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   Chapter 61 Why Are You Here

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"The rope is worth one hundred dollars!" Poppi couldn't help laughing! It was the light in the temple, which connected the marriage with the red line of the matchmaker. You must give it back to me later. "

"Marriage?" Malcolm frowned and watched her wrapping his fingers carefully. Seeing her acting so gently, he felt that the wine had run to his heart. What was drunk was his heart.

"Yes." Poppi nodded her head and tied the red rope with her slender fingers. "I met a 'expert' on the road. He said that as long as you tied the red rope to the man you liked, even if the matchmaker made the red thread, the man would be loyal to you and could not break it anymore. Don't you think it has a strong background? It's so amazing!"

Just as she finished her words, Malcolm's hand trembled a little. His heart, which had always been tough and invincible, began to crack. He knew it was because of his psychological effect, but he still felt that the red rope on his finger was becoming tighter and tighter, locking him with all his heart.

Unaware of his difference, Poppi smiled and said, "alright! I'll get you a band aid after I clean up the kitchen. "

"…… Yes. " Then he turned around and walked to the living room. After walking a few steps, he suddenly covered his chest where Poppi could not see, as if something was breaking here.

Was he crazy? Or was the world crazy?

It was getting colder and colder day by day. Poppi was very excited because she had the reason to buy the autumn clothes again. She bought the autumn clothes and then the bag which matched the autumn clothes…

"Malcolm, what do you think of this one?"

After work this day, Poppi finished the meal with Malcolm. After that, she changed to the new autumn clothes and showed a circle in front of Malcolm. "Do you like it?"

Poppi wore a short skirt, a pair of canvas shoes and a short coat. Her curly hair was tied up, and the long ponytail shook behind her head. She was young and pretty.

"The clothes are too puerile for you." Malcolm commented.

"Humph I am young and fit it very much. " Poppi pursed her lips and asked, "Oh, will you come here tomorrow night?"

"What? Do you have any plan? "

"Sort of." Poppi nodded her head and said, "tomorrow night, Shirley and several other colleagues want to come to our house for dinner. They celebrate my birthday with me and the celebration magazine sale. We will have a dinner together."

Birthday… Magazine…

"Will Hugh come too?" Malcolm asked.

After thinking for a few seconds, Poppi answered, "I don't know. I heard from Shirley that Hugh is having a show abroad. I don't know if he can come back."

"You are quite clear about Hugh's whereabouts." Malcolm's heart sank. "Didn't you promise me not to mess with him?"

"You're in a state of extreme nervousness. Did I piss him off by inviting him to dinner with us? Besides, it was uncertain whether he would come or not! Besides, I haven't seen him since that scandal. " Said Poppi as she looked at her clothes with satisfaction.

id you sell out?" She asked and then told the porters behind her, "be careful. Don't touch the table. It's my excuse to have dinner tonight."

"I didn't sell anything," she replied with a smile.

"You are really good at talking nonsense. In this society, if you don't sell out anything, sacrifice anything, you still want to get a house? You can't even get a brick. My litter Poppi, you really can not tell a lie. "

After she finished her words, she looked around and did not notice that Poppi suddenly wore a serious and self mockery smile.

Yes, it was her who sacrificed her marriage to trade her life for three years' safety. What a good deal!

Before getting off work, Malcolm came back to the Imperial Tang Yard. With a simple box in his hand, he went to the apartment of Poppi. After putting the box on the bedside cupboard of her and checking it carefully to make sure that everything was correct, he turned around with satisfaction.

As soon as Malcolm walked out of the room, he heard the sound of talking downstairs. He stopped.

"Poppi, I think I'm in love with your house."

"Okay, okay. I'll sell it to you when I'm tired of it." Poppi smiled helplessly and said, "now, we'd better arrange the table for the barbecue first. Wendy and others will come soon."

"Okay!" Shirley sounded even more helpless, "come on, my brothers! Move the table in!"

"I'll go upstairs and change my clothes."

After that, Poppi went upstairs directly. Just after a few steps, she felt someone staring at her. As soon as she looked up, she suddenly met with Malcolm's eyes. With her pupils shrinking, Poppi took a deep breath and was instantly confused. But in an instant, she ran up the stairs in big steps and pulled Malcolm to the bedroom. "Oh my God! Why are you here?"

A few men in uniform were walking towards the table in the living room, followed by a few men, carrying various meat and vegetables.

"Why can't I be here?" Hearing this, Malcolm got a little angry. 'why did Poppi bring everyone home?

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