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   Chapter 66 I Will Wait For You

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"Knock, knock, knock..."

The silence in the CEO's office was disturbed by a quick knock outside the door. Malcolm frowned then shouted, "Come in!"

In turn, Sean hurriedly opened the door. Malcolm held a pen, his gaze was on the table, and Sean did not know what he was writing. Wasting no time, Sean cut to the chase and said, "Mr. Malcolm, Poppi had a car accident!"

"What? A car accident?!" On reflex, Malcolm sprang to his feet, and the pen fell off the desk. His usually blank face became enraged in an instant. He immediately went out of the office and did not even bother to get his coat. "Where is she?" he asked as he jogged towards the elevator.

"At the intersection between South Second Road and the Grand Orchid Avenue."

"How's the situation?"

"I don't know yet..."

Malcolm's lips were pressed into a thin line. He pushed the down button several times with shaky fingers until the elevator doors slowly opened. Before it fully opened, he squeezed himself in. His heart pounded so fast that his palms were sweaty. 'Poppi is really annoying! She always boasted of her good driving skills, but she even got into a car accident!' he thought. If she dared to die, he would pull her back from hell!

Although the skies were dark and it rained, the authorities heavily guarded the scene of the accident. However, it still attracted many bystanders. The vehicle that collided against Poppi's car seemed to be a luxury car as well. The car's tailgate got slightly deformed. Fortunately, the medics had rescued the person inside it. As for Poppi's pink car, its left door got crushed by several centimeters, and as a result, her leg was stuck. Although she did not get squeezed to death, the crash injured her leg, and blood gushed out of her skin.

By the time Malcolm had arrived, the police and paramedics were already there. The emergency response team was also removing the left car door. Without a second thought, Malcolm went out of his car and rushed outside. Sean did not even get to open the umbrella and hold it for him.

"What… Please don't take my car door away! I just bought my car! It cost a lot of money! Oh, my God… My car... "

Upon hearing Poppi's words, Malcolm stopped abruptly and let out a deep breath. He was already nearby, but he wanted to laugh and get angry at the same time. Her life force was so strong that it seemed that she was doomed to survive! He worried all the way for nothing!

"Young master!" a man in black caught up with him and called him politely.

Malcolm just waved his hand to dismiss him and walked past the caution tapes alone. Luckily, he had arranged for bodyguards to protect her. He was just afraid that she was not used to driving a new car. After all, she did drive the new vehicle quite dangerously.

"Miss, I have no choice but to break the door for you. It's out of shape, and we need to save you first!" a man in a firefighter's uniform told Poppi.

"Mr. Malcolm!"

Just then, they heard a voice yell among the crowd. When Poppi heard the voice, she immediately stopped talking and looked away in embarrassment. She saw Malcolm, who stood in the rain with his hair wet, but eyes filled with anger. It felt like she had not seen him for a long time! It was also quite cold today. Why was he only wearing a shirt? Then, she realized that the man in black she saw before

od in front of the clinic, where he lit up his cigarette and smoked slowly. The rain continued to pour. Water flowed down from the building's eaves and made everything look blurred. Malcolm blew out a smoke ring.

He endured a week without Poppi, and not once did he try to find her. He thought that he would go back to his past life.

However, he sometimes unconsciously went to the Imperial Residential Quarter while he drove. It had once been a strange place to him, but going there somehow became his habit. When he got bored from work, he talked to the doll on his desk. As he rested his eyes for a bit, he could not help but clearly recall every memory that had happened over the past three years, every conversation between him and Poppi, and every look in her eyes every time she saw him.

He thought that he had suffered from a disease that he did not want to admit. He mulled it over for a week but realized that he could not do anything except hide. Honestly, he did not expect that he would be where he was now today.

He smoked two more cigarettes and stayed outside for a while. He did not go back until the rain had washed away his body's scent. A long time had passed, but Poppi eventually came out of the operating room.

She was fast asleep on the stretcher, and her leg was wrapped in medical gauze.

"How is she?" Malcolm subconsciously asked the doctor in a low voice as he stepped forward.

"The bones and muscles did not get damaged, and there is only a cut in the leg. We stitched it. We will take out the stitches in about a week."

Malcolm nodded in response. Then, he asked in a slightly annoyed tone, "She was constantly worried about whether she would have a scar. Would there be a scar?"

"No, there won't. Don't worry, Mr. Malcolm," the doctor answered firmly.

"Alright," Malcolm nodded again and watched the nurses push Poppi into the ward before he left with them.

When the staff had closed the room's doors, he took a close look at Poppi, bent down, and gently smoothed the wet hair from her forehead. At that moment, he felt like he was possessed. He did not get up from his bent position, and instead, moved closer to Poppi until he was only a few centimeters away from her face.

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