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   Chapter 124 I'm A Bad Guy

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The news of Zahi Lin be removed from his position due to corruption through all the streets and alleys of Ye city. The public had paid great attention to this kind of news. Although the news had not been confirmed yet, looking at that kind of news, they were really pissed off. With the growth of the news, the relationship between Malcolm and Catherine as well as the relationship between the SG and Zahi grew continuously.

Some of the papers dug out the news about a long time ago, saying it was about Malcolm and Catherine's late night tryst. Some people claimed confidently that Malcolm had attended a few business banquets, and the girls around him were all Catherine. Some said that the people Zahi had brought abroad was Malcolm, and it was obvious that Zahi had taken him as the son-in-law

All kinds of evidences of crime were directed at Malcolm. Some people suspected that SG had given Zahi many benefits and that the company must be involved. But Malcolm didn't respond. Public thought SG felt sorry for the loss of the company and its share had fallen for three days.

"What?" Poppi sighed again. She was in a high-end restaurant and there were delicate foods in front of her, but she was still a little discouraged.

"Hey, hey, hey, I'm back. Don't put on a long face! How many times have you sighed? " Shirley held the chopsticks and pointed at the bowl of Poppi, "it's not easy for us to get together, is it, Wendy?"

"Yes." Wendy nodded, "Poppi, if you have any trouble, you can tell us. Sighs don't work."

Shirley shook her head and replied, "it won't help. We can't solve it even if we speak it out."

"What? What happened? Is it so serious? " Said Wendy, who was biting the chopsticks.

"It's all about Malcolm." Shirley talked about Malcolm naturally. Then she turned to look at Poppi and said, "look at her. She is just like a grumbling woman whose husband is suffering a lot."

"Mr. Mo? Is it about the news? " Wendy was confused, "what does it have to do with Poppi?"

Shirley was speechless. She stared at Poppi and said, "you haven't told Wendy yet?"

Poppi shook her head and felt a little embarrassed, "I have been absent-minded these days. I totally forget it."

"Come on! You hid it from me for four years. Good for you! " Then Shirley continued excitedly, "well, since you didn't tell her, I will! I'm so excited to say such a shocking news. "

Poppi shrugged and said, "Okay, but don't frighten Wendy."

"What! I'm a little nervous now. What's up? " Wendy frowned like a frightened little rabbit, her eyes glittering with excitement.

After saying that, Shirley waved at Wendy and Wendy leaned over to her. She whispered in Wendy's ear. Wendy's eyes slowly widened, her pupils dilated

Poppi stuck out her tongue and ev

slowly asked, "it's you? You betrayed my father? "

"Betray?" Malcolm smiled leisurely, "I don't know Mr. Lin very well, why would I betray him? What's more, if it hadn't been for you, I wouldn't have dealt with him so early! Now you beg me ?. Why didn't you think this would happen the other day when you kidnapped Poppi? "

"Poppi?" Catherine roared, "You did it for that woman! What merits does she have! Does she deserve it? So you dare to be my father's enemy? "

"What? I didn't. " Then Malcolm added, "your father had only himself to blame for what he had done to us. You started all this! I want to protect my woman, because you hurt her! I am a bad guy. I will seek revenge for the smallest grievance! "

Catherine had never seen such power of Malcolm. He was angry and had a temper. Unlike before, he didn't communicate with her in a mask. But now he was frightening!

"Your woman?" Catherine shook her head and asked, "Then what am I to you? Chess piece? "

"Miss Lin, you must have misunderstood me from the very beginning. I have no feelings for you. I don't know what your father said. I'm telling you again that I like Poppi." Malcolm put his hand into his pocket and said, "fortunately, Poppi was slightly hurt. Otherwise, it would not be just a simple punishment for your father. If you have a clear estimation of yourself, you should behave yourself and keep yourself alive. "

"It's all my wishful thinking..." With red eyes, Catherine continued, "Don't you afraid of my revenge?! Malcolm! "

"In my life, there are many enemies. The last fearful one is revenge." With his eyes half closed, Malcolm bypassed Catherine and got into his car directly.

From the rearview mirror, Catherine was smaller and smaller. Malcolm rubbed his eyebrows and said to Sean, "Catherine Just let her be. Don't hurt her. "

"Yes, Mr. Mo."

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