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   Chapter 68 The Last Time Of Indulgence

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"Do they two know each other? "Malcolm met her four years ago?" Bearing astonishment and puzzlement, Hugh pretended to be calm and asked, "why didn't I know?"

"I just heard it from Poppi once." Shirley's memory was a little vague. "Mr. Malcolm saved Poppi at that time, probably because… Her sister was the girlfriend of Mr. Malcolm. "

"Sister of Poppi?" And shocked to see Hugh's reaction. As for the emotional entanglement of Malcolm, although he didn't know it thoroughly, he could still figure out a little. However, who was the sister of Poppi? The woman who was with Malcolm together four years ago was… Thinking of this, Hughe suddenly opened his eyes wide and suddenly had an idea. He turned around and looked at Shirley. His voice was trembling, "what's the name of Poppi's sister?"

"Celine." Shirley shrugged and said, "she was still a little girl at that time. And I didn't know much about her. But it's a pity that the car accident happened and he is in a vegetative state. "

Taking a deep breath. "Celine! "Celine! It was Celine! He remembered that the name that Malcolm was unwilling to mention was her name! No wonder he felt so familiar! He forgot that long ago, he had seen that girl outside the ward from a distance, but he didn't expect that she would be Poppi's sister.

"Mr. Su, what's wrong with you?" Seeing the shock on his face, Shirley asked, "isn't it inconceivable? Because all of those things really hurt her and she didn't want to talk much about her sister. So few people know that she has a sister. "

Hugh was confused by this. In general, since Malcolm had never let go of Celine, and Poppi was the elder sister of Celine, their relationship should not have been stiff between them. But why did they pretend not to know each other?

After getting on the car, Hugh went back with Shirley and asked: "has Poppi had any contact with Mr. Malcolm in the past four years?"

"No!" Shirley shook her head and sighed, "I have never heard of Mr. Malcolm from Poppi. It seems that Mr. Malcolm saved her at the beginning and he did it for the sake of Celine. But what I heard from Poppi at that time... It sounded like that Mr. Malcolm was blaming her for not taking good care of Celine. "

With his hands on the steering wheel clenched, Hugh let out a sigh of relief. When Hugh heard that Malcolm and Poppi had not contacted each other, he even felt relieved…

"What an evil man." "It's not what Poppi wants to see in the car accident. How could he blame it on Poppi?" said Hugh.

"Those closely involved cannot see as clearly as those outside," With her eyes closed, Shirley said, "anyway, Mr. Mallcolm saved Poppi once. I think she must be grateful to him!"

Hugh nodded slowly. Thinking of this, in fact, it was understandable for Poppi to pretend not to know Malcolm. Poppi would never act on her sister's benefit in the relationship of Malcolm. She would not do anything she wanted on the grounds of Malcolm. On the contrary, she would not hide from Malcolm as Celine had been lying on the bed for quite a long time.

It was really Poppi! He loved her so much! His favorite character, his favorite t

e, but he still did not let go of her hand.

For the last time, he would allow himself to indulge while she was asleep.

He bent over and closed his eyes, holding Poppi's hand. He could not help smiling.

The sun rose and the moon fell, and the stars were changing.

The next morning, when the sun shone into the ward, Malcolm woke up. He gently released Poppi's hand and watched her for a while. Seeing that she seemed to wake up, Malcolm hurriedly tidied up his clothes and walked out of the ward, as if escaping from something.

Hearing that, Cora had been waiting outside. Seeing that, Malcolm came out, she bent slightly and said, "Mr. Malcolm."

"Yes." Malcolm nodded, "remember to call me when she wakes up. And, don't tell her I've been here. "

"Yes, Mr. Malcolm."

Today, the albums of "Mr. An Entertainment" was officially released in the second half of September, and more than ten million copies were issued in advance. It was even so available when it was finally released. Because of Malcolm's name, many people of Ye city will also flock to him.

Malcolm felt refreshed even though he didn't sleep at all all all night. Sean was already waiting outside the hospital. When Malcolm got in the car, he found that there was a magazine just released, and he couldn't help but read it.

In the CEO's office of the SG Group, the assistant just sent a copy of a magazine to George.

On the cover, Malcolm, dressed in a suit, stood straight with his hands in the pockets. He had a firm and handsome face. His eyes seemed to be full of spirits, through which people could see his mind.

"Malcolm Quan..." The man leaned against the back of his chair, his eyes narrowing dangerously. Reading the magazine in his hand, he murmured, "what a pity! The tigers will return to the mountains, and the endless troubles will lead to them! Why is it so difficult for me to get the control of the Quan Group... " Turning to the middle page of the magazine, Malcolm, who was in the photo, George slowly said in a sarcastic tone, "we are all of the same family… You are my brother! "

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