suddenly enlightened. She went around in a hurry, "yes I'll find you one! Who is it? ' Oh, I remember! " She rushed to the small cabinet next to the TV, squatted down and took out the medicine box. Then she held the medicine box and ran to Barry, squatting in front of him, "give me your arm quickly."

He was so arrogant and overbearing that Wendy forgot that she wasn't obligated to bandage his wound, and that she even forgot that she was in the same room with Barry alone.

Seeing what Wendy was doing, Barry felt very happy and wanted to tease her. Hence, he pretended to be painful and kept whining, "ouch, it hurts."

Wendy trembled, "take off your sleeve first."

"Take off? What should I do? " Barry asked deliberately. "How about you taking off my clothes now?"

Wendy raised her head with blush on her face and panic in her eyes. "You What do you want to do? "

"I'm injured. I can't do anything!" Then Barry teased, "aren't you going to bandage my wounds? How can you bandage my wounds if I dress my clothes? I'll take off my clothes myself. I don't care if I bleed or not. "

After saying that, he started to take off his clothes. Wendy stood up immediately and said firmly with a blush, "I, I'll do it!"

Barry was more than happy. He opened his arms and waited for Wendy to take off his clothes. Wendy took off Barry's coat and started to unbutton the shirt of Barry.

Wearing a cartoon Nightgown, Wendy looked like a little green leaf. However, when she got close to Barry, she inhaled deeply and the faint fragrance from her body made Barry restless and worried.

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