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   Chapter 69 Nose Bubble

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At eight o'clock in the morning, Poppi opened her eyes and enjoyed the sunshine outside. She thought for a long time before she remembered where she was. When she was about to stand up to see how her leg was, a person came to her and silently helped her up.

"Cora!" Out of the corner of her eye, Poppi saw her and shouted surprisingly, "Why are you here? Has grandma come? "

"It was Mr. Malcolm's order." "The old lady doesn't know about your accident," she answered calmly.

"Oh! That sounds good! " Poppi came to her sense and nodded quickly, "if grandma knew that I had an accident, she must say that I was stupid! Don't let her know. " Having startled secretly, Poppi said again, "then what are you doing here?"

"Take care of you."

The corners of Poppi's mouth twitched. "Is it because of Malcolm?"

"Yes." Cora said with a poker face and stood aside.

"You'd better go back. I have many bodyguards." Poppi twitched her mouth. It was not because she didn't like Cora, but just because she thought she couldn't walk into the heart of Cora, even if she wanted to make a joke, she couldn't get any response. It's so… How embarrassing.

"Young master told me to stay here with you."

Poppi pretended to be speechless and swallowed. She knew that Cora only listens to Malcolm. Speaking of Malcolm…

"Malcolm… Isn't Malcolm here? " Poppi looked up and asked, "did he come?"

Hearing this, Cora glanced at Poppi and shook her head. "No, he didn't."

"Really! That's great! " Poppi shrugged and said, "no wonder I slept so soundly last night! My hands are sweating all night. " She reached out her right hand and murmured, "my right hand is sweating, but my left hand is cold. It's so strange..."

Cora took a deep look at the hand of Poppi, pursed her lips, turned around and said, "I go to fetch breakfast."

When two women got together, they would have a lot to talk, but staying with Cora was an exception. Poppi had nothing to do the whole morning. If she want to play with mobile phone, Cora will said, "don't play it for too long." When she want to move, Cora told her please do not move until her feel better.

It seemed that Poppi had seen Malcolm's second replica and she could not help feeling disgusted.

Finally it was noon, Wendy hurried to the hospital with lunch to see Poppi, and the Cora had disappeared without a trace. Several colleagues who came with Wendy sent a bunch of flowers to Poppi on behalf of the editorial department.

"Thank you!" Celine sat on the bed and asked everyone to sit down. She thought that finally someone was here to talk with her.

"Poppi, here is the lunch I bought for you. Have some please!" Wendy handed the meal to Poppi and said, "I was scared to death when I heard you were in the hospital this morning! I was distracted for the whole morning and felt relieved seeing you are fine. "

"Don't worry. I'm fine." "Have you had dinner yet?" Poppi said, fondling Wendy's hair.

"We have." Aileen walked ov

n't know how to fight so he was hit by a few gangsters that he couldn't stand up, but he protected Poppi tightly under his body. Later on, the patrolling police found them and sent him to the hospital in time. At that time, Poppi was crying, choking with sobs…

"I've got a black belt of Taekwondo. I won't be so coward to make you worried anymore."

Tears instantly blinded her eyes. After a while, she pointed at the door and shouted angrily, "Benson! get out of here! Get out! Stop! Shut up! "

"Okay! Calm down! " "Okay, I'm leaving now! You... Remember to have lunch! I'm leaving now. "

Poppi choked with sobs as she held back the tears and continued, "and please take back the shoes you gave me."

After taking two steps, Benson nodded his head silently. "Okay, I'll listen to you." He left reluctantly. He put his hands on the stomach and moved slowly out of the ward.

'Poppi, I will let you live well anyway.'.

Malcolm arrived here after receiving the phone call from Cora. After he arrived, Poppi was still crying on the bed. She didn't eat anything for lunch. She trembled like a lonely beast.

No matter how long it took, Benson would always be the one who deeply touched Poppi. He had never seen Poppi cry so sadly…

"Pass out?" Seeing that Poppi had calmed down a little, Malcolm could not help pushing the door open and satirized her.

Poppi was stiff. She buried her head into the quilt and said in a muffled but stubborn voice, "not cry."

"Show me your face!" He walked to the bedside of Poppi and reached out his hand to pull the quilt.

Poppi was so anxious that she wanted to get out of the quilt and hide herself. She did as she thought. However, when she just poked her head out, her nose was itchy. She snorted, but unexpectedly, a nasal mucus suddenly popped out from her nostril and then broke her own nose with a sound of "crack"

What?! What's up! Poppi was struck dumb. She blinked and looked at Malcolm, who had the same expression as hers…

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