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   Chapter 76 Malcolm Picking Up Girls

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"I don't know if people can change one's seats on the plane." Benson said. Regardless of the eyes of others, he dragged Poppi and forced her into her seat.

Poppi didn't dare to make any big movements on the plane, and she couldn't even compete with him. She sat down on the chair, looking up at him coldly, and said in a low voice, "didn't you promise not to disturb me? What do you want to do? "

When Benson suddenly leaned down on her, Poppi was startled and quickly withdrew her body. On the other hand, he gently approached her and fastened her safety belt. "I've told you that I'll protect you. Only by putting you under my protection can I feel at ease. "

Tina sat in the middle row of seats in the hallway, biting her lower lip. When Tina sat down, she suddenly said to Benson, "Mr. Ji, I have some questions and suggestions about the mobile phone applications that our magazine has implemented. I want to confirm with you."

Hearing this, Poppi hummed and took out the blindfold from her bag. 'Workaholic? Why does she discuss about work after staying on the plane for four hours?'? freak.

Poppi put down the chair and put on the blindfold. She found a comfortable posture and prepared to go to bed. She didn't want to see Benson at all.

"The plane is going to take off. Let's stop talking about work, okay?"

Looking at the airline stewardess who was checking the seat belts, Tina nodded her head and answered, "yes, Mr. Ji."

She would soon fall asleep as long as her eyes were out of sight. Half an hour later, the plane took off from the airport. When it arrived at where the plane had landed, Benson could hear the sound of Poppi's slow and peaceful breath.

Benson gently covered the blanket on Poppi, and his action was so gentle as if he was treating a rare treasure.

When one day she could still sleep beside him at ease, he didn't dare to think of this feeling for four years… He even hoped that this flight would never stop.

"Poppi, get up. It's time for lunch."

When she was sleeping, a gentle voice was heard all of a sudden. With a little whisper, Poppi reached out to take off her blindfold and said, "Benson..."

When he was taking the meal box from the airline stewardess, he heard the muttering of Poppi and trembled, with his eyes red.

Poppi took off her blindfold and looked around.

"It's time for lunch. Here you are." As he spoke, he had already opened the meal box for Poppi.

Just like a long time ago.

Poppi was stunned for two seconds. She grabbed her hair and took her lunch box. She said with embarrassment, "Thank you so much! I can handle it myself!"

"You're welcome." There was a smile on the lips of Benson, as if he would not be angry no matter what Poppi did.

Poppi smoothed her hair, pricked it up casually, grabbed a spoon and began to eat.

Benson cast a glance at Poppi and followed her to eat. Once she took a bite, he would take another. He smiled gently and ate up all the food, a third more than he used to eat.

After lunch, Poppi put on her blindfold and fell asleep, then she wakened up until got off the plane. Before they got off the plane, Poppi put on her thick coat and found that it was really chilly outside.


ot come, or she would be crazy. Poppi shrugged and thought, 'I'd better go to the catering area to have something to eat!'!

"Do you keep in touch with him in the past four years?" asked Benson, trying to follow her closely.

"Him? Who? " Poppi asked as if she didn't know the answer.

"That man who just came in."

"Mr. Malcolm? I don't know him. "

Hearing this, Malcolm's eyelids fluttered. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of the graceful back of Poppi. Then he slightly narrowed his eyes with a hint of displeasure in his heart. The moment he entered the door, Malcolm had already known the location of Poppi. He also expected that she came here with Benson, but he didn't know that he actually stood beside her without scruple.

"Malcolm? "Malcolm?"? What are you thinking about? "

Realizing what had happened, Malcolm shook his head and asked, "what's wrong?"

"No, nothing." "Do you remember Tina from the Entertainment Magazine? Catherine said embarrassed. Those who have interviewed you are my good friends. I see she is also here. Let's go and greet to her together, shall we? "

"No, thanks." Malcolm replied, "I have someone to meet."

The color drained from Catherine's face immediately. Before she could say something, Malcolm continued, "I will come to you when the opening dance music starts. You can go and talk to your friends first! "

Catherine was stunned for a moment, and then nodded obediently. Her anger turned into joy, and the smile on her face was as bright as early summer flowers.


Poppi was standing far away, forking a piece of cake and biting it hard. Malcolm was really good at picking up girls! Perhaps all the people present have seen that at the first word of Mr. Malcolm, the daughter of the mayor of Ye city was laughed by it. What a shameless couple!

"It's so sweet. Don't you feel sick of it?" "Come and have some crabs. I've made it for you." The voice of Benson was so sweet and gentle.

Poppi was still angry with Malcolm so she took the plate handed over by Benson and began to eat with satisfaction. He let out a sigh of relief and smiled dotingly.

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