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   Chapter 122 Going To The Sea And Watching The Sunrise

Remedy For Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 9253

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Wendy kept gossiping with Alice. Alice looked at the watch and said, "Wendy, the movie is about to start. Shall we go to the cinema directly?"

"Okay!" Wendy nodded with a smile and was about to walk forward following Alice. However, after one step, a man suddenly came out and stood in front of them.

Wendy raised her head and looked at the man. Her smile froze and her body trembled.

"What's wrong?" Hearing this, Alice took a look at Wendy and politely put his hands on Wendy's shoulders, looking at her with concern.

With his hands in his pockets, Barry looked at Wendy casually and said with a mischievous smile, "Hey, beauty. Nice to meet you again! Who is he? Is he your boyfriend? "

With doubt, Alice took a glance at Barry.

Wendy frowned and said, "Mr. Wei, what a coincidence! Why are you here?"

Barry shrugged and came up to Wendy. "It's a good day, beauty. Let's go and have some fun tonight."

Alice stepped forward and stood in front of Wendy. "Excuse me, sir. Wendy and I are going to see a movie..."

"Wendy? How cordial you are! " Barry then walked up and took hold of Wendy's hand. He pursed his lips and said nothing.

"Mr. Wei! What do you want? " Wendy struggled, but Barry took off Alice's clothes and threw them on the road.

"Hey! What are you doing? " Alice tried to catch up with him, but several bodyguards suddenly rushed out and blocked his way. He shouted, "get out of the way! Who are you?! Wendy! "

Wendy was dragged forward by Barry. She looked back at Alice from time to time and replied, "I'm fine! Alice, I'm fine. You can go back now. "

"Mr. Wei, what do you want to do?" Wendy asked as she turned to the people in the square. Her face went red but she couldn't get rid of it. So she shouted desperately.

"Barry! Barry! "

While they were walking, the woman who stayed with Barry ran to them from a distance. She stretched out her arms to stop Barry and Wendy. "Barry! Did you leave me just because of this woman? "

Then Wendy saw the person. She was wearing delicate make-up with her buttocks up to her thighs. Did Barry really like this kind of person?

"Are you questioning me? Who do you think you are? " Wendy scornfully glanced at the woman and said, "if you take the money, get out! Get out of my way! "

"You..." The woman stamped her foot angrily. Before she could say anything, she was dragged away by the men in black. Her shrill voice echoed in the air.

Barry continued to drag Wendy forward, with no relax on his hands. Wendy trotted to catch up with him. After trotting several hundred meters, she was out of breath. "Mr. Wei Where are you taking me to? It was late at night Can... Can I go home? "

"Go home?" Barry said after snorting. "Weren't you going to see a

ind. She said awkwardly, "I made you angry. I'm sorry."

"How?" Barry asked in reply. "Aren't you afraid of me now?"

With a pout, Wendy looked determined and said, "I I was not afraid of you from the very beginning! You are a good man, for you had saved me! But... "

"But what?" Barry wondered.

"But the profession of Mr. Wei is really special. My parents told me to work hard. When I marry someone who is honest in the future, don't be too high-profile or... " Wendy paused and continued, "don't be bad."

The sea breeze was a little cold.

Raising the corners of his mouth, Barry sneered at himself and said, "I'm very bad. I tell you, I not only own a casino, but also kill people! "

Taking a deep breath, Wendy was supposed to be scared. However, when she heard what happened at last, she saw a little sadness and helplessness in Barry's eyes.

"Mr. Wei, why did you do such a thing?" Wendy asked.

"For survival." After saying two words, Barry drank off the wine in his goblet and shifted the topic. "You take a rest in the cabin. I will send you back tomorrow morning after watching the sunrise."

After a long time, Wendy nodded slightly. When she was about to leave, the yacht turned a corner. Wendy leaned her body, shook and fell back. She cried for help in a trembling voice.

"Watch out!" With a cry of surprise, Barry quickly wrapped his arms around Wendy's waist.

Wendy held onto Barry's neck as if she was a life-saving straw. She stood straight and pressed her lips onto Barry's.

His lips smelt like wine

Wendy's lips made Barry stiffen for a second. He looked at the simple and honest Wendy, and through her, he seemed to see another person.

It was the first time that Wendy stared at Barry so seriously. She stood in front of him and forgot to struggle. Her heart beat faster and faster.

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