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   Chapter 48 How Dare You

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"Yes." Malcolm replied carelessly. Then he added, "you seem to be unhappy after buying a car."

Poppi sighed deeply again and said, "don't mention it. I have lost one zero. I am dying of worry. One million and six hundred thousand dollars! It's all over now. I can't get rid of it. Damn it! "

Malcolm slightly moved his eyelids, with a trace of surprise and shock in his eyes. Before he said anything, Poppi rushed over excitedly. She squatted on the ground like a puppy, raised her head and blinked at Malcolm with her big watery eyes, feeling aggrieved and spoiled. "Mr. Malcolm, Mr. Malcolm, have you thought about changing a car? Although you might not like this car was valued one million and six hundred thousand dollars. But this is carefully chosen by me. Would you like to buy this car? "

There were stars in Poppi's eyes which were dazzling and not so glaring but still attracted Malcolm' attention. Before losing his way, Malcolm turned his face away, frowned and said coldly, "No."

"Don't be so sure! Please think about it again! " Poppi couldn't help selling the car. She took out the contract and gave it to Malcolm. "Have a look it please."

Malcolm couldn't persuade her. He took the contract in disgust and glanced at it. "The car is good. What color? "


"……" Malcolm was choked, "do you think it's appropriate for me to drive a pink car?"

"Uh..." The shorter syllable came from Poppi's mouth. she decided to changing the topic of conversation, "then will Sean want to buy a new car? "Now I come to think of it that do you think will Cora want to a new car? If I can sell it to them? And your staffs in your company? Do they need a new car? "

"No, they don't!" Then he decisively refused, "it's your own fault to buy the wrong car. You should be responsible for your own mistakes. No one will help you. "

After hearing what Malcolm said, Poppi got so angry that she pouted her mouth and clenched her teeth, "I knew I asked the wrong person! You're not going to help me. I made a mistake to ask you for help! " She stood up and walked towards the kitchen angrily. "I'm going to post the car information online."

Malcolm slightly turned his head, looked at the back of Poppi and whispered slightly, "I really hate this woman..."

"There are so many shrimps! We went shopping there on a discount. " In the kitchen, Poppi took out a box of shrimps and said, "Malcolm, do you want to eat some boiled shrimps? Or being fried? Steamed? It's too much to make shrimp dumplings. "

Malcolm held a document in his hand and kept reading it, but he didn't take a look at Poppi, "it's up to you."

Poppi shrugged her shoulders. She packed up the shrimps, carrots, meat and began to chop the stuffing with a sound of clatter.

"Gee..." A few minutes later, Malcolm couldn't help calling out, "Poppi, keep your voice down."

"A low voice? How can it keep a low voice when someone mince the filling? I can't do what you say. Go to the study if you need to work. Why are you still in the living room? " Poppi did not hesitate to reply.

"Are you revenging on me for not helping you to sell your car?" "Humph!", Malcolm sneered.

"How dare I!" Poppi didn't look at Malcolm, but her tone was ful

She was so angry that she even wanted to stamp her feet. She said, "I didn't know you were taking a bath, Mr. Malcolm. I…… I'm sorry! "

Malcolm pressed his lips and moved aside, "go in and get your quilt."

Poppi leaned sideways and sneaked into the room, packed her things up and fled swiftly as if avoiding virus, passing by Malcolm.

As the saying goes, "heaven is not cooperative." even under the same roof, Poppi couldn't have sex with him. At most, she just took a look at him and blushed a little. Unlike other single men and women who became lovers gradually and went to the same bed and slept in the same room, she really envied them…… But in fact, they had kissed a few days ago. It could be counted as their intimate contact?

Thinking of this, Poppi, lying on her bed, suddenly patted her face. Spring was already past. It was about to be autumn, but her heart was as restless as a flower in spring……

The weekend passed quickly, so Poppi felt that she just needed to sleep in bed for a while more. And in the blink of an eye, it was Monday.

The air seemed to be a little cold on Monday morning. Men and women in short skirts and shorts all put on their warm clothes.

Autumn came.

At the headquarter of the SG Group, Malcolm came to his office early to deal with some files. This weekend, he really relaxed himself a lot. He had been staying at home with Poppi for two days without asking anything. He had already forgotten when he had such a leisure time last time. Of course, he and Poppi slept in two rooms separately.

Knock, knock, knock……

"Come in."

"Mr. Malcolm." Sean pushed the door in, looking anxious and guilty. "The Entertainment Magazine…… Have changed a new chief editor! "

Malcolm looked up and frowned, "who?"

"I got the news this morning. Benson Ji. "

"Benson Ji? !" Malcolm, who had always been calm, also couldn't help changing his face. "Why haven't I heard of it?"

He had been paying close attention to the news of this magazine company. Firstly, he had the thought of buying the shares. Secondly, It was concerned with Poppi. But out his expectation that Benson came back so quickly.

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