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   Chapter 128 How About Friends In The Future

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Poppi took a mouthful of lemonade and swallowed it hastily when she heard the word "Mr. Su". Reflexively, she turned around and saw Hugh push the door open and come in, followed by a young woman.

When entering the door, Hugh saw Poppi, but he didn't expect to meet her eyes. He was stunned for a while, then he raised his hand and smiled to Poppi, "what a coincidence!"

"Yes! What a coincidence! " Poppi quickly stood up. Wendy stood up and greeted to Hugh.

Hugh had already walked a few steps to Poppi's side. He looked at her up and down and asked, "don't you have work to do today?"

"I just finished my work. Come here and have a rest with Wendy." After answering, Poppi looked at the woman behind Hugh and said, "Mr. Su, if you have something to do, I won't disturb you!"

"It doesn't matter. I come here to take a seat in my spare time from work." Taking a look at the woman behind him, Hugh said, "I'm not going with you. Go and buy some water for them yourself!"

"Okay, Mr. Su." The woman took a look at Poppi, nodded her head and walked towards the counter.

Though somewhat silly, Wendy was finally able to read people's mind under the guidance of Poppi. Seeing that Hugh sent his people away, she said quickly, "Poppi, I have something to do, so I have to hurry back to the company. You have a talk with Mr. Su first! I gotta go! " Then she waved her hand and ran away as quickly as she could.

Poppi shrugged her shoulders and said, "it seems that Wendy is really considerate."

Hugh couldn't help laughing, and the corner of his mouth curved, like the sunlight, shined into people's hearts. After a while, he said, "the person who came with me is my assistant, and the place where we work is near here. Have you been there? Would you like to go upstairs and have a cup of tea? "

" Go upstairs? Will I interrupt your work? " Poppi hesitated for a while and asked, "or is Shirley on top?"

Hugh shook his head. "She may have an outside shooting today. She's not in the company. Actually, it's okay to have a talk here. "

"Well, let's talk here, shall we?" Poppi smiled. "What would you like to drink, Mr. Su? My treat. "

"The same as yours." On the other hand, Hugh didn't refuse her request. He only took a slight glance at Poppi, feeling as if they had never been apart even though they had not seen each other for a long time.

Poppi slowly smiled and called the waiter to order. She looked out of the window and then at Hugh. She was a little embarrassed and said, "it seems we haven't seen each other for a long time."

"Yes." Hugh nodded. "I haven't seen you since you came back from San Francisco. How have you been these days? "

"Not bad,"

Hugh's eyes darkened. "You must fine as Malcolm is here. It's just that you have been on the news too frequently these days. I am so envious of you, as well as the people in our company. "

"If it's a good thing, I just admire it. People would get away from it like me ." Poppi sighed and shook her head. She changed the topic and asked Hugh, "how are you recently?"

"I did as before. I was so busy with my company. Oh, I forg

rse." Hugh nodded.

"How about... You and I Are we good friends? " Asked Poppi.

"…… Yes, you are right. "

After saying that, Poppi patted her chest to relax and said to Hugh, "that's good. I don't want to lose a friend like you, Mr. Su."

"I don't want to lose you, you are my friend." Hugh gave a relieved smile to Poppi and said, "it's my own business to fall in love with you. I don't mean to do that if I bring you trouble. Even if we can't be together, we are still friends. "

"I was so moved that I almost cried!" Poppi covered her mouth and wiped the corner of her eyes exaggeratedly to pretend that there were tears.

Although being teased by Poppi, Hugh couldn't take his eyes off her and said, "in fact, it was less than three months since I knew you. I have so many women around me, and I will quickly forgot you. Don't regret missing me. "

This time it was Poppi's turn to laugh, "Mr. Su, as long as you are happy."

"You too." And Hugh sincerely wished her happy from the bottom of his heart. However, he thought in his heart that there was a precondition for him to make friend with Poppi. Seeing her happy was his purpose. If she was not happy, he was not sure that he would not grab her.

Poppi felt that she just had a few words with Hugh. Suddenly, Hugh raised his chin and said outside the window, "He is coming."

Poppi looked back in a hurry and saw the car of Malcolm just stopped. She got excited and stood up, "he really comes! Did he fly here? "

"It's only twenty-eight minutes," Hugh also was surprised. "I wonder how many traffic lights he has turned to."

Poppi smiled .She turned around and looked at Hugh, "Mr. Su, what should we do now?" poppi asked gently

"Do we need any more words?" Raising his eyebrows and opening his arms, Hugh said, "come on!"

Poppi was still shocked. After being dazed for two seconds, she slowly walked up to Hugh and gave him a gentle and polite hug. "Thank you, Mr. Su And, I'm sorry. "

Hugh reached out his hand and patted on the back of Poppi gently. "It's nice to meet you, Miss. Poppi."

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