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   Chapter 95 I Want You To Hold Me

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"Hello, everyone. My name is Emily. I saw the overwhelming news this morning. I think I should stand out and say something." In the news video, Patrick was wearing a suit with her long straight hair down to her head. She had a bright and piercing eyes, which made her look capable and decisive. Standing in front of the white wall, she said to the camera, "I'm the fiancee of the CEO of the Wind International Group, Benson Ji. Because we had an engagement ceremony abroad, and no one knew it. So this morning, we were engaged andIt's really a pity that the news was misinterpreted. "

After a pause, Emily's expression became a little sad. "Because of our career, I can't see him often, but our relationship has always been stable. I don't know what has happened that makes today's news very fierce. I don't know the girl called Poppi, but I believe she is not the kind of person who will destroy other people's relationship. There must be some misunderstanding. Please don't embarrass Miss. Poppi. The wedding date between me and Benson has been put on the agenda. Please believe in my love with Benson and don't be confused by the public opinion. Thank you! "

The video, which lasted for more than one minute, had covered the morning news, and was no where to be seen.

When Malcolm finished watching the video on the plane, he heard the plane was about to take off in the cabin and reminded the passengers to turn off their cellphones. He was about to make a move, but the airline stewardess had already walked to his side.

"Mr. Malcolm, please turn off your phone!" The stewardess said sweetly.

"Yes." Then he shut his eyes and pressed the shutdown button. Actually, he was fully capable of making a phone call to Poppi, but he suddenly didn't want to do that. Would Poppi feel sad about knowing that Benson was engaged?

"Please call me if you need anything." The airline stewardess was standing next to Malcolm. Seeing that he did not react, she slightly bent down, straightened his seat belt and got close to him intentionally or unintentionally. Malcolm frowned. His good manners prevented him from saying anything more. He just waved his hand, motioning the stewardess to leave.

At the Entertainment Magazine company in Ye city, the corridor next to the meeting room was completely silent.

After saying the words of congratulation, Poppi suddenly felt a sense of relief. Although she was sour and bitter in her heart, she was indeed relieved. She even wanted to tell everyone that she was married.

"Then I… Shall I leave now? " After a long time, Poppi asked the question numbly and turned around before she could answer. Wendy bit her lips and took a look at him. Then she turned around and kept up with Poppi.

As he moved his body, he suddenly covered his mouth with his hand as if he was about to vomit.

"Mr. Ji..."

When he was about to call him, he was stopped by him. Frowning, he waved his hand. His face was pale. His eyes were fixed on Poppi and could not move anymore.


oppi. However…

Then, Malcolm strode into the bar, out of breath. For some strange reason, he saw the Poppi at a glance. Poppi kept drinking the wine. The colorful liquid seemed to be magic.

Then Malcolm took out his phone and dialed Poppi's number.

"The phone..." "I... I need to go to the bathroom," Poppi mumbled when she saw the caller ID. Then she pushed Wendy away and stumbled out from the crowd. She unlocked her cell phone as she walked into the bathroom.

But before Poppi could say anything, Malcolm hung up the phone quickly.

"Humph… What! " Poppi pouted and stood on the passage outside the bathroom.

"What?" Malcolm said after snorting.

Poppi was shocked and turned around in disbelief. In the splendid light, he put his hands into her pockets and looked at her calmly.

"Am I dreaming?" Poppi twitched her mouth.

"How about I bite you?" Malcolm kissed the smell of alcohol from her and frowned.

However, Poppi just grinned and stretched out her arms with her hair falling down along her shoulders. "I can't walk anymore. Hug!" she said in a charming voice.

Malcolm stood there still all the time. After staring at her for a long time, he slowly opened his mouth, "come here yourself."

"I said we can't move." "I haven't seen you for a few days." Poppi wriggled her body and said in a wronged tone.

Hearing that, Malcolm felt a little scared. But he still kept a straight face and said, "I thought you didn't want to see me."

"Who said no? I miss you so much. " Said Poppi. She even felt so aggrieved. She put up with it for the whole day. But she didn't expect that after she saw Malcolm, she felt so aggrieved that she wanted to cry. She was too tired today.

"What are you thinking about?"

"I want you to hug me."

As soon as Poppi finished her words, Malcolm took action quickly and strode forward. All of a sudden, Poppi felt everything went black in her arms and she finally calmed down as soon as she smelled the tiredness after a long journey.

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