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   Chapter 67 A Play By Three Men

Remedy For Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 9873

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"Well..." All of a sudden, Poppi let out a groan. She frowned in pain and gasped painfully. All of a sudden, Malcolm froze as if he had been struck by lightening. A bright idea flashed through his mind. He was crazy. What did he want to do!

At this moment, there was only a few centimeters between Poppi and Malcolm. Poppi's a few eyelashes was trembling and he could feel her warm breath. However … Seeing that, Malcolm clenched his fist. He could not go any further. Everything would be different if he took another step. He would be out of control.

Malcolm's mind was empty. He knew that it was not right to judge things with reasonable thinking, but he did not expect his impulse to be so terrible. Then he suddenly stood up and sat back on the chair heavily, staring at her in a daze. He thought that maybe he should solve the matter of Quan Group earlier before things were not out of control!

Poppi closed her eyes and knitted her eyebrows painfully. It took her ten minutes to stretch out her brows. Then he stood up and was about to find the doctor. When he just went out, he saw a man rushing here from the other end of the corridor.

With a bit cold air from autumn, Benson Ji, who was wearing a wind coat, hurried to come here. Obviously, he was worried and nervous.

At the same time, Benson also saw Malcolm, then he loosed his steps, came over reluctantly and greeted, "Mr. Malcolm, what a coincidence. Nice to meet you again. "

"Yes." Malcolm nodded and replied politely.

Benson looked into the ward through Malcolm, "is Little Poppi in there?"

'Little Poppi? Malcolm raised his eyebrows, feeling displeased, but he smiled, "Mr. Ji, did you refer to Poppi?"

"Yes." "Please get out of my way. I need to go inside," he continued.

"She's fine." But Malcolm didn't move. "The doctor said that it was not convenient for someone to visit her since she had a rest."

"I just went to see her and did not disturb her rest." Benson said seriously.

Malcolm put his hand into his pants pocket and replied, "no, thanks."

"Mr. Malcolm, you stopped me four years ago. And now you are stopping me again. What do you mean? I wonder what identity is used by you to say something like that to me. "

"Identity?" Malcolm laughed, "even if I have no status, I won't let you in."

"That makes sense." With a smile on Benson's face, but there was coldness in his eyes.

"There are many things in the world that are unreasonable." Malcolm hummed, "speaking of the identity, Mr. Ji, it seems that you are inappropriate to visit her now. I know what she doesn't know. "

"What's the matter?" asked Benson in a less confident voice, his pupils shrinking.

"What do you think?" Malcolm raised his eyebrows, "the Wind International Group is cooperating with not only the Quan Group, but also the Fei Group. You have paid yourself to this cooperation!"

"I don't know what's your mean," he said, gritting his teeth.

er back to Poppi, Shirley stretched out her hand to block her and said, "I know you're softhearted, but I'm afraid that if this fellow says a few more words, you'll forgive him. I'd better throw him out!"

Poppi smiled bitterly and lowered her head, "Mr. Ji, you'd better go! You are not be welcomed here. "

"…… Okay. " "Take good care of yourself. I'll explain to the periodical office."

"We don't need your help! Just go! " She was impatient to see the guests off.

Pursing his lips, Benson nodded, turned around and left. His footsteps were heavy, slow and reluctant.

After Benson left, Poppi apologized to the other two men, "I'm sorry. I have to make an apology."

"It is so ridiculous." Malcolm hummed coldly, which made Poppi even more embarrassed. Casting a dissatisfied glance at Malcolm, Hugh said in a low voice, "can you speak more gentle?"

Seeing that Benson left, Shirley turned around angrily and thanked Malcolm for Poppi.

Fortunately, Shirley was in the room. Otherwise, it would be embarrassed when Malcolm and Hugh were together in the room. 'Why are they still staying? No one is leaving, ' she thought. Before they left, Hugh secretly asked Malcolm to leave first. However, he returned Hugh that he would leave with him.

In the end, it was Sean who called and asked Malcolm to leave.

Seeing this situation, Shirley intended to leave some private space for Hugh and Poppi. She wanted to sneak away, but was held tightly by Poppi.

"Then I'll come to see you later!" After Hugh sent another message to her, she had no choice but to leave with him.

In the hallway, Shirley said casually, "Mr. Malcolm helped Poppi again."

"Again?" "Did Malcolm help Poppi before?"

"Yes! Four years ago! " said Shirley, shrugging.

Four years ago?! No! Doubts and astonishment filled Hugh's eyes. He remembered clearly that when she greeted at the periodical office, Malcolm and Poppi had told him that their first meeting was…

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