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   Chapter 116 th Was Being Kidnapped

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"Well..." Poppi struggled, but she was not as strong as Malcolm. Her back was pressed against the car window, passively bearing the "enthusiasm" of Malcolm. She couldn't keep up with him at all. Malcolm's suit was wrinkled by her.

It took a long time for Malcolm to let go of Poppi, but his lips were still lingering. He rubbed her smooth face with his finger pulp and said in an indescribable sexy voice, "what do you want to eat this noon?"

"All right, all right." Poppi opened her mouth obediently, and her face was so red like a ripe shrimp. She mumbled, "why do you came here to find me today? What's up? "

"Can't I come here if I have nothing to do?" Malcolm asked back and trapped Poppi in front of him, "I miss you so much."

"You haven't seen me only for a whole morning." Poppi retorted, but she was happy in her heart.

"That doesn't stop me from missing you." Malcolm pecked on Poppi's face and took out his phone. "I'll call Sean and ask him to buy some food. Isn't there really anything special that you want to eat?"

Poppi shook her head and waited for Malcolm to finish brief words. After hanging up the phone, she asked, "do you want to eat in the car?"

"Yes, not used to it?" Malcolm said, "if you are not used to it, I will take you to another place to eat." Then he took out his phone again.

"No, no, no!" Poppi quickly grabbed Malcolm's arm and said, "I'm fine. I just think you will be wronged. Think about it. Mr. Malcolm is eating in the car. It's sad and funny to think of that scene. Ha-ha... "

Malcolm looked at Poppi with a light smile and said after she finished laughing, "then do I have to wear a suit to eat in a high-end hotel every day?"

"That's really reasonable! The scenery is endless. " Poppi smiled.

"It's unrealistic. What's more, life is not always on the top." Malcolm took Poppi's hand and asked seriously, "if one day I am penniless and can only sit in the car and have meal with you, will you still like me?"

Poppi rolled her eyes and deliberately said in a relaxed way, "as you said, you are not really penniless with a car. Besides, I want to stay with you because Mr. Mlcolm is so handsome."

"Tough mouth. You said that on purpose because you want to say that you are willing to share weal and woe but you would feel embarrassed." Malcolm pinched Poppi's face and said, "so you want to be with me so much!"

"Don't be so smug!" Poppi snorted.

"It's useless to refute. We have agreed. Even if you want to leave, I will bring you back. " Malcolm patted Poppi's head.

At this time, Sean came with rice and knocked on the window. Malcolm opened the window to take the rice, and Sean left wisely. He brought two boxes of rice, two dishes and one soup.

Poppi rubbed her hands and was eager to have a try. After looking around, she said, "but where should I put it?"

"Hold it and eat." Malcolm opened the chopsticks for Poppi.

Poppi pouted and looked around. Her eyes lit up and fixed

i was almost stunned, and the blood all over her body was flowing rapidly. Never thought that they would be so close to each other, never thought that she would stand side by side with Malcolm, never thought that she could be treated so gently…

"What if I say I want to make it public?" smoke wave of Poppi's eyes like water, and was meeting Malcolm's eyes, they heart beat faster and faster.

"Then I will kiss you happily." There was a smile in Malcolm's voice. As soon as he finished speaking, he kissed Poppi. Malcolm felt that he was more and more in love with each other and owned each other.

People are happy when they have a happy event.

Poppi felt like she was going to float all afternoon and couldn't help chuckling. Malcolm said that after two days and when she arranged everything, she would face everyone as "Mrs. Malcolm". All kinds of rumors will be solved by themselves. More importantly, she can be with Malcolm openly. It's so good…

"Sister Poppi, I'm leaving first!"

"Minister, see you tomorrow!"

When it was time to get off work, all the colleagues around left one after another. After waving goodbye to them, Poppi was ready to work a little longer to finish the work at hand, so she asked the driver to wait for her message to pick her up.

It was getting dark, the lights were on and the street lights were on. After nearly two hours of work, Poppi finally finished. She stretched, packed up and went downstairs.

Walking out of the building, a gust of cold wind blew. Poppi wrapped her clothes tightly and held her mobile phone in one hand to call the driver.

But at this time, a black nanny car suddenly brushed past her. Before Poppi could dodge, the door suddenly opened. Two men in black suddenly grabbed her arms and carried her to the car.

"What do you want to do?" Poppi screamed, but was thrown into the car by two people.


The door was suddenly closed, and Poppi hurriedly struggled to get close to the door.

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