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   Chapter 107 Are You Two In Love

Remedy For Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 10173

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Poppi and Malcolm stayed abroad for two more days. Except when they visited Celine in the hospital, when Malcolm was free, he would take her around to relax her. The day before they left, they went back to San Francisco.

In Poppi's mind, Malcolm was much more "approachable" than before. Sometimes, his tenderness seemed to be melting her, making her unable to extricate herself from him. She used to think that he was untouchable. No matter how handsome and rich he was, he had nothing to do with her. But now, he was different. He belonged to her.

"Snicker again." Malcolm pinched her face and joked, "what are you thinking about? Miss last night? "

Poppi put her hand over Malcolm's mouth and threatened, "one more word, and I'll leave you alone. I'll let you go back by yourself, and I'll stay here. "

Today, they had booked the air ticket and went back to Ye city, packing their belongings.

Malcolm gently pulled down Poppi's hand, nodded his head and smiled, "Okay, okay, you're my leader now, and you can do whatever you want."

Poppi raised her head proudly.

Malcolm smiled and took the hairpin from the dresser. He gently put it on the hairpin and said, "A man in ancient times drew eyebrows for his wife as a way of showing affection. I don't have the talent to make up for you, so I can only let you wear a hairpin."

Poppi's eyes were as gentle as water after hearing what he said. She felt so warm in her heart but she still pretended to be angry and asked, "you also treat other women so well?"

Malcolm sighed, but the corners of his mouth lifted slightly. "There isn't any other woman. You know that last three years. "

"Why should I know? You often stay out at night, okay? " Poppi stretched her neck and asked stealthily, "where do you sleep? hotel? office? You sleep alone or with other woman? "

"Of course it's only myself. Sean knows what I mean. You can ask him if you don't believe me. The position of I sleeping would be the hotel, the office and even … In another house. "

After he rubbed his nose and finished his words, Poppi opened her eyes and said, "do you have other houses here in Ye city?

Oh my God …" "Yes". As soon as Malcolm finished his words, Poppi pretended to be scared and cried out, "A capitalist! Tell me, what else that you never say?"

Hearing this, Malcolm snuggled up to her and muttered, "We have known each other for a long time, so I think I had told you all my things. Upon returning to Ye city tomorrow, I will take you to see another house of mine. "

"OK, OK, OK. Don't touch me!" Poppi giggled and hid from him. They soon had a fight.


All of a sudden, a cough came from the door. Hearing it, Poppi pushed him away and reached out her head. She greeted with a blushing face, "Mr. Mark, why are you here?"

Mark slightly bent down and said with a smile, "Mr. Xiao is already waiting downstairs. If Mr. Malcolm and Miss. Poppi are ready, We can set off. If … If there are still other things, I can ask Mr. Xiao to wait for you for a while

ne could see the fishy.

Beside Malcolm, who was sleeping soundly, the look on his face was a little complicated. If he was going to completely destroy the power of the Quan Group, what about the wind International Group? If he wanted to deal with Wind International Group in the same way, would Poppi stop him?

The sun was shining, but Ye city was colder than San Francisco.

As soon as they came out of the airport, Poppi shivered with cold. Malcolm took his windbreaker and put it on Poppi. Poppi squinted her eyes and smiled sweetly.

Standing very far away, Benson was looking at the two people walking out of the airport side by side over the wide road. They were like burying themselves in the shadow, which made people feel sorry for them.

The interaction and scene were so clear in her mind. It was him who stayed with her over four years ago!

Poppi walked forward and suddenly stopped as she slightly raised her head.

Seeing this, Malcolm took a look at Poppi and followed his gaze. Then he saw Benson standing across the road. His face became serious and his eyebrows were knitted in an imperceptible way.

Benson coughed to attract her attention. When he came to himself, he walked slowly towards the side of the road. He looked at them and forced a smile. His eyes were fixed on Poppi. "You're back?"

"Yes." "Thank you, Mr. Ji." Poppi nodded slightly. Thank him for arranging the plane for her that day.

"You're welcome." In a choked voice, he took out a mobile phone from his pocket and said, "your phone is still here. I … I'll give it back to you. "

"Thank you." Poppi took it over politely. Her cold fingertips actually felt the slight heat on the phone. How long had he controlled it? Or, had he been waiting long here?

"That's nothing. We are leaving now." Malcolm quietly held around the shoulder of Poppi, nodded slightly, took her forward and walked to the car parking.

"Wait!" Afraid that it might be too late, Benson stopped them and asked, "you two … Be in love? "

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