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   Chapter 78 . A Wish

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Ding Dong

Hearing the doorbell, Malcolm went to open the door and found that Poppi was wearing a hat and a mask, furtively looking around at the door with a guilty conscience. Malcolm was angry with her, not good to say, "Come in! Don't deceive yourself! "

Poppi pushed into the room like a loach and took off her mask. "It's not deluding myself! It's too risky. I met a security guard and two cleaners. It should be said that, fortunately, I am wearing a mask. "

"What? Is it shameful to come here to see me? " Hearing this, Malcolm hummed, feeling more depressed.

"It's not about losing face or not." Poppi took back her smile and explained seriously, "you want to be seen? Mr. Mo, don't forget who we are, right? "

Malcolm cast a cold glance at Poppi and sat down at the table, "peel the shrimps!"

Looking at these two dishes of braised shrimps on the table, Poppi really had a good appetite. After swallowing some saliva, she asked, "Mr. Mo, do you want to eat these two dishes? If not... "

"we can eat now." "Peel it," said Malcolm as he snatched the presentation

"……" Poppi snorted and murmured that Malcolm was rude, but she have to peel the shrimps obediently. While peeling the shell, she glanced at Malcolm's suite, and sighed," we are all on a business trip. What a big difference."

But Malcolm snorted," if you want, Benson will definitely change room for you immediately."

Poppi was peeling the shrimps and stopped. "Mr. Mo, why did you mention him! He is my boss. I am an employee. What else can I ask him for me? "

"What about what you are wearing tonight?" Malcolm said in reply. Yes, he was angry to see Poppi dressed so beautiful tonight!

"Mr. Mo, you're got to be kidding." Poppi peeled a shrimp and said with a smile, "how could it be my request? It was put on the bed as soon as I entered the room..." In the middle of the sentence, Poppi also realized that something was wrong. Who would put the clothes in her room? Moreover, the clothes she was wearing this were not only fit well, but also expensive. She had been on a business trip several times, but she had never received such a good dress Was she really too careless?

Malcolm glanced at Poppi lightly and found there was something wrong with her expression. He sneered, "what? Why didn't you realize something until now? You shouldn't have made such a silly mistake. Did you do it on purpose? "

"It was really beyond my expectation." Poppi continued to peel the shrimps and said, "believe it or not."

"You don't accept Hugh's love, not for him?" Then Malcolm added," you took the opportunity to accept the gift from Benson, so that you two could be reconciled."

"What Why do you bring up Hugh again? " "What the hell is the reunion and the gift? Mr. Mo, you are so imaginative," Poppi said angrily

"It's all because you are not reassuring." Then he threw the speech on the table.

"What can I do to please you, Mr. Mo?" Poppi could not help raising her voice, "Didn't you say that I can find a boyfriend? You took away the agreement when you wanted to change the agreement, so the search for a boyfriend is not invalid, right? Mr. Mo, I have not harmed your interests, nor will I be with Hugh. As for why Please forgive

er the wishing sticks are thrown, the greater the chance it will come true."

"What kind of wish can I make?"

"It's all up to you to get married, to seek the health of your family, to get promoted and make fortune."

Poppi's eyes suddenly widened. For family's health?

"Can you tell me? I want to make a wish, too. " Poppi quickly leaned over to the next table. After chatting with the two girls expertly, she got what she wanted.

At five o'clock in the afternoon, Poppi was ready to go. She rushed to the Simon mountain with her prepared wishes. According to the route, she could go back and forth in an hour.

"Go to Simon, master." Poppi called a taxi at the gate of the hotel.

"Got it!" The driver was very enthusiastic. After driving, he chatted with Poppi kindly. When he knew that she was going to make a wish, he reminded her, "if you go to make a wish today, be quick. It's cooler in the evening and the temperature on the Pebin is very low between day and night. After nine o'clock in the evening, the temperature can reach zero. "

Poppi smiled with relief and said, "it's all right. I'll be back soon."

The driver nodded, "it's only five o'clock now. As long as you don't get lost, you will be back at six. It doesn't matter if you get lost. As long as you walk east through the crooked tree, you can surely go downhill. "

"Okay, thank you, master." Poppi carried her bag and got out of the car. When she went up the mountain, she met people going down the mountain.

After climbing for more than ten minutes, Poppi stopped at a slow slope and took a rest. When she arrived at the Pebin, she only brought high heels with her. She had never thought that she would climb a mountain. It was a tremendous challenge. However, the view in front of her was really beautiful.

Poppi looked at the sky in the West and found that the sun was coming down but hanging on the distant mountains. The red color of the sun merged with the clouds in the sky and became a magic and gorgeous color. She felt really refreshed and happy now.

It seems that it's well worth going out. The most worthy thing in this world is the beauty of nature.

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