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   Chapter 64 Glass Slippers For Cinderella

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"Come on! Have more meat!"

"Yum! Poppi's stewed meat is delicious!"

Laughter surrounded the dining table. Hugh was naturally a happy person—after a while, he had found harmony among Poppi's colleagues while his "Mr. Su" was temporarily out of their thoughts. The living room echoed with laughter and chatting.

"Come on, guys. Let's propose a toast to our birthday girl!" Shirley raised a glass of beer, her cheeks turning red. The people at the table then stood and raised their glasses to Poppi.

"We wish you a hundred more birthdays!"

"Wishing you happy days to come!"

Poppi couldn't help but laugh in delight. "Okay, okay. Thank you all! Cheers!"



The pleasant smell of beer permeated the air. While Poppi was busy entertaining the guests, she was still rather concerned about Malcolm.

"Please enjoy your dinner! I'll go to the kitchen and see if there's anything more." Her excuse allowed her to slip away from the table. When Hugh turned around from barbecuing, Poppi was already out of her seat.

Seeing the birthday noodles she had already bought, she prepared a bowl for Malcolm, even carefully adding a poached egg on top of it.

Holding the bowl, she carefully made her way upstairs, her body pressed against the wall, staying hidden from the people mingling in the dining room and the living room. Fortunately, the table was away from the stairs, so she managed to sneak away.

Knock, knock, knock…

A small knock on the door interrupted Malcolm's thoughts. He turned to find Poppi coming in with her noodles.

"Why don't you turn on the light?" Poppi placed her bowl on the table near the window and stood awkwardly beside Malcolm. "Um…this is for you. Birthday noodles! You haven't eaten anything, right? Have some…"

The noodles were inviting, but the smell of beer coming from Poppi was rather irritating.

Malcolm stayed put, turning his head instead. "I won't eat it. Take it away."

"But I already cooked it for you. Won't you have a taste?" Poppi almost pouted. She had no idea why he was being so moody, nor why he seemed to hate her so much. But he was angrier than usual—what was she to do?

"Poppi, don't forget your duty." Malcolm's tone was cold. "Our agreement doesn't include you cooking for me. Are you trying to interfere in my private life? Stop stepping in where you don't belong, Poppi."

'Where I don't belong…'

The warning bell in Poppi's head began ringing loudly as her face grew grim with embarrassment and shame.

"I think you misunderstood. Do you really think I've been trying to get close to you?" After a moment of silence, Poppi began giggling, sounding far more relaxed than the loneliness that filled her eyes. "I'm just too full. I was afraid you would be so hungry as to head out for food so I just brought you some noodles. If you think that means I'm interfering w

the very head carved into a huge Begonia flower.

"Are these Cinderella's glass slippers?"

"Oh my God! They're so beautiful!"

"It's like I'm in a fairytale…"

The voice coming from beside her seemed distant, making Poppi feel so uncomfortable—there was already a lump in her throat.

"Poppi, I'll give you a pair of glass slippers for your next birthday."

"Who tells someone the gift they're planning to give… And how am I supposed to wear glass slippers?"

"Why not? I want you to marry me while you're in those shoes."

Benson had fulfilled his promise after four years, but now, he had given it to the wrong person. Did he think they could just undo history and go back to the past?

"Poppi, come and try it on!"

Not even noticing who called her, Poppi's face grew sullen as she refused. "No… I don't think so."

"Put them on and have a look! They're so beautiful! Glass slippers from the prince to the princess?"

"It's amazing!"

Poppi's unreadable expression made Hugh clench his fists.

"No, I'm not putting anything on. They're too small. I can already tell they won't fit," Poppi tried to say as naturally as she could.

"Then don't wear them," Hugh chimed in. Both his expression and tone had become serious.

The others figured Mr. Su was angry with them because he had feelings for Poppi, so they thought it best to stop pushing her and shifted the topic away.

"Come on, guys. The meat is ready. Let's have more!"

"My meat!" By then, Shirley had forgotten all about the glass slippers and ran to the dining table. The fun on the table returned to normal.

Poppi quickly closed the box of glass slippers as though she had to hide them before heading to the other girls to drink.

While Hugh was still laughing, he held some pity in his smile. 'What are you thinking, Poppi? You don't look happy at all! The louder you laugh, the more desolate your eyes become…'

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