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   Chapter 98 The Plane Crashed

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After Poppi said that, the three people at the same table winked at each other and obviously didn't believe her. Seeing the smile on Poppi's lips and the sadness on her face, Wendy even stopped eating. She held on to Poppi's wrist and said with red eyes, "don't scare me, Poppi. If you feel sad, you don't have to force yourself to smile! You… Make us even sadder! "

"Yes." Jenny nodded her head and picked up some food for Poppi, "eat more, please. There are plenty more handsome boy in the world! Eat more! "

Poppi rolled her eyes and took a look at them, then she smiled and said, "I'm really fine! I'm really just shocked by the news of Mr. Ji's engagement. I don't have any other feelings, just like you! Don't look at me like that! You make me look like poor. "

Raising her eyebrows, Aileen asked tentatively, "then who did you say you like?"

She was so loud that people who were a few meters away from her all picked up their ears. Jason lowered his head and ate his food in an orderly way. It seemed that he was not bothered by anything outside, but in fact, he was constantly paying attention to what poppi was doing.

'poppi told me that she fell in love with someone else. He could tell that what she said was true only by her voice. Because she spoke with a shapely voice, which reminded him of her past.

"Poppi, who do you like?"

"I like Benson!"

The distant memory was awakened clearly, which made Benson feel a pain in his heart, but he heard the reserved voice in reality.

"Yes, Poppi, who do you like?" Wendy asked, without expectation.

"Yes, I do like..." Poppi bit the chopsticks and smiled. She couldn't help but picture how Malcolm was in her mind. "This is a secret. I'll tell you later when it's confirmed."

"Wow! That's great!" Aileen didn't care whether what Poppi said was true or not and looked directly at Benson provokingly, "the man Poppi likes is tall, handsome and rich, isn't he?"

Poppi pressed her lips and smiled with her cheeks turning slightly red.

Quiet Sea Sanatorium was the best sanatorium in Ye city. It was one of the best sanatorium with three sides facing the sea, beautiful scenery and considerate service. Poppi's father, Wayne Qiu, lived here.

After work, Poppi took a car to Quiet Sea Sanatorium. Against the setting sun, she walked in on her own shadow. There were many old people playing on the lawn, and many families came to visit. She hadn't come here for a long time. She seldom came here a year.

When Poppi came to her father's ward, the nurse who had been taking care of her father told her about the recent situation of Wayne Qiu. Then, she quietly left to leave some time for the father and the daughter to get along alone.

The moment she stepped into the ward, she felt so depressed for no reason. She walked inside slowly, and the father's old face became clearer and clearer. The body of Wayne Qiu was filled with various breathing tubes and he wore an oxygen mask. Nothing had changed in the past four years.

The only difference was his appearance.

She still remembered that four years ago, Wayne Qiu was high spirited and energeti

er thinking for a long time, Malcolm still sent a short message to Poppi so that she could leave some time and remind himself.

When she sent the message, Poppi had already fallen asleep on the bed in the large word. The cellphone was placed beside her hand. As the cellphone vibrated, the screen turned dark. At the same time, Poppi seemed to have a good dream. She smiled sweetly, turned over and continued to sleep…

Early the next morning, PoppI woke up and grabbed her cell phone in a hurry that was as fast and quick as that of Malcolm. When she found that it was the number she had been missing so much, she screamed and sprang up from the bed, which was full of vitality!

"He's back! Malcolm is back! " After dancing around the bedroom in excitement, Poppi used her cell phone to search for the flight number of that flight tonight. Then she said, "U-L-8-8-9, in San Francisco, fly to Ye city. According to the current schedule, has the plane taken off just now? "

After the nurse left, her heart couldn't help beating wildly. With the mobile phone in her hand, she dialed Malcolm's number excitedly.

"Beep, beep, beep… The subscriber you dialed is power off, please redial it later. "

"Ah, he is on the plane!" Although she was a little disappointed, she soon smiled like a flower. She went to work in a beautiful way. The whole company saw clearly what kind of person she was.

When they were in the meeting, Benson couldn't help but take a few more looks at Poppi. He couldn't take his eyes off her face. Who was she smiling for?

Sitting in front of the conference table, Poppi checked her mobile phone from time to time. She had read the news and update prompt popping up on her mobile phone.

Therefore, when another piece of news popped up, Poppi tried to delete it without hesitation. But the moment her fingers pressed the screen, she was frozen from head to toe.

"Latest news: the plane U-L-8-8-9 from San Francisco to Ye city suddenly crashed after taking off for 10 minutes, including two flight attendants and 135 passengers. The site was in chaos..."

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