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   Chapter 60 Tie You Up With A Red Rope

Remedy For Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 10237

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Sometimes, the end was also the beginning of something else.

Poppi felt happy that she finally finished interviewing Malcolm, but she forgot she still needed to write the script. As expected, the endless revisions began.

In the afternoon, Poppi worked overtime at the company developing the draft.

"Finally…" When she was done, she stretched out her arms and back, ready to leave. But there were footsteps close by.

"What…" She was too curious. Turning around, she found Benson there.

Dressed in a suit, he looked rather mature and capable. His wavy hair swayed as he walked. When his brown eyes met Poppi's, they seemed to brighten instantly. "Pop…"

That alone made Poppi turn her face away coldly.

Her demeanor rendered him speechless. He sighed, disappointed. He made his way to her table and said carefully, "Don't work yourself too hard. You should go home early."

"Thank you for your concern, Mr. Ji," Poppi replied calmly and professionally, giving him a nod before turning around to leave.

On the other side was Tom, standing quietly and recalling how Benson looked across the street on that hot afternoon.

"Mr. Ji, what are you laughing at?" He couldn't help but ask when he saw the man smiling.

"I'm just happy!" His voice seemed soft and gentle. Being able to talk to Poppi every day was his greatest satisfaction, after all.

In the daytime, Ye City seemed to be doing better and better. And at night, the neon bar lights betrayed the people's hearts.

"Come on, Mr. Malcolm. Cheers!"

"Mr. Malcolm, I'm so glad to be meeting you here today. I've heard a lot about you. Please, have a drink with me!"

In a room of the Hilton Hotel, Malcolm sat on the seat of honor. Several people were surrounding him—the men all wanted to drink with him, while all the women wanted to get close to him. Cutesy and demure laughter came through every now and then from the swimming pool outside the suite as the people drank.

Malcolm drank a few more glasses, seeming easy to get along with. Meanwhile, the SG Group senior leaders were busy with the toast.

At this point, he lost track of how many drinks he had—he was a little dizzy, but still sober enough to know what was going on.

"Mr. Malcolm, I think you drank too much tonight. You have a room upstairs so you don't have to head back," said a man. Everyone knew what he really meant.

"His home is not far from here. He doesn't need to stay," one of the senior leaders of SG Group spoke for Malcolm. They knew what kind of person Malcolm was—he would never mess around with any women. While he didn't have a problem with the group drinking and flirting with the other women, his presence made them restrain themselves.

"Isn't it tiring going back?" someone suddenly asked.

Malcolm gently circled the glass in his hand, watching the dark red liquid as though he could see Poppi's figure within it. "There's someone waiting for me at home," he said carefully.

Hearing that, everyone was stunned for a few moments. When one of them realized what happened,

The sound of dishes breaking came from the kitchen. Immediately, he slammed his chopsticks down and ran to the kitchen. "What happened, Poppi?"

He found her squatting down on the ground, holding a broken piece of ceramic in her hand. "That… I just broke one of the bowls while I was washing it. Go ahead and eat. I'll put this away."

"Get up." Malcolm's tone was stern but not harsh. He held her arm and pulled her up to the ground. "You might cut yourself. Let me do it." So he squatted down himself to pick the pieces up one by one.

His sudden show of affection had her rather stunned. Poppi's smile was sly and teasing. "Malcolm, you should drink every time you come over." Surprisingly, his drunken state made him incredibly considerate.

Malcolm was holding several big pieces of debris. But before he could answer, a sharp pain shot through his finger. When he looked down… he realized the tip of his finger was already cut.

"Look! It's so easy to cut through the hand!" Poppi only sighed, feeling a flock of crows fly over her head. Seeing the blood rush from Malcolm's skin, she quickly grabbed some tissue and covered his hand. "Hurry, let's patch this up. I have a band-aid in my bag, give me a second. Put pressure on it!"

While Malcolm wanted to refuse, he swallowed back the words that were daring to spill out of his mouth when he saw her eyes full of concern. 'It's not so bad having someone who cares about me, ' he thought.

She hurriedly went through her bag, shaking out everything in it but not finding the band aid.

"What's this?" Malcolm caught sight of a strange red rope.

"This yours?" Poppi paused for a while upon hearing it. When she picked up the rope, an idea came to her. "Okay, I'll tie this to your finger for now. Later, I'll find the medicine box upstairs to dress the wound again."

And so she pulled out his hand and gently tied the rope around the tissue wrapping Malcolm's fingertip. "This red rope has quite the background," she started as she tied the knot.

"What is it?"

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