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   Chapter 101 I seem to fall in love with you

Remedy For Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 9576

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Poppi's voice was low in the first place. Besides, the noises of propeller were getting louder. So it was hard to hear her. But Malcolm understood what she meant. He choked with sobs, "come here and let me take a bite. Let me see if it's in a dream."

Poppi also understood what he meant. She covered her mouth immediately and cried even more sadly. It was Malcolm. She was sure about it! It was not a dream. It was true that she loved him! He's fine! He's fine!

Malcolm had been thinking that he would give her a good scolding after she got off the plane. She shouldn't have come here so recklessly. She even didn't answer his phone… But now, when he looked at her, he couldn't say anything to blame her. Instead, his heart ached.

Poppi's clothes were a little wrinkled. She was alone, with nothing in her hands. Her hair was a little messy. Her face was full of tears, which was the tiredness of the journey. Seeing that, Malcolm recalled the scene where Poppi twirled in front of him in a beautiful dress in the past. How sweet and energetic she was! But now, she was so pitiful and worn-out, how could he not feel pitiful for her?

At the thought of this, out of hesitation, Malcolm ran to Poppi. He knew he was done for. He was shocked by what Poppi did to him again. Even if she refused him, he would never let her go…

Poppi wanted to smile through tears, but she couldn't. she sobbed and went to meet Malcolm. Seeing him getting closer and closer to her, she felt more real. When she just took a few steps, Malcolm had already ran over to pull her into his arms. Poppi's body almost fell on his chest, which made her chin hurt, but she was extremely happy. She put her arms around his waist, buried her head and began to cry.

Malcolm sighed and held her tightly. He could say nothing but comfort her.

What's more, Poppi dared not to think of anything, as if there was only one consciousness left in her life-crying.

Sean stood in front of the car, feeling the same. The two would finally be together.

Not knowing how long she had cried, Poppi sobbed and her voice gradually lowered. Malcolm loosened his grip on her and wiped away her tears with his suit sleeves. "Let's go home."

Poppi nodded her head quickly like a chicken pecking rice.

Malcolm comforted her with a smile. Then he bent down and held her up. Poppi didn't even have the strength to exclaim. Nestling in the arms of Malcolm, within only a few steps, she fell asleep in peace.

In the car, Malcolm was still holding Poppi, while the latter fell asleep in his arms. Looking closely, Malcolm saw the thick dark circles under her swollen eyes. He couldn't help kissing her on the forehead.

When the car arrived at the villa of Malcolm, Poppi slept even more soundly. But Malcolm didn't wake her up. He carried her out of the car and walked into the villa.

blurred light under the light. He tried his best to control his desire to release Poppi and leaned to her ear, breathing heavily, "this time, you are throwing yourself into my net… You are really good at torturing me... "

On hearing this, Poppi's face appeared a little blushed, which made her look a little shy. She glanced at him in a trance, and suddenly reached out her hand. With a click, she turned off the light in the house. Then, she raised her hands, boldly wrapped them around his neck, bit her lips, and kissed his cheek. As her heart was beating violently, she whispered a few words in his ear.

After the lights were turned off, it seemed to be quiet in the room. Outside the window, there were only the sea waves and the starry lights. The sound of seawater slapping the shore became far away, and the heartbeat of each other became close.

Malcolm trembled with fear. His eyes glittered in the dark. He said in a low and sexy voice, "do you know the consequence of your words?"

"Or why do you think I turned off the lights?" Poppi murmured.

"You don't regret it?"

"…… You guess it! " Poppi retorted with a cunning smile, but her face turned redder.

"It's too late to regret." Before Poppi could say anything else, Malcolm grabbed the quilt and put it over them.

"I'm scared." Under the quilt, Poppi's nervous voice came through.

"…… A little. " Malcolm said in a dry voice, "but it seems that I can learn from scratch. Don't be afraid! "

"Malcolm, you… Well... "

The moon and the man just came at the right time.

The words of Poppi were all swallowed by Malcolm. The longer she talked to him, the thirstier he became…

The heart of Malcolm was filled with unprecedented satisfaction and enjoyment, and the words Poppi just whispered in his ear were clearly imprinted in his mind.

"Of course, Malcolm, I'm in love with you."

"Poppi, I love you too."

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