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   Chapter 88 . Visit the Begonia of the Scenic Spot

Remedy For Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 9799

Updated: 2020-02-24 00:33

"Does he treat your friend well?" Wendy asked.

"So far..." Poppi dragged on her last words and memorized from the bottom of her heart, "he's nice to my friend. Helped a lot. "

"What did his family say?" After a mouthful of food, Wendy continued, "my mom told me that a match in social status is very important in marriage. If his family doesn't agree to their marriage, they will lead a restless life."

Poppi nodded in agreement, "His family His family treats my friend also very well. I think that they can get along well with each other. "

"What's your concern since they are so good?" Wendy blinked her innocent eyes and put on a sweet smile. "It's totally fine! If she is Poppi's friend, she can be together with the tall, rich and handsome man! "

"…… Really? " Poppi slowed down her chewing. Suddenly, she thought of something and interrupted Wendy, "but My friend is beautiful, but she comes from an ordinary family! Is it a good match? "

"Family background doesn't mean everything! There were knowledge, insight and so on that they could have a good chat! And the most important thing is, do your friend like that rich, handsome guy? " Wendy asked. "We have talked so much, but we have forgotten the most important thing! If they love each other, things will turn out well for them. But if Poppi's friend doesn't like he, then there's nothing we can do! "

Poppi took a few mouthfuls of food. This was the last thing she wanted to face! Do you love Malcolm? Doesn't she like him? If she didn't like him, why didn't she refuse his embrace? She knew herself that she was not strength to fight against him, nor was she bound by a bond Perhaps, it was just an excuse in her heart that she did not want to refuse at all!

"Oh, my God! It's horrible! I'm doomed! " Suddenly, Poppi screamed out uncontrollably, which attracted a small group of people around to look back instantly. Wendy smiled timidly and caught Poppi's arm in a hurry, "sister Poppi! What's up? Why did you say that? "

Poppi sighed and put down the chopsticks. "Nothing Wendy, enjoy your food! "

"Yes." Wendy nodded. While eating the meal, she said, "sister Poppi, the friend you said is actually you, right?"

"Ahem!" Poppi suddenly coughed and her face turned red. She lied, "no, no! How could it be me? "

"Ha ha, it must be you, Poppi. You are too embarrassed to say it out, so you just say that she is your friends." With a hint of complacency on Wendy face, she continued, "I guess that man is very handsome, rich and powerful Mr. Su, I suppose! "

Hugh! Poppi's heart skipped a beat, 'Oh, another trouble!'!

"I think Mr. Su is a nice person," Wendy added.

"Yes, he is good." "Just eat it," Poppi sighed

"Poppi, the little cactus on your table is yellowing." After the meal, Poppi went back to the office with Wendy, she hugged the plants on the table and said, "don't you take care of it, sister Poppi?"

"In what

peaked cap and said, "then I'll go now. Breakfast is in the kitchen, and it's still hot."

"Wait!" Then he came to Poppi.

"What's wrong?" Poppi looked up and asked in a daze.

Malcolm straightened the hat for Poppi. Suddenly he turned around and quickly kissed on her cheek. "Morning kiss. See you later."

Hearing this, Poppi blushed. And then Malcolm said, "I'm so glad that you can kiss me early in the morning."

"What No way! " Poppi shouted angrily as she carried her bag and ran out. She was stumbled when changing shoes. Standing behind her, Malcolm burst into laughter. Today was another happy day!

As the largest park in Ye city, Roman Holiday was themed by architecture, flowers and trees. In the scenic area, there were countless unique flowers and western buildings, beautiful and romantic, and they attracted a large number of tourists every day. Poppi was still worried that there would be more people in the scenic spot during the holiday, but she forgot that Shirley was also a capable woman. She didn't know how to make the scenic spot blocked and only let them visit in.

Although it was impolite to do so, Poppi couldn't care so much at the moment but just follow her wish of visiting the scenic spot.

When Poppi arrived at the scenic spot, she saw Shirley and Wendy standing at the gate of the scenic spot far away. Shirley was wearing a pair of jeans and a short leather jacket. She was wearing boots and sunglasses, looking very handsome. Wendy was in a hemline, high heels and a hula hat. She was so sweet and lovely. They looked like a perfect match.

"Hey! come on!" Shirley saw Poppi from a distance and waved to her.

"Poppi, come here quickly!"

"Coming!" Poppi quickened her pace and asked with a smile, "only you two? Where is the male model? "

"I don't want the male model anymore. I want someone who can do better than the male model." She crossed her arms over her chest, looking very proud.

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