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   Chapter 120 Celine Is About To Wake Up

Remedy For Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 9864

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The air in the bathroom was hazy, as if Poppi was in a fairy land. He kissed her bit by bit, as if she was his precious treasure.

"Where is your courage when you flew to San Francisco alone?" After a long while, Malcolm released her and stared at her eyes, full of self reproach. "What about your earlier outgoing personality? Where was her smile? Why does she becomes so coward now? 'Poppi, how could I not feel hurt in this way? I loved you so much. But now you worry about losing everything because of me. That's not what I wanted. "

Poppi's eyes turned red and asked, "do you think our relationship developed too fast?"

Malcolm was stunned for a second and then chuckled, "it isn't too fast! Don't just look at these days. Don't forget that we have loved each other for three years. " After a pause, Malcolm touched Poppi's hair, took off the hood and began to wash her hair. He said, "it took me three years to realize that you are a good girl. It's too slow. Do you know what I regret the most? "

Poppi shook her head.

"What I regret most is that I wasted the three years with you. Every time I think of it, I feel remorseful, and at the same time, I feel very lucky. Fortunately, it's only three years, not ten years, not thirty years. " His suit got wet, but he didn't care about it at all. He gently washed the hair for Poppi without touching the swollen part on her face. His voice echoed in the bathroom, "so, Poppi, I won't let you leave me again. From now on, we will be together for ten years, thirty years, fifty years… I just think it's too short. Don't think about leaving me, okay? "

"You've done a good job. Stay quietly by my side. You don't need to do anything, don't need to look at anything or think about anything. You're enough to make me see you at any time. You are more than enough for me. "

"Look at you. You're good at cooking, singing, and telling jokes. You're so beautiful and you have a sweet mouth. But for me, I can do nothing except work. Look, it's so lucky to me have found you. "

Malcolm chattered a lot. Poppi lifted her uninjured hand and patted him on the shoulder. "You are worth teaching and promising. I feel so comfortable in my heart because of your praise. Mr. Malcolm, can you give me more praise?"

"Don't be too proud if I praise you too much." Malcolm smiled, "I'll praise you again tomorrow. Only once a day."

"Okay." Poppi nodded and said yes. Then she grabbed the bubbles in the bathtub and threw them on Malcolm's face when he was not noticing. She giggled.

"What? How dare you? " Malcolm paused, wiped the bubbles on his face, and deliberately said in a "devil" tone, "you don't want to get out of bed tomorrow, right?"

Poppi roared, "Malcolm! Why are you becoming so naughty? "

"I haven't changed. You just saw me clearly."


By the time she finished bathing, the bathroom had already been filled with water. Malcolm had also taken a shower and

at kind of person I am?! I won't fall in love with a woman. What I love is the millions of women. Only you who can make her happy in the future. "

"I'm not a saint. I can't do what you ask me to do. I'm telling you again that I love Poppi! If you dare to do something to her, I will do it to you! " Then he threw a punch at the belly of Barry. "It's not enough."

"You think I can't beat you?! I have beaten you ten years ago. Have you forgotten it? " With a sudden pounce on Malcolm, Barry sprang to him and wrestled with him in an instant.

They hit each other with their fists.

Barry was pinned down by Malcolm, beating him hard, and then reaching out to get his gun. Seeing this, Barry turned over and kicked away Malcolm…

"Malcolm..." In her dream, Poppi turned over and called her name anxiously, but she didn't get any reply. She opened her eyes and faintly heard the cracking downstairs.

Who?! Poppi shivered and sat up. She pricked up her ears and heard something broken, followed by the man's roar. And most importantly, Malcolm is downstairs!

She stumbled out of bed, opened the door and ran downstairs. When she ran to the corridor, she saw a vase on the table. She stepped back and reached for it, ready to help Malcolm.

"Fuck! I'm so tired!" Downstairs, the fight finally came to an end. After a while, he looked up at the sky and panted, "we're old. Let's stop fighting. Or we'll die."

Malcolm was no better than Barry. His clothes crumpled as he kept his gun dropping to the ground. "From now on, leave me alone!"

"I'm not a Meddlesome woman! Do you think I like to meddle very much? !" Veins stood out on his arms. "But Celine's about to wake up! What are you going to do?! Bastard! "

"What? !" Malcolm frowned and said, "wake up?"

Poppi just arrived at the stairway. When she heard the sound, she stopped at once and her eyes slowly opened with tears full of her eyes. Celine, her sister is finally going to wake up?

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