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   Chapter 127 Advanced Gastric Cancer

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"So you've been forcing me to get engaged and have my own child all because of this company, haven't you?" With a self-mockery smile, Benson looked at his mother as if she was a stranger. "For so many years, I've forgotten that you're my mother, or you're my boss. Have you considered my feelings? You fly to our country frequently to monitor my actions, and put all the blame on others Mom! I'm not a kid anymore. I know what I should do! "

Aunt Ji's lips trembled. She walked to him, touched his sleeve, and said in a low voice, "Benson... Benson I didn't mean it. I care about you! Of course you are more important than the work in my company. I hope you can get better and then have a baby with Emily and live happily! "

All of a sudden, Benson's rage disappeared. His eyes became glassy and motionless. He stared at somewhere far away and said calmly, "Mom, I won't like Emily. We won't be happy."

"Love develops over time. You two are doing well together, so you will definitely like her!" Aunt Ji said hurriedly.

"Haha..." Benson smiled bitterly, "Mom, do you think I still have time to spend with her? two years? three years? I don't want to marry her and have my child either, mostly because I don't like her, but there are other reasons, mom, do you know? You know it, right? "

With a pale face, Aunt Ji stepped back. Her eyes were red. She shook her head and choked, "stop it Stop talking, Benson! "

But he didn't give up. "Because I don't want to delay her. There is no future for her to be with me! Even if I don't like her, I still have conscience. If she gives birth to a child It was unfair to her and her baby! I have no choice There was no way to go on with them! Mom, do you understand? Stop pretending! "

After listening to it, Aunt Ji's eyes were trembling, and they were already tearful. She did not dare to look at him again. She turned around, picked up her own bag and hurriedly ran away. "I I'll go home and cook lunch for you! I cook the dishes you want to eat. Please call me when you leave, Benson! I'm leaving now! "


Aunt Ji ran out of the office and slammed the door. Clenching his eyebrows, Benson closed his eyes in anguish and then raised his hand again.


The watch in his pocket suddenly rang, and Benson drew himself back from his thought. He took out the watch and turned it off. Then he went to the desk, sat on the chair and opened the drawer. All these actions were done in silence. He really didn't want to take medicine, but he had no choice. If he didn't take medicine, his stomach would always be painful and he always wanted to vomit.

A diagnosis certificate was lying quietly in the drawer beside his desk. But he knew nothing about it. Now he wanted to have a look.

His slender fingers gently pulled out the document bag and took out the diagnosis book inside. This lead printed diagnosis showed no human feelings. As Benson's eyes wandered slowly, his sight fin

elief and asked, "Poppi, you want to do this?"

"Is it strange?" Poppi smiled. "When I am free, I will go to learn how to make cakes. After my company abandoned me, I will go home and open a small shop. I opened the door whenever I wanted and immediately closed the door when I felt tired and wanted to have a rest. Is it good? "

The waiter brought them the desserts and water and they thanked the waiter.

Wendy nodded, "sounds great." After that, she pointed to the black forest cake on the table and continued, "if the cake you made is like this, can I eat it every day, Poppi ?"

"Of course! Welcome! " Poppi took a sip of water and asked, "then, what's your wish?"

"Wish..." Wendy said with her head askew. "I want to earn some money and buy a house at Ye city. That's enough for me and my parents. They are in their hometown and have never been out in their lifetime. I want to take them to travel, to eat delicious food and to have fun. "

When Poppi looked at Wendy, she was deeply attracted by Wendy. In the innocence and charm of Wendy, and when she spoke out her thoughts, a hint of expectation and shyness flashed across her face, which made people unable to take their eyes off her. If she were a man, she would definitely like someone like Wendy!

Thinking of this, Poppi suddenly asked, "Wendy, how are things going between you and Alice? I think Alice has not come to you recently You had a quarrel? "

Wendy swallowed the cake in a fluster, "I Alice and I are just friends. I have told him everything. "

"What Don't you want to be close to him? " Poppi was a little surprised.

Wendy bit her lips and said, "I think it's better to be friends with him." Although saying so, the scene of Barry echoed in Wendy's mind. After a long while, she finally wanted to tell what happened that night to Poppi. However, when she looked up, she saw an acquaintance walking into the dessert shop. She said with doubt in her voice, "look, Mr. Su!"

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