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   Chapter 112 I Only Love You

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The old lady was overjoyed. She looked at the two people who were different from usual, and her smile was full of wrinkles. She turned around and staggered to the kitchen. "I'll ask the maid to cook!"

"Grandma, don't worry." Poppi said. Seeing the old lady wave her hand, she heaved a sigh and turned around. "Cora! Come with grandma... "

Her voice trailed off in the middle of the sentence. Hearing that, Poppi could not help but see that the moment the Cora turned around, the expression on her face was filled with disgust, sadness and resentment, like a knife stabbing into her heart.

"What's wrong?" But Malcolm grasped the arm of Poppi all of a sudden. With a nervous expression on his face, he turned around to take a look at Cora and said coldly: "Cora, go to the kitchen to find grandma."

After meeting with Poppi's eyes, Cora came to her sense and restrained all her emotions. Hearing the order of Malcolm, she nodded slightly and said, "yes, young master."

Poppi took a deep breath and suddenly realized that she had nothing to talk with Cora in the past three years, probably because of Malcolm! Was Cora hostile to her? "Cora versus Malcolm …

"What are you thinking about?" Malcolm sighed and tried to get her out of her world. He was afraid that Poppi would be immersed in her own world and he couldn't go into that place. He would panic.

"Nothing." Poppi smiled and pretended as if nothing had happened, "it's not appropriate for us to stand here while grandma is in the kitchen."

"She hates the kitchen the most. She will come out as soon as she is ready." Then, before he finished his words, he saw his grandmother walking out of the kitchen. After taking two steps, she turned around and reminded them, "don't forget it!"

She laughed and waited for the old lady to come here to watch TV with her. It was rare for Malcolm to sit beside her. Putting on his home slippers, he sat beside Poppi in a casual way. He didn't watch TV but held her hand to move. Poppi was drawn out and he pulled her hands back a few minutes later.

"Square dance!" A group of comely aunts were invited from a weekend show on TV. They danced square on TV. The old lady was excited when she saw them, "Little Turtle, jump up quickly."

"Me?" Poppi was stunned for a moment and then smiled, "grandma, it's not that I'm bragging. I'm sure I've danced better than them."

"Then you come and dance!" The old lady pushed Poppi and stood up.

Poppi scratched her head. She took a look at Malcolm, and then looked at the expectant eyes of the grandma. She stood up and said, "don't laugh!"

Malcolm nodded, but couldn't help smiling.

Facing the television, Poppi began to dance together with the other aunts. Exaggerated movements and joyous music could be seen clearly as she jumped here and there. She looked very happy but even more funny.

Malcolm couldn't help but burst into laughter, and even the old lady laughed loudly.

Poppi didn't stop dancing and moved her body vehemently, "my dear grandma, would you consider me as a beautiful flower in the square if I get old? There must be many old men who want to dance with

lm said in a relaxed tone, but with a serious look on his face, "but if someone trouble you, I can't guarantee that I will kill which in an extreme way, no matter who it is."

Poppi was shocked and reflexively looked at Malcolm. In the dark bedroom, Poppi just stared at him. She could actually see the ruthlessness and other cruel means from his eyes. He was totally surrounded by rage…

Poppi was not afraid at all but she could not help thinking those scenes which happened many years ago. The look in her eyes was very similar to that of the man who was rescued by her on that rainy night…

"Ah!" When Poppi was thinking, she suddenly felt light. She couldn't help but screamed rapidly. The next second, she fell on the bed, and Malcolm got close to her.

"What are you thinking about now?" Malcolm kissed her abruptly and put his hand into her clothes quickly and skillfully.

Poppi whined and quickly hid herself. She blushed and said, "stop it. Grandma is next door!"

"Don't worry!" Malcolm unbuttoned Poppi and said in a low voice, "grandma has prepared so many dishes for us. We can't waste her talent."

"Not now! But it was too early now… Well... "

"I can't wait anymore." "You haven't told me what you are thinking about yet," murmured Malcolm while kissing her hurriedly.

"Nothing." Afraid that Malcolm would misunderstand her, Poppi took the initiative to put her arms around his neck. She must have been brainwashed by Shirley today. Thinking of what happened eight years ago, she was still lost in wild thoughts. If the man is Malcolm, the world would be too small! Besides, she had never heard from Celine that someone had looked for her. It was her own thinking.

"What if you are pregnant, Poppi?" Malcolm asked deliberately.

"What?" Hearing this, Poppi came to her senses suddenly and asked, "will the baby be born? I... I... "

"Well, give birth to it." "Bear me a child." Malcolm interrupted her.

The air in the bedroom was so romantic and refreshing.

Feeling his gentle and lingering act, Poppi's heart was warmed and she nodded unconsciously.

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