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   Chapter 102 Just Be Mrs. Malcolm Quietly

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In her sleep, Poppi heard the sound of her belly screaming, which was deafening. She had meant to get up and find some food by herself, but she had no strength at all when she moved her fingers. Her body ached, and from top to bottom, every bone seemed to have been separated from her body. She was as exhausted as she was before.

Fortunately, one of her hands was grabbed by Malcolm. She shook her hand slightly, turned her head, and whispered: "Malcolm, I'm hungry..."

"What? One more time? " Murmured Malcolm. Then he turned over to hold her into his arms, kissed her on her face and was about to do something else with her.

Poppi felt so angry that she turned her face away to avoid his kiss. Why did this honest man become a beast after just one night? It's been a long night. He can't let me go yet?

"I'm hungry!" When she just finished speaking, her stomach started to growl.

Holding Poppi in his arms, Malcolm chuckled, "what do you want to eat?"

"You woke up a long time ago?" Poppi opened her eyes wide and stared at him.

"No, I just woke up." Just next second, Malcolm cuddled up to her and kissed her hand. "It's five o'clock in the morning and the chef is still in a sleep. Would you like some noodles?"

Poppi recalled what he meant and blinked, "you will do it?"

"Of course." Malcolm smiled. When he saw the red mark on her neck, he felt satisfied and even had an impulse to do anything for her.

He didn't know if other men had the same thoughts as him, but he really felt satisfied in his heart. Especially when he knew that it was her first time, his inner ecstasy drove him even more crazy.

The heart and body of Poppi would only belong to himself… There was no place of Benson Ji or Hug Su. It was only that he had the right in Poppi's mind.

He gave her a deep kiss on her lips and seemed to be addicted to it. Then he grabbed his clothes, put on his clothes in a hurry, scratched his hair and walked outside.

Poppi caught a corner of the quilt and peeped at Malcolm with her little head exposed. His acting was so handsome, so was her face. There were still some red marks on his back. Ah, it just happened last night naturally? Poppi chuckled to herself!

"Poppi, are you tittering?" When Malcolm reached the door, he suddenly turned his head back and asked. His eagle like eyes with an understanding smile made Poppi blush. She mumbled and said stubbornly, "you... You're talking nonsense!"

The smile on Malcolm's face suddenly softened, "that's right. It was me who should snicker. Have a rest and wait for me to cook for you. "

Poppi bit her lips and nodded as she expected.

When Malcolm went downstairs to cook, the housekeeper, Mark came to the kitchen and screamed out of God, "Mr. Malcolm, if you need anything, just let me do it. Why did you cook by yourself! I'll go wake the cook up. "

Seeing that Mark was about to leave, Malcolm smiled and said, "No, this is the breakfast of love. I'll cook it myself. You can go have some rest.

door and came in, he saw that Poppi, with her back facing the sea, only dressed in her own shirt and wrapped it only to her thighs. Her black curly hair was scattered behind her. She was barefoot to appreciate the scenery. Malcolm just couldn't take his eyes off her. He walked quietly to the balcony, held her from behind, rested his head on her shoulder, and looked in the same direction with her, "you wake up? Is it beautiful? "

As if having practiced for countless times in his heart, the two of them were tacit and relieved.

"Yes! Beautiful! " Poppi suddenly nodded her head, she was in a good mood.

"Then stay for a few more days." "The airport is still closed. I don't know when the plane will take off. We'd better not leave now." said Malcolm, holding her by the waist.

Poppi frowned and turned around to stared at Malcolm. She bit her lips and asked, "what about my work? Since you are fine, I'll go back. Can we through the private airport? If not, I can fly back from other city! "

"What's the rush?" Hearing that, Malcolm raised his eyebrows. "It's not easy for us to go out for once, so I can take this as a vacation. I'll take you here to have fun. I'll go back with you in a few days."

Seeing that Poppi was a little moved, Malcolm said, "considering our current relationship, I won't allow you to face those gossips alone. You just need to stand behind me and watch me handle everything. You can just be Mrs. Malcolm quietly. "

Poppi's eyes were red but she refuted, "I don't need you!"

"No, you need." But Malcolm was stubborn. He couldn't help kissing on Poppi's face and changed the topic, "the clothes have been sent here. Go change and have lunch with me."

RPoppi was led out of the bedroom by Malcolm. When she saw the decorations on the first floor through the glorious spiral staircase, she was amazed and exclaimed in a low voice, "Wow! Your house is so great!"

Malcolm smiled, "It's also your home."

Poppi was still in shock and did not hear what Malcolm said.

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