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   Chapter 58 Mr. Malcolm Got Angry

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Tina was busy talking to several people from the Advertising Department. Having checked that everything was under control and in perfect order, she was about to turn around to say a few words to Malcolm. But the moment she did, she saw Poppi instead. The smile on her face suddenly disappeared. Tina walked towards Poppi with a glare.

"Why are you so late? Again?" snapped Tina, looking at her straight in the face.

"You tell me. What do you think?" Poppi asked back fiercely. She was required to submit to Tina in the office, but not in this office, this was… Her husband's office! Although it was less likely that Malcolm would help her, she didn't hold her confidence back.

"What do you mean? Are you blaming me?" Tina asked sarcastically. "You came here late, and you are now blaming others? Oh, I forgot! This is what you're good at, Poppi. You're good at being late!" After blurting it out, her sneering face turned angry. She roared, "Don't you dare forget, this isn't our company! Without Mr. Ji's support for you, I wouldn't have even thought of buying it!"

When Malcolm heard the word "Mr. Ji", he lowered his head without any intent to look back up.

"Tina, I don't buy it too!" Poppi lowered her voice but didn't concede. "You're deliberately finding fault with me. You're bumping into the wrong person! I never wanted to be against you, but you just won't let me go. You didn't even tell me on purpose that the place for the interview changed. It wouldn't matter if it's an ordinary interview. But Mr. Malcolm is going to be interviewed by two departments. If something goes wrong, I don't want you to put the blame on the Editing Department again! So I need to be here today!"

"You..." Tina squinted. "I underestimated you! How dare you be so lawless with that much support from Mr. Ji!"

"Now that you know he'll back me up, you better stop messing with me, or else, I will ask him to fire you!" Poppi humphed, turning her back and walking away from her. As soon as she raised her head, she glimpsed at Malcolm's probing eyes and looked away.

Actually, there was nothing important that concerned Poppi so she walked around and looked for a place to sit down. Seeing that Poppi already put down her bag, Tina walked over to her once more and said, "Poppi, go and get us two glasses of water. We've been busy for the whole morning–tired and thirsty even. The work is starting soon. Behave yourself."

"…… Okay." Poppi nodded and proceeded to the tea room.

Tina snorted with satisfaction and came over to Malcolm now with a respectful tone. "Mr. Malcolm, everything is set. The interview will start in a few."

Malcolm nodded, "Okay."

Poppi was still busy in the tea room when a girl with an employee badge of SG Group hurriedly came in to tell her, "Miss Poppi, don't bother. Let me help you!"

"It's okay! I got it." Poppi shook her hand, refusing her help.

"No, please. Sean asked me to help you. You are the guest here, let me do it for you." The girl smiled and politely led Poppi out of the tea room and assured, "You can stay here and just leave it to me!"

Left with no other choice, Poppi yielded as she stepped back and said, "Well, thank you so much then!"

"You're very much welcome, Miss Poppi."

Struck with boredom, Poppi stuck her

bout you. Since your family name is Quan, why do you prefer to be called Mr. Malcolm? Would you mind telling us the reason?" Tina chuckled, seeming to ask with a sense of humor, "Is there any dirty secret?"

Hearing this question, Poppi came back to her senses immediately. She felt uneasy and intentionally looked at Malcolm's face.

As he heard the question, Malcolm's body froze. He opened his mouth slowly, "You are the vice editor-in-chief that came from the Advertising Department, right?"

Surprised that he knew, Tina nodded, "Yes, I am. Why do you ask, Mr. Malcolm?"

"Since you are from the Advertising Department, kindly do your job well. It somehow doesn't seem suitable for you to interview." Malcolm snorted coldly. He suddenly stood, closed his lips tightly, and walked out of the scene without a word. Sean rushed after him.

Only after he took two steps did the receptionist react. Poppi quickly stepped forward and approached him, asking anxiously, "Mr. Malcolm, what's wrong..."

"Come with me." Before she could finish asking, she was interrupted by Malcolm with a command. Poppi glared at Tina and followed Malcolm shortly.


The door of the reception room closed loudly. This shocked Tina as if she had just woken up from a bad dream.

"What's the matter?"

"I don't know. Mr. Malcolm looked angry!"

"What do we do now?"

The staff in the room looked at each other and chattered curiously. "Vice editor-in-chief, what should we do now?" a voice called out to Tina in panic.

"Stop asking me! Even I don't know what to do! " Suddenly, Tina screamed as her face contorted with all the heavy makeup. "Hasn't Poppi gone with him?! Go ask her yourselves! Get out of my face!"

All the people in the reception room stopped talking after she screamed. Except for Tina, everyone held their breath and dared not speak.

"Malcolm, are you mad?" Poppi had no choice but to follow his brisk footsteps. "Please don't be mad!"

Heaving a deep sigh, Malcolm turned around to face her. "Did you approve her interview draft?! How could she have the nerve to ask such a question! She seems to not know anything about my background. Didn't you know that?"

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