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   Chapter 65 The Accident Of Poppi

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Wendy didn't drink, so she couldn't have a good time on many occasions. However, she could always fit in with what happened to Poppi every time. She felt that there was a kind of magic, which attracting people's attention.

"Come on, drink more." Shirley dragged Poppi to drink more but was refused by her violently. Then she said, "don't drink anymore! Don't you see how drunk you are? How can you go back later? "

"What… There are other rooms at your home! I'm not going back! " Said Shirley with the swollen tongue in her mouth.

"You can only see my room, but sleep! Haha. " Poppi was just giggling.

"Then, I'll sleep on the floor!" Shirley stretched out her neck and said boldly.

They had such a good time that they almost forgot the time.

"It's almost midnight! There were still five minutes left! Come here. Where is the cake? " A voice shouted out and everyone started to look for the cake in a hurry. The rest of the meat was sizzling on the barbecue.

"Hurry up! Where's the fire? Light up the candles! "

Hearing this, Poppi volunteered to go to the second floor and said, "I'm going to fetch the lighter!"

"Don't go, Poppi. It's about time!" Wendy called her when she realized that, but only to find that Poppi had already reached the second floor.

When passing by the door of Malcolm's room, Poppi stopped and brought the lighter back to her room. She rummaged through her wardrobe for a lighter. When she just found the lighter, Poppi found a gift box on her bedside cupboard. She was shocked and then picked it up to see who secretly sent it to her? Who dared to sneak to the second floor?

As she thought of this, Poppi opened the bag and opened the box. Her eyes were full of disbelief. It's a phone! It was her phone! She quickly took out the phone and held it in her hand. The familiar feeling made her sigh softly. The next second, an idea flashed in her mind. She wondered if it was from Malcolm? No one knew where the phone was except him. But could this mobile phone be used?

The faint voice of calling for Poppi came from downstairs. She was so excited that she took her cell phone in hand and walked out while pressed the turn-on button.


The phone screen lit up! Full of surprise in her eyes, Poppi opened the door and was about to leave when she saw the man who walked out with his back to the light. The man was tall and strong, completely covering the light, and put the body of Poppi into his shadow. It was like he had locked her in his arms.

"Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you..."

In silence, the phone held in poppi's hand was turned on and suddenly there was a song. The clock outside the window was also ringing at the same time. It was already twelve o'clock, the birthday of Poppi had arrived.

With one hand in his trouser pocket, Malcolm stared at Poppi and kept silent. When the song was over, he suddenly turned around and wanted to go back to his room.

"The phone… From you? " Poppi shouted hurriedly and subconsciously moved forward.

"Just give it back to you." Malcolm's voice was cold. He pushed the door in and separated what Poppi was going to say.

Poppi's heart sank again. She looked at her phone

looking for a proper chance to return the pair of shoes for Benson. Call him? impossible! Did she stop him when she saw him? No way!

Not knowing who was spreading gossip, there were a lot of rumors in the magazine at present. They said that Benson had given a very valuable gift to Poppi, and Poppi could not defend herself neither.

Poppi had thought about sneaking into Benson's office and returning the gift back without anyone noticing, but it was not so easy to sneak in his office. She didn't want to make things more complicated. She just wanted to be a stranger with him!

"Alas…" Driving the car, Poppi sighed and shook her head. The raindrops on the front window kept rubbing against the window to prevent the rain from falling. When Poppi looked out of the window, she suddenly found that there was a man and a woman holding an umbrella in the distance. The back of the man looked like that of Malcolm. Without any hesitation, Poppi turned her head, looked at his body carefully, bit her lips, trying to see through him…

The man and woman with the umbrella turned over in a trance, and the man's face was just looking in their direction. Poppi stretched her neck to see what was happening. For a moment, she was sure that it was not Malcolm. And Malcolm was much more handsome than that man!

Poppi breathed a sigh of relief, turned her head and continued driving forward. However, when the front part of the car had reached the parking lot of the crossing, when she saw the straight yellow light, she hurriedly stepped on the brake, but she was nervous. Her foot stepped on the accelerator unexpectedly. The car suddenly accelerated in a buzzing sound.

"Uh..." Poppi was so frightened that she could only make vague sounds in her voice, and her face suddenly turned pale. From the corner of her eye, she could see one car was driving towards her…

The brake stopped with a creak… Bang!

At the moment when Poppi stepped on the brake, the car which turned left hit her car at once. When the two cars collided, the airbag in the car came out. Poppi shook her body, feeling dizzy. And a burning pain came from her leg…

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