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   Chapter 59 The Interview Was Finally Over

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Poppi shivered. But before that, Malcolm's wrath would be intangible and he would be extremely angry. All of a sudden, Malcolm's anger showed and startled Poppi.

"I Tina said she would be fully responsible for the interview, so I didn't step in. But I reminded her of that question, but she didn't hear it. " But poppi still tried her best to explain for herself and said, "it's all my fault, i..."

"You just don't take my matter seriously, do you?" Malcolm interrupted her coldly and sat back in his chair, "let's go. I refuse the interview now."

Thinking of the "secret", Malcolm's face became more somber.

Poppi rushed to his desk and tried to act like a spoiled child. "Mr. Malcolm, please don't be angry! If you refuse to interview today, we will be seriously punished when we go back! Please calm down! "

"Humph!" Hearing this, Malcolm snorted and turned his head away from Poppi, "don't you worry, you'll not be severely punished when there is Benson."

Poppi felt Malcolm was jealous and didn't know how to reply. She pouted and asked, "then… You can scold me for a while. Now that you asked me to come here, you can vent your anger on me. Then, I will hand my interview draft to Tina and ask her to interview you according to my draft. I promise that there will be no problems with the interview. Can you? "

"What do you think?" Malcolm asked in reply.

"I think… That's great! " Poppi smiled innocently at Malcolm, who turned his head and stared at her.

At this moment, his phone rang…

At that moment, the phone on the table of Malcolm, which made Poppi shut up. Malcolm cast a glance at the phone and picked it up, "Miss. Lin."

Miss. Lin?! Poppi pricked up her ears and stared at him angrily as she cursed in her mind, 'you bastard! You told me you are still single!'! She had made the phone call to the office!

"Hi, Malcolm. Wasn't today's interview smooth? I heard from Tina that she made trouble and pissed you off. What happened? "

The voice of Catherine came through the telephone receiver. Poppi bent over the desk of Malcolm and heard it clearly. "Malcolm?"?! "Oh my God, my teeth were so sour. How dare she call him in such an intimate way!" she thought it in the mind. "There must be something fishy about it!" Poppi murmured.

"Nothing." "Go away, stay away from me!" Malcolm said in a low voice.

Hearing this, Poppi opened her eyes wide and spit out her tongue, "no!" Then she looked down and saw Malcolm's nodding doll in front of the ink glass. She was thrilled.

Malcolm and Catherine chatted casually. Sometimes it nodded and sometimes shook its heads when the doll heard their voice.

"That's character trait of Tina. She is a bit hot tempered and says everything frankly. Please don't be angry for my sake? Please go on with your interview. I have booked the latest half of the issue for you. Please don't let me have a blind date, okay? "

The doll shook its head.

"Haha..." Poppi couldn't help laughing.

"Well, I see. I have something else to do. I have to go. "

Holding the pen, Poppi paused a little. She tightened her lips and asked, "can you tell us?"

"Not very convenient."

But on the other hand, Poppi's tension was relieved and a bitter smile appeared on her face. She didn't want to know which side of Malcolm's affection would go.

"Well, can you tell me your ideal type?" Poppi continued to ask, "what kind of girl do you like?"

Malcolm thought about this question for a while and said, "anyway, it's not like you."

'damn it! Poppi was so angry that she wanted to shout at the sky. She stared at him angrily. However, no matter how angry she was, she had to keep smiling!

"Of course. You're handsome and lofty, a woman like me can't match." Poppi said with a fake smile and wrote it down on her notebook. "Then about the next question..."

Half an hour later, Poppi asked all the questions and there were only three ones who got the accurate answers. It was just because Malcolm was too abominable. No matter how hard Poppi knocked on him, he was indifferent.

"Then let's call it a day! Thank you for your cooperation! "

On the other side, Poppi and Malcolm stood up at the same time. She reached out her hands and looked up at him. Malcolm was much taller than her, which made her neck hurt and teeth hurt as well.

"You're welcome. It's my pleasure," said Malcolm while shaking hands with Poppi.

Poppi could hardly hold back her anger.

After the interview, the people in the advertising department began to pack up their equipment and finished the final episode. Tina went to say sorry to Malcolm again, and he left after a few words. Only Sean accompanied everyone in the reception room.

Poppi was going to do the cleaning together, but Sean stopped her quietly, "Miss. Poppi, take a rest and let them do it."

He wondered whether it was because of Malcolm's instruction. If it was true, he was a little conscientious. If not, she wouldn't care.

"All right." Poppi shrugged and stretched herself. Anyway, the interview was finally over!

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