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   Chapter 109 Secret Marriage

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As soon as she heard the name, she couldn't help but spitting out when took a sip of the coffee. The water spurted onto the table, choking her to cough. "Ahem … Who?! Malcolm? "

"Shirley! You make me sick! " Poppi hurried to stay away from her and said, "change the table, change the table!"

"Oh, my God! You don't need to change! It won't be troublesome at all! Let me clean it for you! " After she got the tissue and wiped the table, she asked as if she had swallowed a fly, "you just said that you were together with Mr. Malcolm, the CEO of the SG Group?"

"Oh, yes," Poppi blinked and answered.

"Oh my God!" She raised her head and yelled, "you are really something! It is really out of my expectations. I really thought he had broken off the contact with you after he saved you four years ago. I didn't expect that he has a crush on you! When did you start dating?" "Two days before?" "You are developing so fast! "

Poppi couldn't help laughing.

Shirley glanced at her for a few times, but it was difficult to calm herself down. "Now, I have to drink some water. If I drink the coffee again, I might be excited to dance on the street."

"Haha..." She couldn't help laughing.

"He is Malcolm! How did you get him? " She drank some cold water to ease herself. "Did you drug him? Or the method I've taught you before worked? If it works, I'll give it a try. "

Poppi showed the whites of her eyes and said, "if you are more imaginative, just go to be a scriptwriter and don't be a model anymore."

"Okay." "Come on, how did you two get together?" she asked.

She took a deep breath and said in a serious tone, "If I tell you, you have to keep it a secret."

"Yes, yes!" Shirley nodded in a hurry.

"Then you must not be angry with me." Poppi added.

"Why am I angry with you? I don't like him. " Shirley raised her eyebrows and was about to take up the glass of water to drink, but was pulled down by Poppi.

"Don't drink it now! Now that you drink it, you would spray it all over when I told the truth! " Poppi interrupted her.

"What's wrong?" Shirley withdrew her hand awkwardly. She looked at Poppi with some panic and said, "is there anything more shocking than you being with Malcolm?"

"Well..." Poppi looked around and hooked up with her finger to say, "don't be too shocked, don't cry out!"

"Yes." She nodded slightly.

"I've been with him for years. We even got our marriage certificate," Poppi whispered.

Shirley blinked and was stunned for a few seconds. Suddenly, her eyes became as big as brass bells. Consciously, she covered her mouth with her hand. What she could do was only to take a deep breath and squeeze herself out from the gap between her fingers.

Poppi looked at Shirley with an innocent expression and felt sorry.

"What? …… Fuck?! Get married? What the hell! Damn it! ! Don't say anything. Let me calm down! " All of a sudden, she covered her forehead with her hand. Then, she stood up and strode to and fro beside the table while muttering, "well … Get married… Ge

according to her personality now, she would definitely not hesitate and give up her own life to be with Malcolm, but after all, Celine was her sister!

"I know you care about feelings." Then, she added, "but from childhood to adulthood, what else could your father do besides eating, drinking and gambling? How did he even do as a father? I don't know how come he would be so stupid to give the shares to you... "

"My uncle gave me the stock but my father." Poppi gave her a deep look and repeated what Malcolm had told her.

After hearing what Shirley said, she patted her thigh and said, "that's it! Well! It turns out I overestimated him! In my opinion, if you didn't have the stock, he would have abandoned you long ago! His attitude towards you is totally different from that towards your sister! She doesn't care about you at all, and he just wants to let Celine marry a rich man all day long. And he always asked Celine to take a series of classes … Your sister is also spoiled. Although she doesn't have a mother, as her sister, you do everything for her. "

"That's what I should do." Poppi looked down and smiled, a little sad but no regret.

"You have done so much for her. You are not sorry for her." Shirley shook her head and suddenly said, "well, I remember that you once told me that you would go out to replace Celine for attending her class at night in secret, didn't you?"

"Yes." Poppi nodded, "she doesn't like studying. Sometimes, I went to the cram school for her in the evening. I was wearing a mask and a hat, pretending to be sick and not talking. And I only showed my eyes, and her classmates did not even find a clue even if the teacher was standing beside me."

"You two have similar eyes." She took a sip of water and came up with a good idea. She said excitedly, "didn't you say that you had saved a person one night? Do you remember? It is said in the novel that a man got injured and you saved the hero, so there is a name left for you. Didn't the person who was rescued come to find you? "

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