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   Chapter 93 I Want To Quit

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"A policeman reminded us that before crossing the road, we should first judge the road condition. Only when we make sure that no one from the left side or the right side has arrived can we cross the road." Early morning news broadcast the scene of Poppi being rescued when she crossed the road yesterday. Holding her forehead, she felt it was ridiculous. It was more exaggerated and she changed the channel…

"True love? Fake love? "CEO" loves an employee! "

"Hero to the rescue! "Benson, CEO of Wind International Group was so manful!"

"In detail, the CEO of the Wind International Group behaved in an ambiguous way with his subordinate, Poppi."

"The ugly duckling becomes a white swan? The path to success of Poppi... "

'they are all bastards!' Poppi cursed in her mind! The titles of the news were much blithering! They would only base some pictures to face up the story! It was a wise decision to make an editor!

After having a meal in a rush, Poppi went to the periodical office without a stop. In the car, she gradually realized that something was wrong. The entertainment circle was a bottomless circle. Many celebrities never hit the headlines, but Poppi had just been connected with some of them. How could she become so popular all of a sudden? Moreover, it was so easy for them to know her name. What was worse, when Poppi clicked on the news release, there were almost the same comments…

She couldn't find any other reason to explain the weirdness of today's news if it wasn't someone's doing. But who was it? Benson was suspected of making a match between himself and Poppi. Was it Benson? No, that was impossible… Who is that? Was the guy who took pictures of her secretly in the dark yesterday? She thought she had never offended anyone…

At this moment, her phone rang!

The moment she got off the taxi, Hugh called and she knew what he was calling for.

She felt a little embarrassed when Malcolm told her that Hugh had seen the scene of Malcolm kissing her. But would he think she was taking things too hard if she didn't answer his phone?

"Hello? Mr. Su. " Poppi had no choice but to answer the phone. She smiled with self mockery and added, "you read the news in the morning, are you specially coming to care about me?"

"Sort of." "You hit the headlines more often than we do. Why don't you join the entertainment circle as a celebrity?"

"Don't tease me anymore. I have been exhausted." Poppi sighed and walked into the building in a hurry. When several journalists who were crouching at the gate of the building saw her, they hurried up and surrounded her.

"Miss. Poppi, are you coming to work today? Where is Mr. Ji? "

"Miss. Poppi, would you please tell us your relationship?"

"Are your relationship sure? Is that true? "

blamed! Poppi trotted to the building while dodging the crowd, "all the news are fake! Anything else! There's nothing going on between Mr. Ji and me! Stop following me! " The group of repor

to promise her, but Poppi, I have never thought of really hurting you, even if... " Even though he was engaged. He was determined to keep those words to himself. If he did so, he would feel disgusted!

"What's the use of saying that?" She sniffed and suppressed her impulse to cry…

"Is it useless?" "I just want to tell you that I want you to live well. I really hope that you can live a good life. Sometimes it's self defeating, but I don't want you to lose your position as section chief because of me. Don't joke about your future, okay? Leave the rest to me. "

While time was dripping…

There was a clock keeping going on in the room.

After a long silence, Poppi asked gently, "can I trust you? Benson Ji. "

"Of course." Benson nodded his head.

"If I continue to work here, I don't want to have any personal relationship with you. You don't have to care about me, not at all." Poppi choked with sobs. She didn't know why she suddenly wanted to cry when she mentioned what happened four years ago. She didn't know how helpless he was four years ago…

"Then can you stop hating me?" Asked Benson cautiously.

"It's too tired to hate a person. Hating you means that I can't forget what happened before, but I don't hate you now. I choose to forget, without any connection." After Poppi finished her words with a firm tone, Benson laughed and choked with sobs. Then his Adam's apple rolled and said, "I know."

"About the news..."

"Let me handle it."

Poppi nodded her head and said, "Okay, I'll go now."

"Go back and get yourself ready. We'll hold a meeting and announce work later. You are still the director of the editorial department. " After he finished his words and saw Poppi nodding her head, he felt a little relieved. After the door was closed by Poppi, he relaxed and suddenly covered his mouth to cough with a miserable look. There was another important reason why he left Poppi that year. He didn't want to tell her, much less he wanted to.

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