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   Chapter 70 Where Is The Hot Girl From

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"Ha-ha… Haha... "

Malcolm was stunned for a second, then he burst into laughter. He held the quilt of Poppi with one hand, and pressed her on the edge of the bed with the other hand. He couldn't stand up laughing.

The heartbreaking feeling of Poppi suddenly changed when she heard this. She was so embarrassed that she even wanted to hide herself. Her face turned red as she was ashamed into anger, "ah! ! Malcolm, stop laughing! "

"What… You are so disgusting. " Malcolm said with a sunny smile.

Poppi was extremely embarrassed. Regardless of her will, she threw the handle and sat up abruptly. Then she reached out to grab Malcolm's face "you can laugh if you want! I would to disgust you to death! "

Malcolm laughed even more. He could have dodged, but he stood still there, letting Poppi wave his little arm, and he dodged and attracted her from time to time.

Standing at the door and seeing Malcolm and Poppi quarreling in the ward, Cora was shocked. She couldn't figure out whether Mr. Malcolm laughed at Poppi or not, but they both laughed, didn't they?

"Watch out your injured foot!"

"A scholar may be killed but be humiliated! Even if my leg is broken, I will fight with you to the death! "


"Stop laughing!"

Looking at the relieved side face of Malcolm, full of mixed feelings in Cora's heart. She should be relieved. She had always hoped that Malcolm wouldn't have too much burden and don't have a long face. Now it seemed that someone had helped Cora to realize her wish.

"I'm so tired..." After a long time, Poppi was so tired that she fell on the bed and was out of breath.

Sitting on the bedside, Malcolm hummed, "were you trying to pour the nasal mucus onto my body just now? It was so disgusting. "

"Humph!" Poppi snorted with disdain, "now that you know my intention, you should yield to me! I am wounded! And I am a weak girl Why don't you go on? "

"Wash the dirty clothes for me?" But what she said made him more disdainful.

"I won't clean it for you. there is a psychological shadow in my mind." Poppi curled her lips and smiled suddenly, "do you remember when we just got married? You change a suit for me to wash and I put it into the washing machine to in excited. After I wash it out, you can't wear it anymore. I'm so afraid that I won't wash clothes for you anymore. "

Casting a glance at Poppi, Malcolm said, "of course I remember. It was dyed and shrank with water. Why are you so lazy? You have to wash the clothes by yourself. "

"How could I know?" "Who knows that your ordinary looking clothes are actually customized and handmade… Why don't you take it to laundry? You are too lazy to tell me in advance. I was scared to death at that time. Your clothes were worth my three months' living expenses! "

"Scared to death? Are you scared? " Malcolm raised his eyebrows and asked in reply.

"Of course I'm afraid!" Poppi stretched her neck and used a tissue to wipe her runny nose.

The corners of his mouth were trembling slightly. "Poppi, can you be more careful

rrounded and laughed with an obscene look.

Wendy immediately understood what they meant. Her face turned red because of shame and anger. She clenched her fists and roared, "I am not the kind of woman you think! I just go the wrong way! You two get out of my way! I must leave! "

"Don't say that, my little girl. It's fate to meet you. How about we have a fun tonight?"

"Wow, it's your first time to come here, right? Are you nervous? It doesn't matter. I'm very gentle, haha... " As they spoke, they circled around her and were about to take further action on her.

Although Wendy was single and naive, she took the chance to slip away from those men as quickly as she could.

"Little belle, don't run!"

"We will pay you for money!"

Several men flocked to chase after Wendy.

She was freaked out by the speed of running a 100-meter race. She picked up her speed and sprinted forward.

When she was running, she suddenly saw a man walking out of a bar. She failed to stop her feet because she ran into the man in the front and she was forced to step back.

"Hey! Where does this hot girl come from? My jaw is almost crooked! "

Wendy rubbed her forehead with her hand. A man's voice came from above her head. She looked up hastily and apologized, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I am not… Mr. Wei? "

The man in front of them was nobody else, but Mr. Wei and her acquaintance before.

"Hey, it's you, Little beauty!" He squinted his long eyes with a smile, which made him more unruly in the dark night. "You run so fast!"

"Don't run, young peri!"

Before Wendy could answer, several men caught up with her. They looked at the bodyguards behind Barry and said, "bro, it's not unreasonable. You should follow the rules. After all, we saw her first. Please don't meddle with our business. "

Wendy gritted her teeth and was about to say something. But before she could open her mouth, she heard a light voice from Barry, "meddle in others' business? You are right… I just like to meddle in other people's business. "

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