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   Chapter 129 The Cottage Of Malcolm and Poppi

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Malcolm opened the door and got out of the car. When he stood outside the car, he saw the two people holding each other through the window. His eyes were giving out cold light and his originally expressionless face turned livid.

They left each other soon and Poppi was relieved with a bright smile on her face.


Malcolm pushed the door open and walked in. Malcolm went straight to Poppi with one hand in his pocket. He walked much faster than usual.

"How long did you talk?" Malcolm stood in front of them, biting his lips.

"Not long." Poppi squinted her eyes and smiled slyly, "you came so fast! Did you run a red light? Have you gotten a ticket from the police? "

Malcolm snorted. Holding Poppi's hand, "Humph! What's wrong with you? Will you be happy to see me getting a forfeit? "

"No! Of course not! How could it be? " Poppi quickly waved her hand and smiled flatteringly, "I've talked a lot with Mr. Su."

Hearing that, Malcolm turned his head to look at Hugh, with his eyes somewhat relaxed, but his hands did not relax at all. "Aren't you busy today?"

Hugh shook his head, "Not so bad. I met Poppi by chance. I thought we haven't seen each other for a long time and chatted with her. "

"Yes." Malcolm nodded slightly, "have you finished your dinner? Would you like to have dinner with me? "

"No, thanks." Hugh refused. "I have to go back to the company. You can go first."

"Let's meet some other day."


Poppi nodded slightly to Hugh and said goodbye. Then she was dragged out of the dessert shop by Malcolm and pushed into his car. Hugh listened to Poppi's voice, which drifted far away. The voice of her coquettish unwillingness, soft and gentle enough to move any man.

In the car, Poppi used her body to against Malcolm and said, "Hey, I'm with Hugh. Are you nervous?"

"Nervous? Why? " Then Malcolm opened his eyes and took a glance at Poppi casually.

"What Didn't you see how we hugged each other? Aren't you jealous? " Poppi raised her eyebrows and looked at Malcolm closely. She felt a little uncomfortable.

"You two must have plotted something shameful, so you hugged each other in front of me. What am I worried about?" Malcolm said confidently.

"What? You've known everything? " Poppi twitched her mouth and stared at Malcolm, "humph! It's boring to be with smart people like you! You saw everything and guessed everything so clearly It causes the heartburn! I don't have any sense of satisfaction. I hate... "

"Then what should I do?" Malcolm looked at Poppi dotingly. "Do you want to me show my anger in front of you? Should I have a fight with Hugh? If that's the only way to prove that Hugh's not far away from the fact that Sean has turned her back on him. "

Poppi curled her lips. "Humph Stupid! "

"Then what should I do now?" Malcolm got close to her and gently whispered in Poppi ear, "actually, I'm very angry. Although I know that you two hugged each other ou


Malcolm undid two buttons on his shirt directly, and the buttons on the cuffs were unbuttoned too. He rolled his sleeves to the small arm, squatted down, and began to knock the nails with a hammer in his hand.

Poppi just squatted aside and watched.

"Take another nail." Malcolm didn't even look up. He reached out his hand, and the short hair on his forehead trembled with his action.

"Got it!" Poppi eagerly took the nails and looked at Malcolm, almost drooling. She admitted that she was a high-level member of the appearance Association, and the handsome man in front of her was her exclusive lover. She was so happy about him!


After the bang, Malcolm had finished the prototype of the sign. A board of forty centimeter long was connected with a wooden stick. "Write the name on the board, and then drill the wooden stick into the ground to hold it. All work is done."

"Of course!" Poppi could not help feeling excited. She held the pink brush and said proudly, "the next step is up to me!" Then she lay on her stomach and began to write on the board with her buttocks up. She muttered, "The Cottage of Malcolm and Poppi It's too hard to write! "

Malcolm giggled as he watched Poppi write the character and then put it aside. Poppi painted on the board and wrote the words "The Cottage of Malcolm and Poppi" on it. Then she went downstairs with Malcolm with the sign.

"I'm a temper maker. I'm good at doing temper work," Going downstairs, Poppi sang, jumping, and feeling so proud. Malcolm smiled and gently beat time for Poppi.

On the other side, at the headquarter of the Hongmen Sect, where Barry lived. When Barry was about to go on a tour, he received a phone call from an overseas company.

"Respect Mr. Wei! Miss. Celine has woken up! "

"What did you say?" Standing on the bluestone board in the garden, Barry felt unbelievable. "Say it again!"

"Mr. Wei, Miss Celine woke up! She was wake up! Wake up totally! "

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