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   Chapter 108 I Can't Lose Her

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Benson Ji kept his body leaning forward, his arms slipping up and down restlessly. He wanted to catch up with her, but his feet seemed to be filled with lead, and he could not move even a half step.

But in front of him, Malcolm stopped walking along with her. Hearing this, Malcolm got nervous too. He glanced at Poppi.

Poppi turned around slowly and smiled distantly at him, "yes, I'm fall in love with Malcolm now. And thank you for preparing the plane for me that day. I finally got the chance to go to San Francisco to find my happiness. " After saying that, the girl paused. She and Malcolm looked at each other tacitly, and then Poppi turned to leave, "I wish Mr. Ji and Miss. Pei will have the same happiness."

The furthest distance in the world is not the separation between life and death, but the hand of you was held in front of me by other man's hand.

"Haha..." After a long time, he managed to squeeze out a smile, and his body seemed to tremble slightly. "Yes, I will." He promised.

"Then we are leaving now." Poppi nodded and said goodbye to him. Then she kept walking forward with Malcolm. After getting on the car, she joined the flow of cars and drove away.

Benson was still frozen in place, his eyes turning slightly red. He didn't say a word, but his heart was already empty. In the past few days, he couldn't eat well or sleep, so he held Poppi's cell phone all day to find some comfort. He sent someone to check the flight information every day to see if there was a woman named Poppi coming back to Ye city by plane. When he finally got the answer today different from the days before, he was wild with joy … But behind the joy, there was deep despair.

On that day at the meeting, she cried for another man. In spite of everything, she flighted across the continent to look for him … The result was clear now. The reason why he asked just now was that he wanted her to see through him and stop pretending that he knew nothing.

"Ahem!" All of a sudden, he coughed in pain. As his stomach churned, he felt an itch in his throat, and a taste of blood came out of his mouth. With a sound of "bang", Benson spit out a mouthful of blood, staring at that bright color, the blue veins on his temples throbbing. He laughed three times, but the more he laughed, the more sad he felt. Because of his poor health, he couldn't be with Poppi even if he doesn't have to face Malcolm or Emily. It would be a waste of her time …

What could he give her happiness?

Thinking of this, Benson kicked the edge of the road, feeling sad, angry and helpless. Again, he felt himself useless. It was useless four years ago, what's more, he lost Poppi, and now he is even more useless. He even didn't dare to say anything about loving her …

"Why did you say those words to irritate him?" Sitting in the car, Malcolm couldn't help asking.

"What I said is true. Poppi withdrew her sight and said in a cold voice. Isn't it? "

"But I will think you are angry with him." Malcolm sighed, was he worried about losing her just after he was together with Poppi?

"I'm not mad at him." "I just feel that he has already been e

ppointment with Poppi. She waited idly on the second floor of the coffee house and looked down from time to time to see if there was a figure of Poppi.

All of a sudden, a cool car caught Shirley's attention. She could not help but taking a few more looks at it. When she was about to take her eyes back, she saw Poppi coming out of the car with a beautiful face! She was so shocked that she forgot to swallow the coffee in her mouth. She just stared at Poppi who was walking towards her step by step.

what the hell! 'it turns out that Poppi has taken the opportunity to seduce a rich man these days?

Soon, Poppi went upstairs and saw her from afar. She grinned and waved to her, then she trotted to her and asked, "how long have you been here? Did you wait for a long time? "

Shirley raised her eyebrows and looked at Poppi without saying anything.

"What's wrong?" Poppi looked down at her own clothes confusedly. Before she could react, Shirley suddenly stood up and stretched out an arm over the table to drag her clothes. Suddenly she pulled her clothes and tore half of her clothes apart.

"Wow!" "What are you doing? " Poppi was frightened and stepped back immediately.

Her eyes lit up and squinted at the hickey on Poppi's neck. Then she laughed with an evil look and said, "I knew it! Tell me the truth. Is it because of the man who sent you here just now? "

Poppi tidied up her clothes quickly and said, "you are too violent! You are so cheeky and erotic. "

Shirley shook her head in a dandiacal manner and complacently said, "at such a critical moment, I only have an alternative way to treat you. Tell me, who is it? Who is this? Tell me quickly! When did this happen? Why didn't I know that? "

Poppi couldn't help but smiling. Before she spoke, Shirley clicked her tongue and said, "you really fall in love! Look at your rosy face, how moisturizing it is? Who? Do I know him? Oh, I'm so curious about it. Tell me now! "

"Don't be too surprised." She took a deep breath.

"Yes, yes!" Shirley nodded like a chicken pecking up rice.



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