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   Chapter 104 You Are The Special One

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Poppi was totally immersed in the water, and her hair scattered like seaweed. It was so beautiful and fantastic. Malcolm held her waist with one hand, grabbed her chaotic arm with the other, kissed her with a smile and kept blowing air to her mouth.

Poppi clenched her teeth and cursed in mind, 'this bastard, if I didn't drown, I would be drowned...'

However, Poppi hid herself from the swimming pool and Malcolm chased her from head to toe. Malcolm held his breath for a long time and finally got enough of this kiss. Then he held the feeble Poppi in his arms and brought her to the surface of the water.

"Ha-ha… Ahem! " It took Poppi a long time to breathe the fresh air. After coughing a few times, she took a deep breath and pounded on him with her pink fist. "You're suffocating me to death! Bastard! "

Malcolm's Adam's apple rolled and laughed. "I have mouth to mouth resuscitation for you, haven't I?"

"Go to hell!" Poppi rolled her eyes at him and turned to the shore, "I'm done! I'll take a rest on the shore. "

"I will go with you." Malcolm followed them.

"Don't follow me." She wiped her swollen lips, went ashore with the escalator, wiped off the water on her body, put on a sunscreen and then sat on the chair to drink juice.

After Malcolm offered her the power, Poppi was immediately attracted by him. It was the first time that he had worn only swimming trunks in public.

The muscles on his body were well proportioned. She didn't look like a muscle freak at all, as if her body was oily. His body was well proportioned with perfect inverted triangle. Coupled with his cold and handsome face, he was indeed handsome!

What made Poppi feel funny and moved was that the red rope was always hung on the left wrist of Malcolm. It was obvious that the red rope did not match the temperament of Malcolm at all, but he was wearing it without being affected… Did he really believe that nonsense? immature!

"If you keep looking at me, you will slobber." Malcolm put on his white bath towel and whispered, "I'll show you tonight."

"……" Poppi almost spat out a mouthful of juice and shouted, "Malcolm! I'm not looking at you! You big bastard! It was said that men were all sluts! It turned out to be true. You are a hypocrite! You actually, you actually... "

Malcolm was even happier. He sat on the deck chair beside Poppi and said, "I just feel a little cold now. I'll let you see it after returning to the room tonight. What are you thinking about?"

"I..." Poppi blushed and mumbled, "I think the same as you think!"

"Haha..." Malcolm laughed in a low voice, with ridicule in his eyes.

"Mr. Malcolm and Miss. Poppi!"

Just as she blushed out of embarrassment, the voice of mark rang up from the side. She turned around and saw Mark standing not far away with two glasses in his hands and respectfully asked, "Miss Poppi, would you like to wear a pair of sunglasses?"

"Wow!" Poppi jumped up immediately and took the sunglasses from Mark, "thank you!"

"You're welcome." Mark said with a smile, "there is some

hop, Malcolm picked up a bunch of roses for Poppi. When they passed by a flower shop, who was carrying the roses all the way. When they arrived at Valley, Poppi went to see the office of the SG Group. The layout of his office was the same as that of Ye city, But there wasn't a nodding doll on the desk…

"Are you happy today?" They strolled on the beach not far away from the villa, the stars twinkled in the sky, and the waves broke. Malcolm couldn't help asking.

"Of course!" "I'm just a little tired," Poppi nodded.

"We'll be back soon."

"Okay, I will," Poppi smiled gently. How about carrying me home? "

"Let me kiss you and then I'll carry you." Hearing this, Malcolm turned around and looked at Poppi with expectation.

Her hair was blown up. Looking at him carefully, her heart softened.

"Oh, I almost forgot it," Malcolm opened his mouth and took out a box from his pocket. Looking at it, Poppi was stunned and blurted out, "are you going to propose?"

Hearing that, Malcolm could not help but laugh. "I'm sorry. You are already my wife."

"Then what's this?" Poppi asked with her mouth twitched.

Then he opened the box and saw the Begonia shaped hairpin. Poppi's eyes lit up, they were so beautiful!

Malcolm took out the hairpin and slowly put it on Poppi's hair. He said, "I don't know if Hugh has done this for you, but forget him."

Hearing this, Poppi's eyes became a little red and asked gently, "will it look good on me?"

Malcolm put his hand on the face of Poppi and nodded, "it's beautiful. Can you only wear this in the future? "


A wave of waves hit over the shore, as if Poppi's restless heart could not be calmed down.

On tiptoe, Poppi held her hand around his waist and kissed him on the cheek, "okay."

A look of ecstasy slowly appeared on Malcolm's face. He held on to Poppi, too moved to speak.

On the romantic beach stood a man and a woman, who were hugging each other. The atmosphere of love permeated around, and then the moonlight seemed to become softer.

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