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Barry hurried to the door of the bar, looked back and answered the phone, "hello? What's wrong? "

"Mr. Wei, I have good news for you!" The person on the other end of the phone came straight to the point, couldn't help but be excited, and his face and voice were trembling with excitement. "The patient seems to have signs of waking up! Miss Celine is conscious! "

"What did you say? !" Barry's hand holding the phone tightened, his pupils narrowed slowly, and the corners of his mouth rose more and more. In the end, he couldn't restrain his ecstasy, and his eyes were bright. "What do you mean? You mean, Celine, Celine is going to wake up? "

"Yes! You can say that! Thank god! We finally live up to your expectation and support for so many years! Miss Celine may wake up soon! "

Thwack! Thwack!

In the private room of the bar, Catherine grabbed Poppi's hair and slapped her two times in a clear voice. At this time, the people in the box could not help clapping their hands and cheering.

"Catherine, I haven't heard enough. How about slapping a few more times to let me enjoy my ears?"

"I can't help but get excited. How about I hit her later?"

"Ha ha..."

Hearing the harsh laughter, Poppi only clenched her fist hard. Although she struggled, she didn't have much strength. All of a sudden, she felt that she was useless. If Malcolm found that she was missing, he would work hard to send someone to look for her, wouldn't he? Will he retaliates against Catherine in the same way? In this way, did it cause trouble to Malcolm again?

I don't know how many difficulties I will encounter on the way with Malcolm. But if, if I could be a little better, would I be worthy of him? Is it true that not so many people feel unbalanced in their hearts and come to her trouble?


Poppi's phone suddenly rang, buzzing in her pocket. Catherine stepped forward and took out her phone from her pocket without any explanation. When she looked at the phone number, her eyes turned scarlet.

"Whose phone is it?" Catherine deliberately held the phone in front of Poppi and said, "why does he call you so late? Huh? "

Poppi bit her lips and turned her head away. She felt wronged, but she said stubbornly, "I don't know!" Why does Malcolm come to her at this time? Is he off work? Don't let him find out that she is not at home!

"Since you don't know him each other, why do you keep it?" Catherine angrily threw the phone away. With great strength, the phone bounced to the ground and broke into pieces.



Clapping hands and mocking laughter came from the box. Poppi's heart suddenly stopped, her eyes wide open, and she roared, "my phone! Catherine Lin! What are you up to? What do you want to do? "

It was the phone that Malcolm had worked so hard to fix for her! Unexpectedly, she fell down in the blink of an eye! She was so aggrieved that she wanted to cry.


A busy tone suddenly came from the phone, and Malcolm frowned. Why didn't she answer the phone? Didn't she make an appointment to call him when she got home? Why is the woman still working overti

Ye city, and his name was very famous on the road, he is a really gangster. Compared with him, her kidnapping today was really a trifle. Not to mention that she was the daughter of the mayor, even if her father was here, it was estimated that Wei Barry would be merciless. He wants Poppi, then she…

"It's Mr. Wei!" Catherine immediately changed her smiling face and said, "I've heard a lot."

Barry Wei smiled and continued to ask, "I don't know if Miss Lin is over. If there is nothing else, you can go first. I can't guarantee that Malcolm won't be here for a while. If he comes, he will see Miss Lin like that… Well, how sad he should be when he finds you are so different!"

Catherine was so embarrassed. She glared at Poppi angrily, then turned her head and said, "I'm fine. It's getting late, and I should go home. Nice to meet you today, Mr. Wei. " After that, she rushed to the bodyguards beside her and several friends behind her and said, "let's go!"

A group of people left with Lin Catherine in confusion.

Poppi was still lying on the ground, so painful that she had no strength to get up. But she was really relieved that Catherine finally left. And her hairpin, fortunately, was not destroyed

"Can you still get up?" Barry Wei walked to Poppi and stood in front of her, looking down at her.

Poppi turned her head, only to see the shiny shoes, and shook her head with difficulty.

"Put her up." Barry ordered. The two men threw Poppi onto the sofa as if they were carrying a chicken. Looking at the embarrassed Poppi, Barry Wei tutted and shook his head. "Why do women have to make things difficult for women? They don't know how to be tender to women."

"Cough..." Poppi coughed and laughed at herself.

"I'm the most merciful and I don't want to torture beautiful girls. I just… Let them go! "

Barry Wei 's voice was like the Satan in the dark night, and it changed as soon as he said it. Poppi sensed the taste of viciousness from his words. Before she could react, she felt a chill on her temples, where a cold muzzle was put on her head.

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