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   Chapter 47 Come Here Closer

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Poppi smiled faintly with some helplessness and laughter, "these are all written when I was bored. Most of them are feeble groaning without illness. I feel it unreasonable to look back by myself."

"No, I think it's great." There was still tenderness in his eyes.

"Shirley said she would feel bitter from my writing." Poppi could not help laughing.

Hugh didn't say anything but stared at her. He thought maybe he only saw the surface of her and could find out whether her heart was as throbbing as what was written on the paper?

The weather forecast said that it wouldn't rain today. As expected, they couldn't believe it. Look, outside the window, it seemed that the bean sized rain would swallow the heaven and earth. The people in and out of the office were all wet. The umbrella in their hands was still wet with water, one drop, two drops

In such a rainy day, I was always unwilling to go out. I either slept in the dark room or stood at the window to watch the rain. The rain is moving, but I am quiet.

"I saw a car almost hit someone on my way here. It's raining."

"I saw a man give his umbrella to a girl that he don't know. She didn't take an umbrella. It's raining."

I like to hear all kinds of stories about rain, which remind me of some moments that I've met or missed, although far away and clear.

At dusk, the world in front of him was even more chaotic. In the mist, there were neon lights, car lights, and colorful umbrellas in the hands of passers-by were all like old memories, which had been separated from the world for a long time. ——It was a jotting by Poppi.


Malcolm let out an almost imperceptible chuckle, his eyes fixed on the phone screen. At the moment he got on the car and went back home, he took out his cell phone to search online Poppi's account. Just as what Hugh said, Poppi would update some casual essays on her forum home page from time to time. That article about "rain" was especially not her style.

Maybe this was the style of Poppi, she was just good at camouflage in front of him.

Malcolm took back his phone and blinked. After a few seconds, he closed his eyes.

"Here we are, Mr. Malcolm." They didn't know how long it took. They drove back to the Imperial Tang Yard. Malcolm nodded and opened the door to get out of the car.

"You can go back now. Tomorrow Saturday? " Malcolm asked.

"Yes, Mr. Malcolm." Sean nodded.

"You don't have to pick me up." Then he looked up to the seventh floor.

"Okay." Sean nodded again. After watching Malcolm walk into the building, he got on the car and drove away.


Malcolm pressed the fingerprint lock, and the door of the apartment opened. However, the room was empty, except that there was no one, only a dim small light on. Edward turned on the light, changed into slippers and went to the bedroom on the second floor. As expected, poppi was not there.

No wonder he didn't text her back home.

Simon took off his coat, loosened his tie and threw it on the bed. Then he turned around and went downstairs.

The apartment was so quiet that he could only hear his own footsteps.

He sudde

"The security system of this community is developed and cooperated by the SG Group. And the real estate developer gave me an apartment. I know it for sure. "

"Okay!" Hugh nodded and smiled in surprise, "how about your house? Are you using it now? How about giving it to me? "

Malcolm's face darkened. He knew there was no need for him to do that, and all he needed to do was to refuse. However, he said against his will, "I don't use it. I already gave it to someone else."

"Give it to others?! Who is it? " "It's a man or a woman?"

"Woman." Malcolm said it expressionlessly, but he was feeling a little depressed in his heart.

"Woman?! 'fuck! Which woman? !" Shocked by his words, Hugh said, "Mr. Si, Mr. Malcolm, I thought you were being so serious. Tell me, what kind of woman is she? Was she pretty? Why didn't you take her with you? "

Malcolm happened to catch a glimpse of the photo on which Poppi was put on. He snorted, "she's not beautiful. She's annoying."

"…… Then you should give her a house! You are wasting God's treasure!" Shouted Hugh.

"I have sent her already. Can I take it back from her now?"

"Look at yourself. Are you regretful now? You deserve it! " "Well, that's all I want to ask you. Let me take a look at other houses."

"Yes." Malcolm nodded and hung up. Regret? He never regretted.


Before long, the door was opened. Poppi rushed in in in a hurry. When she saw him come back from a business trip, she didn't feel that he had come back from a long journey. She sighed and said, "Mr. Malcolm, you are back from a business trip? Are you feeling good? I am so sorry! I thought you wouldn't come tomorrow is weekend. "

"Where have you been? Didn't you receive my message? " Looking at Poppi, Malcolm sat on the sofa and felt a little distressed. 'the reason why Hugh bought a house is really because of Poppi, isn't it?

"I went to buy a car." After putting on her slippers, Poppi sighed and said, "the shrimp dumplings you want to eat will be ready in 30 minutes. I remember there are shrimps in the fridge. Do you eat much? "

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