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   Chapter 57 Interview Malcolm

Remedy For Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 10171

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She had forgotten that when Shirley asked whether her still loved him or not.

Poppi could not tell whether she loved him or not. She still remembered every moment when she was with him, and also the determination and ruthlessness of him when he left. Whenever she thought of Benson Ji, when all kinds of emotions entangled together, there was no difference between love and not love, she only knew that there was no possibility between her and him.

Poppi returned to her desk in a trance. Wendy could not help asking, "are you all right, Poppi?"

"Nothing." Poppi shook her head and said in a hoarse voice, "let's go to work. I'm fine!"

Wendy was about to say something, but hesitated. After taking a look at her, Poppi forced a smile and asked, "what's wrong? What do you want to say? "

"Poppi, they just said that our early September album became a hot sales volume and it happened to be your birthday this weekend. We all celebrate this weekend and also celebrate your birthday." Wendy said unhappily, "I will ask them not to quarrel with you after work at noon."

Poppi laughed, "no, thank you. You all remember my birthday. I'm very happy! It will make me happier to be invited. Why do you have to disappoint everyone? Ask Shirley to call several more friends and let me entertain them well. "

"But are you really okay, Poppi?" Said Wendy with concern.

"What?" Poppi stretched herself and said, "of course I can? Don't worry. There is nothing in the world that can't be solved. If so, we'd better leave it alone. "

"Poppi, do you know what I love most about you?" Wendy asked abruptly.

"What?" Poppi asked, tilting her head.

"It's you who are optimistic. You always take the blame no matter what happens. You work hard to show the best side of yourself to everyone and bear the pain. You are very serious and concentrated on your work. I once heard people gossip that you are unruly. They are really ridiculous. They have been trying every means to escape from missions. Everything was handled by you, and now they are biting you instead. I just think that Poppi is the best! "

"Sister, I think you're the best to me in the world," She thought what Celine once said.

The memory of Poppi always came out from her mind by accident. Poppi raised her hand and touched Wendy's hair, "Wendy, what you said just now makes me feel ashamed! I once taught you to skip work! "

"That won't change what I think of you."

Wendy's words made Poppi burst into laughter.

At noon, the first hospital in Ye city was still full of people.

Seeing that Benson was coughing heavily, Tom dragged him to the hospital. "I've called the doctor over here. We can get ready to enter the office of the doctor as soon as we get there. Before you came back from abroad, your mother asked me to take good care of you, and to make sure everything goes well with you. "

"I'm just a little tired. Why do you still insist on taking me to the hospital. I hate hospitals the most. "

"If so, we can have a check-up and don'

should not exhaust yourself."

"Tom, you're more nagging than my mother. Stop it now. Otherwise I'll fire you."

"I'm just telling the truth," he said.

Benson smiled brightly. In fact, he didn't mind him being long winded, because he didn't have a talkative woman by his side. In fact, there used to be a person beside him, but he ruthlessly drove her away four years ago. Now even if they met, it was as far away as the Milky way.

Poppi arrived to the headquarters of SG Group in a hurry. To her surprise, Sean was waiting for her at the gate. Seeing that Poppi was coming to him, Sean hurried to her and said, "my lady, Mr. Malcolm told me to wait for you here."

"Okay. Go upstairs." Without saying anything more, Poppi followed Sean. Entering the elevator, she asked, "When did they change the place of the interview? Why didn't I know? "

"Yesterday afternoon, Mr. Malcolm told me that I have already notified the periodical office. I thought Mrs. Malcolm had known it as well, so I didn't inform you in person. It's my fault. "

Poppi shook her head and said, "no, it's not like that. Maybe someone doesn't want me to come here on purpose!" Otherwise, why just she didn't get any news? Thinking of this, Poppi felt much relieved. Actually, she had the task of carrying out the whole editing department on her shoulders. How difficult it would be!

"Should we tell Mr. Malcolm about it?" Sean asked.

Poppi waved her hand and said, "Hey, why did you tell him about that?"

Sean nodded slightly and said nothing more. When the elevator arrived, he led Poppi into the interview room.

When Poppi came in, Malcolm was sitting on the sofa, silent but with a strong aura.

"Here you are, Poppi!"

Poppi didn't know who said hello to her, but Malcolm heard that and raised his head slightly, taking a glance at her. Just as Poppi was about to greet Malcolm, he hummed and turned around, seeming to be angry.

Poppi blinked and doubted whether she had seen it wrong? Mr. Malcolm throwing a tantrum?

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