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   Chapter 74 . The Confession

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"Poppi, I don't want to be just friends with you." Hugh said bluntly," Since I came back from abroad, I have been deeply attracted by you. At first I was interested in you, but later I couldn't take my eyes off you. I have read every note you wrote and skimmed the comments you left on the forum. I want to know more about you. I can't stop loving you. "

"I like you."


"Hiss..." Hearing what Hugh said, Poppi lost her balance and fell on the ground and took a deep breath. What made her feel even colder was that she caught a glimpse of the other man, Malcolm. Poppi struggled to sit up and stared at the man standing at the door. She was about to speak but found herself unable to say anything.

Hugh continued," Ever since you cooked coffee for me, I haven't tasted the same coffee again, because I felt that no one could make your taste. I like you secretly. I don't know if you've noticed. "

"From the very beginning, I was afraid that you would find it out. Because Shirley told me that you were hurt in love, I was afraid that my love and confession would put pressure on you But now, I can't wait any longer. I'm afraid that you don't know what I'm thinking. Benson Ji is back. Your attitude panicked me. I had no choice but to go for it. "

Poppi swallowed and looked at her phone. She didn't touch it, like looking at the virus, but just said, "Mr. Su, you..."

"I know it's sudden." Hugh's voice sounded a little anxious. "I always feel like you will be taken away by someone. You are so good, what if someone else finds out?"

Poppi's brain was in a chaos. She did feel Hugh's love for her, but she was not sure. She didn't think it would take such a short time for a person to fall in love with another person.

"Mr. Su, maybe you just find me very interesting!" Poppi explained for him in a hurry, "you don't like me. Maybe it's the case, right?"

Without answering her, Hugh continued, "I will go abroad for a week. I told you this before I left because I wanted to give us some time. Maybe you are right, but there are always reasons when love starts. Maybe I found you are beautiful or funny, so I liked you more and more..."

Standing by the door, Malcolm couldn't move his feet as if his feet were filled with lead. He felt the cold from his bones to his limbs. Did he say it, and did he say it to Poppi

Poppi blinked awkwardly and thought, 'Hugh, is this a confession of love?'? She hadn't received any love confession for a long time, so she forgot how to refuse him in a roundabout way.

"Poppi, please don't reply to me now, okay?" He smiled with some self-mockery," I'm a coward. I don't dare to tell you face to face. So, I'm calling to let you know. But, please think it over, okay? If you don't hate me, we can try dating. What do you think? "

Try dating? Poppi's sight was fixated at Malcolm. And Malcolm also looked at her. Malcolm saw shock and confusion in her eyes, while Poppi saw indifference in his eyes.



It was said from a small place that Poppi still remembered that the bulb on a floor lamp in the bedroom was broken, Malcolm rolled up his sleeves and changed the light bulb

In work, it was because of Malcolm's request to Poppi that she could find a suitable job after graduation

In life, Malcolm supported her life and let her have no worries. Although she paid for the medical expenses of her father, the source of the money still came from Malcolm

It turned out that in her heart, Malcolm had already become a friend as well as a teacher? He could help her and make her rely on him.

"Haha..." Poppi spit out the water she had poured into her mouth and looked up at herself through the mirror. However, she felt herself more and more strange.

Perhaps, the three-year agreement had happened before Hugh confessed his love to her, which disturbed her and made her think that she had some feelings for Malcolm.

Yes, it must be like this!

Poppi tried to calm down and wiped her hair dry. After a long time, she walked out of the bathroom.

In the bedroom, she could hardly hear Malcolm's breathing. Poppi moved carefully to the bedside and pulled open the bed a little bit. She turned off the light and slept quietly with her back to Malcolm.

The moon on the hillside seemed to always be big and round, shining brightly into the room. It was just like the saying, "before the bed, the moon light is bright. I guess it was frost on the ground."

Poppi covered herself with the quilt on the frosty ground but could not close her eyes.

In the dark, Malcolm opened his eyes in secret. There was only darkness in his eyes. He silently looked at the back of Poppi and stretched out his left hand to let the red rope stand between them, as if they were connected by a line.

Life always went on peacefully as time went by. They would get along well with each other and become cold towards each other in the next second. What happened between him and Poppi?

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