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   Chapter 89 Throw A Party

Remedy For Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 10307

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Poppi walked to them, looked at them up and down and laughed, "is there anything better than male models? Does our Wendy know about this? "

Wendy shook her head and pouted. "I don't know."

She took off her sunglasses and replied, "it's good that you don't know." Before she finished her words, a car slowly came into her sight. She raised her chin and smiled, "speak of the devil and he comes. Coming. "

Poppi and Wendy turned their heads and saw a red sports car driving towards them. Poppi's face turned pale. It was Hugh!

Malcolm said that Hugh had been to Pebin and left on the same day. Although she was concerned about whether he was fine or not, she didn't have the courage to see him since she hadn't seen him before last time.

The brave stopped with a creak … The car stopped steadily in front of the three people's feet. After the door was closed with a bang, Hugh got off the car from the driver's seat. A tall man, dressed in suit, also sneaked out from outside the door on the other side of the car. After Poppi took a closer look, she cursed in her heart, 'Abner! 'damn it! How dare he come here?'! Abner was the lawyer who had witnessed Poppi and Malcolm signing an agreement. She felt very strange to see a lawyer in this windy and beautiful season … But she had to pretend that she didn't know him.

"What a lawyer! He thinks he's here for a trial dressed in suit, huh?" Sneered Shirley.

As he was standing far away from them, Abner touched his nose and glanced at her Shirley others quietly, he also feeling it is strange about the dress of his own suddenly. But he really had no other clothes except his pajamas and suit.

Hugh was wearing casual clothes, casual pants, a blue shirt and sneakers today. He looked like a bright boy who was very suitable for a trip. After getting out of the car, Hugh glanced at them and then fixed his eyes on Poppi. He walked towards them with Abner.

"Miss Su!"

"Mr. Su, you came early!"

Wendy and Shirley greeted Hugh one after another. Hugh nodded and looked at Poppi, smiling, "long time no see, Poppi!"

"Yeah, it's been a long time." Poppi gave him a smile, slightly glanced at Abner, and then looked away.

"Well, this is Abner Shen, a lawyer." While they were chatting with each other, a Land Rover drove towards them. Poppi rolled her eyes at him and thought in her mind, 'Who else is missing?' Who? The person is connect with Mr. Hugh and Ms. Abner, may who is Malcolm? No, it couldn't be. It shouldn't be because of Malcolm. He couldn't drive such a garish car. His cars were low-key and reserved, except the license plate.

Poppi was relieved and tried to comfort herself, but when the car came closer and she saw the people in the car through the window, she could not help but curse herself. Malcolm was in the car! It was Barry who was in the driver's seat, and it was Malcolm who was in the passenger seat! Well! The four men had arrived here together! 'Whether Shirley wanted to them throw a party at here?' Poppi sneered in her mind, because all of the men had arrived here tog


Today they came out for fun, but it was beyond Barry's expectation that Hugh didn't ask Malcolm to come out for fun personally. It was known to all that although Hugh liked to play with Barry, he was more dependent on Malcolm.

He didn't want the balance to be broken.

Poppi was frustrated and said nothing.

Barry riding very slowly, and even Shirley had already gone far. Both of them were clever people. After they talked about a heavy topic, they pretended that nothing had happened. Barry smiled, "take it easy. I have to speed up."


Poppi subconsciously answered, but before she finished her words, Barry suddenly stepped hard on his foot. Poppi only felt a wind whistling past her ear, and the car drove at top speed.

"Ah! !" Poppi exclaimed and pinched at his waist. There was a hint of revenge in her fear.

"Ouch! You bitch! Let go of me! " Shouted Barry, who was swaying along the winding road.

Poppi screamed even louder out of fear, "ah! Barry! Don't let me slide down! "

Hearing this, Malcolm stopped the car immediately and put it in the middle of the road.

"Poppi is actually very cute, isn't she?" Not knowing when, Hugh appeared next to Malcolm. Seeing that Barry and Poppi were rushing over, and after noticing the perplexed look on Malcolm's face, he turned his head and smiled: "stop!"

The brave stopped with a creak…

After stopping a few centimeters away from them, Barry glanced around. Poppi was so frightened that she jumped out of the bike and took a deep breath. She waved her hand and said, "I'm scared to death."

"Huh! You're just pretending to be strong!" Malcolm gave a snort of contempt.

Hearing what Malcolm said, Hugh took a look at him and then walked around the bicycle to Poppi. He patted his seat and said, "get on the bike. I'll take you to the front and the front is the destination."

After weighing the pros and cons of the situation in her mind, Poppi nodded her head, dizzy, and got into Hugh's bicycle. She wanted to talk something to Hugh in private…

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